The 10 Best Fortnite Unreal Editor Maps

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The 10 Best Fortnite Unreal Editor Maps

Fortnite Chapter 4’s big new feature was always planned as Creative 2.0, but after some delays, we finally learnt what that meant when Unreal FN got unveiled. This promised new tools that would allow creators to make some of the most insane creative experiences. From what Epic showed off, it looked like the sky was the limit for the best Fortnite Unreal Editor maps. Then, nothing much happened for a while.

While it might seem like the upgrades weren’t making a difference to most Fortnite Unreal Engine maps, development takes time. Epic essentially handed Fortnite island creators the whole of Unreal Engine to play around in. It’s not the kind of product that can be completed in a few hours. There were some stand-out early maps, namely Epic’s own contributions and those made by creators in the beta test. For most people though, it was going to take some time to actually see the fruits of their labour.

While we’re only a few months out from the launch of the editor, there are now a few experiences which really show what it can do. If you haven’t played too many of the best Fortnite Unreal Editor maps yet, then these are some highlights to show you what you’ve been missing.

The 10 Best Fortnite Unreal Editor Maps

10. Color Switch 1415-7321-0392

The 10 Best Fortnite Unreal Editor Maps

Color Switch is a simple but fun game where you have to make a gigantic Peely happy. He’s deciding on colors and you’ve got to find the matching color in the floor as the tiles fall away. If you win enough rounds, you’ll unlock upgrades like a little car. It’s a simple game but can be pretty engaging, beyond the gameplay it also shows off some of the potential of the Fortnite Unreal Engine maps.

Being shrunk down like this provides a new vantage point on the world. It’s also a map that makes some of the more traditional Fortnite characters like Peel feel impressively animated.

9. Backrooms Survival (7275-0885-6286)

The 10 Best Fortnite Unreal Editor Maps

The Backrooms has become fully mainstream from a niche in horror content communities. You can now play it in Fortnite too! This isn’t too full of a game mode, but it’s a nice inclusion in the best Unreal Fortnite codes if you want something different.

This map recreates the experiences of the backrooms right in Fortnite. It’s technically a survival game, which fits the horror theme pretty well. The backrooms are fairly plain, so this isn’t the most show stopping demonstration of what the best Fortnite Unreal Editor maps can do Editor. However, it is an experience that adds a lot of depth to its premise.

8. Desert Domination (8035-1519-2959)

The 10 Best Fortnite Unreal Editor Maps

Desert Domination is one of the maps Epic produced to show just how far the Unreal tools can go. Visually, this one of the Fortnite Unreal Engine maps is crazy. It looks more like a Call of Duty game than an actual Fortnite one. It’s fun to see how the Fortnite mechanics and weapons work in this kind of a game style too.

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The game is one of the initial early Unreal Fortnite codes that many played. However, it still really shows how far the engine can go. This is a great example of the kind of thing we might start to see more of as creators get more time with the editor.

7. The Arcade (3638-6410-4991)

The 10 Best Fortnite Unreal Editor Maps

The Arcade is a bit of a different pick for the best Fortnite Unreal Editor Maps. It’s not one that shows off how great the game can look, instead it actually more resembles retro games. This is a title that lets you play versions of more basic games, like Flappy Bird.

What’s really impressive here is that players have found a way to create actual arcade experiences within Fortnite. Going from controlling a standard character to navigating an entirely 2D space with very few mechanics is actually crazy compared to what was possible in the original creative. It shows that Fortnite Unreal Engine maps might end up giving the game a greater variety of ways to play, not just 3D third-person games.

6. The Space Inside (9836-7381-5978)

The 10 Best Fortnite Unreal Editor Maps

The user-made experiences with Unreal FN have had to be smaller so far, just because of how long development would take on a giant experience. The Space Inside is something that gets crazy creative with the tools though. This is an escape room-style gameplay, but one that’s set in a world that looks like nothing we’ve seen in Fortnite before. The fun effects with lightning and design make you think you’re playing an entirely separate game. It’s one of the best Fortnite Unreal Editor maps.

5. Forrest Guardian (0348-4483-3263)

The 10 Best Fortnite Unreal Editor Maps

Forrest Guardian is another inclusion that was made by Epic to show off everything that Unreal FN can do! This one is definitely worth visiting if you haven’t yet tough. It’s a map that has you exploring a Fantasy Forrest with a giant dragon creature inside. It’s a stunning map that looks amazing, especially if you’ve got your Fortnite settings dialled up to the max. It’s a small experience but a great example of everything you can do in Fortnite now.

4. Reclamation (1135-0371-8937)

The 10 Best Fortnite Unreal Editor Maps

Reclamation is a traditional shooter game mode ported into Fortnite, a 5V5 Hardpoint experience. It’s not the design of the game rules that’s impressive here though. This is a really well-made area to compete in a more hardcore shooter mode, its sci-fi setting makes Reclamation feel like something entirely new.

The different classes you have access to are well-balanced and fun too. This one of the Fortnite Unreal Engine maps usually has quick matchmaking, so you can jump in and play even on the quieter Fortnite servers.

3. Rainbow Rush (8892-9602-2793)

The 10 Best Fortnite Unreal Editor Maps

Rainbow Rush is a pretty clear map in terms of what inspired it. This is Rainbow Road, from Mario Kart. Epic has rules on using other franchises, so this racing game mode is the best equivalent we can get right now! Although, according to Fortnite leaks more racing modes are coming soon. You can get a taste of this in this one of the best Unreal Fortnite codes.

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This map has players race around a rainbow race track with obstacles and a timer. You’re racing the Nitro Drifters, so it’s a bit more engaging gameplay than just the standard cars. As with most Unreal FN maps, this one is also pretty impressive in its visuals and how much it manages to differentiate itself from other race codes.

2. The Spectacular Super City (9298-1088-1340)

The 10 Best Fortnite Unreal Editor Maps

This Fortnite Unreal Map Code is one of the best Fortnite Unreal Engine maps out there right now. It’s a Spider-Man-themed city. You drop in with a grappling glove or Spider-Man Fortnite Webslinger. You can then swing around an entire recreation of New York City! This might not look at impressive as the recent Spidey video games, but it’s definitely something to marvel at built within Fortnite itself.

Come later this year when Spider-Man PS4 2 hits, this is definitely going to be a popular map. It's basically a Spider-Man simulator with some added objectives to play like races.

1. Chapter 1 Map

How to Play the OG Fortnite Map

Maybe the biggest experience out of all the best Unreal FN Fortnite codes is the Chapter 1 map. This is by far the most impressive so far, but there’s a good reason for that. Playing the OG map again is something Epic is aware players have wanted to do for a while. When they were testing the UnrealFN editor, the developers behind this map had early access to help test it. They were able to get this map done much quicker, so it was one of the best Fortnite Unreal Editor maps straight away.

The result is that we’ve had a near-identical recreation of the Chapter 1 Fortnite map since pretty much the launch of Creative 2.0. This is a map which is nearly the same as that first look for Battle Royale. There are just a few bits of fauna missing to get around the memory gap.

This is by far the biggest experience we’ve seen so far out of the best Unreal Fortnite codes. It’s an entire slice of Battle Royale recreated. As we get more developments in the Unreel Editor, players can start adding their own weapons, this mode is only going to get better.

What’s the Next Best Fortnite Unreal Editor Maps?

Those are some early picks for the best Fortnite Unreal Engine Maps. However, this is just the start. Epic’s already making expansions to the editor. On top of that, creators have now ad a lot more time to get used to the tools. Even recent crossovers like the Nike Fortnite event took place on an Unreal Editor map.

Even those working on their personal masterpieces might have made some decent progress. With these tools taking a while to really master and use to their full potential, it looks like the quality of the best Unreal Engine maps for Fortnite is only going to increase as we move forward. We can’t wait to see what’s next.