Get the Fortnite Amazon Luna Pickaxe Velocity Edge for Free

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Get the Fortnite Amazon Luna Pickaxe Velocity Edge for Free

Want to get the Fortnite Amazon Luna Pickaxe for free? This is how you can collect the new Velocity Edge Pickaxe by trying out Amazon’s game streaming service.

Fortnite gets new cosmetics every day, but free cosmetics are always a bit special. No matter how dull they are, most players want to grab pretty much everything they possible can for free! When there’s something that’s not dull though, a free cosmetic which might actually make a perfect pair to one of your favorite Fortnite skins? That’s the case with the new Velocity Edge harvesting tool, the free Fortnite Amazon Luna Pickaxe.

This is one of those free Fortnite cosmetics which are primarily unlocked through engaging with a third-party tie-in for the game. You’re not going to be able to unlock it through in-game quests. Instead, you’ve got to log into Amazon Luna, the new service for games streaming that’s been advertising itself with Fortnite pretty heavily lately. If you haven’t noticed through an entire section getting added onto Twitch, Amazon is pushing it pretty hard. Whether you’re actually interested in cloud streaming for Fortnite or not though, the Velocity Edge Pickaxe is a free prize for doing some basic steps in the game. It might not be a free Fortnite skin, but free is still free!

Since this is entirely free pickaxe and one that might suit a lot of skins pretty well, it’s definitely worth getting through all the steps to unlock them. This is how you can unlock the Fortnite Amazon Luna Pickaxe for free.

How to Get the Fortnite Amazon Luna Pickaxe

Fortnite Amazon Luna Pickaxe

The Amazon Luna Pickaxe is going to be available to all players using the service between July 3 and July 17. There are only those two weeks to grab it, then it’s gone! How can you unlock the free Velocity Edge Pickaxe though? This is how you can do it

  • Find a device compatible with Amazon Luna – This can be a PC, mobile device, even TVs and some tablets. Most web browsers do the trick across devices.
  • Launch Amazon Luna App – Download it first if you don’t have it, obviously
  • Launch Fortnite in the App
  • Sign in to your Fortnite Epic Account – Make sure it’s your main account, this is the one that gets the pickaxe.
  • Play Fortnite
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You’ll only need to play the game to get the free Fortnite Amazon Luna pickaxe. There’s no high-level challenge like winning a game of Fortnite or anything like that! However, you might want to make sure you’ve played a full game just to be sure it’s registered. If you don’t immediately receive the free Amazon Lunar pickaxe, don’t worry. It doesn’t actually unlock instantly.

Instead you’ll get the Velocity Edge Pickaxe for free in a short while. Epic will start adding the Pickaxe to players’ accounts from July 19. In a few days of this, you’ll likely automatically receive the pickaxe when you sign in to your normal Epic Account. Like some other third-party promotions, it might take a few days to appear. Epic is pretty good at getting them added in without issue though, even if the game may be a bit buggy on the July 19 after Epic takes a couple of weeks off for Summer.

What is Amazon Luna?

Fortnite Amazon Luna Pickaxe

Amazon Luna is a new game streaming service that lets you play Fortnite on loads of different devices. It’s similar to Xbox Cloud Gaming or the Nvidia Cloud Gaming Service. That’s one of the ways you can play Fortnite on iOS still, as is Amazon Luna. These cloud gaming services are basically an alternative to using your own hardware. You can run a higher quality version of Fortnite by streaming to your device instead.

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There’s pros and cons to doing this in terms of performance and quality, but it’s a neat way to play the game if you’re away from your normal set-up. Since Fortnite is a free game for the service this new pickaxe is aimed at getting gamers to try it out. With a free Fortnite Amazon Luna Pickaxe to unlock, it might convert quite a few!

You don’t need to move over to Amazon Luna full time or anything. You can get the Velocity Edge pickaxe simply by dropping in for a quick game. The promotion is clearly aimed at players trying out the service and enjoying it enough to stick around, but you don’t have to if it’s not for you. Equally though the service has been decent so far for Fortnite so this could be a fun way to get even more games in. It’s a method to play the game without worrying about having to use the best Fortnite settings to get the best possible quality.

Velocity Edge Pickaxe

Fortnite Amazon Luna Pickaxe

The Velocity Edge Pickaxe is the exclusive free Fortnite Amazon Luna Pickaxe. This is an item which won’t be accessible in the item store. Sometimes these one-off tie-in items can end up being some of the rarer cosmetics as they aren’t just standard skins that can come back whenever. Although, since it’s free a lot of players might be using it.

As with other free items, you’ll likely see it on every default for a few months. As time goes on though, and the Fortnite player base changes, you’ll see less and less of it! If you forgot to complete the quests to get the free Fortnite Amazon Luna pickaxe in time, you won’t be able to unlock it again. It’s definitely worth playing through it now, especially as we’re heading into the quieter period during Epic’s Summer Break.