Fortnite Car Nerfs and Boogie Bombs in Big S3 Shake-Up

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Fortnite Car Nerfs and Boogie Bombs in Big S3 Shake-Up

In a new hot fix, some huge Fortnite car nerfs have been delivered, plus we’re getting one of the game’s most fun items back with Boogie Bombs.

The latest Fortnite season has only been out for a week, too early to see any major update. Or, we thought so. Epic has acted quick on the feedback about the car-to-car combat that’s completely taken over the game.

They haven’t quite vaulted all those troublesome mechanics that the whole season is built around. They have gone substantially further with the Fortnite car nerfs than we expected though, especially this early! The game has the best Fortnite weapons reworked, after just a few days.

The latest update has unvaulted Boogie Bombs, a classic counter to these vehicles. The other back-end changes that have been made are maybe going to make a big difference to gameplay though.

Fortnite Car Nerfs A Week into Season

Fortnite car nerfs

Just days after upending Fortnite with a new car-supremacy update, Epic has nerfed. Fortnite car nerfs have gone live with a quick hotfix. They’ve made quite a few changes:

  • Machine Gun Turrets – Less accurate, much wider spread for bullets
  • Grenade Launcher Turrets – Deal less damage to structures, no more turning builds into Zero Builds.
  • Solos – Vehicle have way less health.
  • Boss Cars – No more automatic regeneration
  • Boom Bolts – Deal extra damage to vehicles
  • Gauntlets – Bigger Recharge time
  • Nitro Bash – Knockback damage reduced
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These Fortnite car nerfs are huge. It’s addressed pretty much all the main problems with the season. For a start, the Boss cars (which were basically immortal in the right hands) will no longer live forever. Every car player can’t just run roughshod over anyone unfortunate enough to be on foot anymore.

Nitro Fists - Fortnite Car Nerfs

Even outside of the cars, the Nitro and Fists nerf should make sure skilled players are actually able to use that skill. A big relif for those trying to play Fortnite Ranked with the wacky meta.

If that wasn’t quite enough, a classic item is making its return and a specific anti-car measure has been announced as in the works.

Boogie Bombs Return – Car Fights to Become Dance-Offs

Boogie Bombs - Fortnite Car Nerfs

Another major meta change is the introduction of Boogie Bombs back to the loot pool. These are classic Chapter 1 items. Chuck one at an enemy and they’ll start dancing, even if they’re driving.

These are going to be a must carry if you can’t deal with the cars on the map. Although, with the Fortnite car nerfs in the game too there’s plenty more options now.

In their announcement tweet, Epic has also promised the return of another item soon. The EMP grenade is getting teased. These hotfixes have gone a long way to putting the meta of Fortnite back to rewarding skill, without taking away the fun of the new Chapter 5 Season 3 items. It’s a much better balance for the weeks ahead.

Fortnite Car Nerfs and Boogie Bombs in Big S3 Shake-Up
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