Fortnite Ranked Cups Guide – How to Enter Fun New Events

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Fortnite Ranked Cups Guide – How to Enter Fun New Events

Fortnite Ranked Cups are a new addition this season! How do the Fortnite OG Ranked Cups work and how do you get involved?

Competitive Fortnite is kicking back off for the new season. There is loads of fun to be had in Fortnite OG, but what if you want to sweat hard against the other top players? The FNCS isn’t around this season but there’s still a lot to jump into. One of the more fun additions to the Fortnite esports ecosystem are the Fortnite Ranked Cups. These are a new way to play against similarly matched players and even win some prizes.

Unlike the FNCS or the Solo Victory Cash Cups, the Fortnite Ranked Cups are a bit more open. Players can get involved in these tournaments at any rank in the game. They have exclusive cosmetics at stake which you can easily earn for taking part. It’s a newer more casual type of tournament, replacing the old Hype night events. How do the Fortnite OG Ranked Cups work and how can you get the free cosmetics on offer here?

Fortnite Ranked Cups

Fortnite OG Victory Cash Cups

Ranked Cups are a new addition to Fortnite esports spread for Fortnite OG. These events seem to be taking the place of the old Hype events. Although, there are some differences. There’s actually a prize on offer this time, although it isn’t quite cash prizes like in the Solo Victory Cash Cups. These cups let players get an exclusive cosmetic. What’s fun about them too is that they’re running across formats.

Players can jump into Fortnite Ranked Cups without having to fit into a really specific team format. There’s even the opportunity to solo queue and let a random fill join you for a tournament. This method is a bit rougher obviously, you might not be dominating with a complete random on your team. Although, you might still be able to earn the cosmetics.

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These events don’t have the same prestige as soon of the other events. There aren’t cash prizes like in the Fortnite Skirmishes. However, you can get quite a few free rewards just for taking part in the Fortnite OG Ranked Cups.

Free Rewards for Fortnite Ranked Cups

The Fortnite Ranked Cups are offering two different cosmetics. These aren’t for winning the tournament though. Instead, all you need to do is get a certain number of points. This more generous method was previously used to release a skin “celebrating” their Epic V Apple lawsuit, although we don’t seem to be getting one for their legal fight with Google.

We are getting cosmetics for the Fortnite Ranked Cups. However, the prizes aren’t quite free skins! These are the cosmetics you can get:

  • Competitor Skyblades – Get 75 points between November 9-12
  • Competitor’s Time Brella – Get 75 Points between November 23-26

The Brella is a nice touch, reminding players of the brella you get for winning a game each season. These cosmetics have a different novelty going on though. They’re customized depending on the rank you reached. Your highest rank is the color these gliders will have. It’s a nice touch if you want to showboat your Unreal ranking in lobbies after Fortnite OG has ended.

Fortnite Ranked Cups - OG Fortnite

Ranked Cup Tiers

The Fortnite Ranked Cups are running in a few different tiers. Weirdly, the very best players are all lumped in together. Whereas the more sparsely populated lower end of the Fortnite ranks have a tournament each. These are the Fortnite Ranked Cup tiers you can play in.

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamon/Champion/Elite/Unreal

Each of these ranks get their own lobbies and tournaments. Getting the Fortnite OG Ranked Cups cosmetics is a bit easier in the lower ranks. Although, you run the risk of proudly displaying your rock bottom rank on that cosmetic if you don’t grind the mode later in the season.

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All Fortnite OG Ranked Cups Tournaments – FN Ranked Cup Schedule

That’s how all of the Fortnite Ranked Cup tournaments work, when can you get involved with the tournaments and jump in though? This is the current schedule for the tournaments over Fortnite OG:

  • November 9 – Solo Ranked Cup Zero Build/Battle Royale Middle East
  • November 10 – Solo Ranked Cup (all regions except ME) Zero Build and Battle Royale, Zero Build and Battle Royale Duos ME
  • November 11 – Duos Ranked Cup ZB and BR (All Regions But ME) Squads Ranked Cup (ME)
  • November 12 – Squads Ranked Cup – ZB/BR (All Regions but ME)
  • November 23 – Solo Ranked Cup ZB/BR (ME)
  • November 24 – Solo Ranked Cup ZB/BR (All Regions), Duo Ranked Cup ZB/BR (ME)
  • November 25 – Duos Ranked Cup ZB/BR (All Regions), Squads Ranked Cup ZB/BR (ME)
  • November 26 – Squads Ranked Cup ZB/BR (All Regions Except ME)

That’s how the Fortnite Ranked Cups schedule works out. It isn’t too complicated, except for the Middle East region. For some reason his single region out of all Fortnite servers gets its own different schedule. Otherwise, it’s still standard.

Zero Build Ranked Cups

Fortnite OG Victory Cash Cups

Along with the standard Battle Royale mode, these events are running pretty much in parallel with the Fortnite Zero Builds mode. This is a nice addition for everyone who prefers to play with No Builds. Although, if the current Fortnite player base is anything to go by, the Ranked mode is much more popular for Builds right now.

That’s how all of the Fortnite Ranked Cups are going to work. With extra events and some free cosmetics, these are an interesting change. Compared to the old Hype events, this is definitely a fun way to approach Fortnite competitive. Players can earn free gliders that can show off where their rank gets to over Fortnite OG.

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