Fortnite Summer Escape –2023’s Fun Summer Event is Big

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Fortnite Summer Escape –2023’s Fun Summer Event is Big

The 2023 Summer event is here, the Fortnite Summer Escape. This is everything that’s going on so you don’t miss a thing over the 2023 Summer Event.

Fortnite’s new seasons are always fun, but twice a year we get something that goes beyond the normal updates we see in Fortnite news. The Winter and Summer events are always a highlight. These are our only opportunities to grab free cosmetics in-game, complete special quests, and enjoy more light hearted content that’s here for just a short while. The Fortnite 2023 summer event has just kicked off, titles Fortnite’s Summer Escape.

This event is quite a bit bigger than last year’s No Sweat Summer. We’ve got a whole POI, new items, along with the normal challenges and chance to earn free cosmetics. If you’re a fan of one of the most popular Fortnite characters Peely, there’s a free cosmetic you definitely won’t want to miss.

As usual, the event is coinciding with Epic taking one of their only 2 periods off work. This means updates are going to slow down until it’s down. Usually they accidentally cause huge bugs right before leaving, but hopefully the game will be in at least a semi-playable state during the two weeks! This is everything that’s going on with Fortnite’s Summer Escape.

Fortnite’s Summer Escape – 2023 Summer Event

Sunswoon Lagoon

Fortnite Summer Escape - 2023 Summer Event

The center point of the new update is a brand-new POI. Chapter 4 Season 3 has a new Jungle biome, but the focus is moving a bit for the next few weeks. You’ll be able to find a new Summer themed area, the Sunswoon Lagoon. Here you’ll see loads of summer themed decorations.

As a brand-new POI, this will be busy for the first few days. It isn’t quite big enough to be one of the best landing spots in Fortnite Chapter 4, but it’ll definitely be the spot to go for an early fight at the opening of the Fortnite’s Summer Escape event.

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Ice Cream Returns for Fortnite 2023 Summer Event

Fortnite Summer Escape - 2023 Summer Event

The ice cream items that have come in and out are back for Fortnite’s Summer Escape, These are healing items which return periodically but there are some new additions this time. These are the Ice Creams that are available for the event.

  • Normal Ice Cream Cone – Heals white health
  • Frozen Ice cream Cone – Gives an ice effect
  • Guzzling Ice Cream Cone – Gives the guzzle effect
  • Spicy Ice Cream Cone – This gives the spicy rush effect
  • Lil’Whip’s Special Serve – Shield or White hP Heal effect

While technically new for the Fortnite 2023 Summer event, these aren’t all brand new. A rift in Fortnite NPC of LIl’whip has actually being giving out ice cream since chapter 4 started. As one of the rift-in characters though, he wasn’t in every game. These items will be all over for the Fortnite Summer Escape.

Firework Flare Gun

The other new item is one that’s been in since the first Chapter 4 Season 3 patch in one form, the firework flare gun. This is a variation on the standard flare gun. Instead of shooting a general flare, it instead lights up the sky with fireworks! This gun still has the same function though. It performs a recon scan when shot up in the air or it sets fire to stuff if the projectile hits something on its way.  This is only a minor change for the Fortnite 2023 Summer event though.

Summer Escape Quests and Free Cosmetics

Fortnite Summer Escape - 2023 Summer Event

As with past events, Epic is bringing out some special quests that have unique free Fortnite cosmetics as a reward! At the moment there doesn’t seem to be a new free Fortnite skin but leakers have found one in the files so the end of the questline might have a surprise waiting for players. In the meantime, you can unlock a few new cosmetics. These are the items on offer.

  • Nanners W`rap
  • Treezy Back Bling
  • Blossom Drop Contrail
  • Wild Frongs Back Bling
  • Bugsy Glider
  • Toasted Coconut Emote
  • Lagoon Escape Loading Screen
  • Artifact Ace Pickaxe
  • Starry Wrap

To get the free cosmetics, you’ll need to play the quests as they unlock between now and the end of the Fortnite’s Summer Escape even. Quite a few of these are banana themed or Peely themed for some reason, and there’s a new Peely back bling in the game for some players right now.

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New Fortnite Crew Benefit – Nanner Buddy Back Bling

Fortnite Summer Escape - 2023 Summer Event

One new feature for Fortnite Crew is these rewards that deliver prizes for players who actually stay subscribed. If you’re an active Fortnite crew member during Summer Escape you’ll get the Nanner Buddy Back Bling! This is a Peely styled cuddly toy to go on your character’s back. It comes in two different styles too. If you want to get this crew benefit just login during the Summer Escape Fortnite 2023 Summer event at any point.

New Skins in Fortnite Summer Escape

Along with free skins and other bonuses, Epic has plenty in the paid shop too. There are new skins unlocking throughout the event in the item shop if you want to spend your V-Bucks! There are also new bonus skins coming to the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 Battle Pass, so you can start unlocking them and getting more of the extra styles. Some of the item shop skins are a bit of a throwback, like Midas returning from the dead.

Fortnite Summer Escape - 2023 Summer Event


Epic’s been releasing new islands to coincide with updates for a little while now, the Fortnite Summer Event in 2023 has a few new ones too. These are highlighted items made by that how off much can be done in creative now. These might end up being some of the best Fortnite Unreal maps, so it might be worth dropping and seeing how they play. These will be highlighted in a new section in your game select.

Those are all of the big changes for Fortnite’s Summer Escape. As far as new content goes, it isn’t the biggest for the Fortnite 2023 Summer event. However, there’s a few new features which you can play with and more quests to get free items are always fun! If you’re looking to maximise your free cosmetics right now, you can always jump into Amazon Luna to get that free Velocity Edge Pickaxe too!

Fortnite Summer Escape –2023’s Fun Summer Event is Big
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