How to Get Fortnite Air Max Back Bling for Free

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How to Get Fortnite Air Max Back Bling for Free

Want to get the Fortnite Air Max Back Bling for free? This is how you can unlock the Nike Fortnite cosmetic in-game.

The latest Fortnite update has started a new Nike collaboration. Like with most collabs the main event is over in the item shop where you can buy new Fortnite skins. However, there is a chance to get one of the cosmetics without spending anything. If you complete some tasks in-game, you can get the Fortnite Air Max back bling for free!

Going through a few quests in the game, you’re able to unlock the Fortnite X Nike Air Max 1 Back bling without splashing out any V-bucks in the store. You can’t quite get the full Fortnite skin for free, but a free back bling is always a bonus! If you want to get unlocking more free cosmetics, this is how you can do it and how long you have to get the free Nike back bling.

How to Get the Fortnite Air Max Back Bling for Free

While there’s a full spread of cosmetics in the actual item store, players can get the Fortnite air max back bling completely for free. This is a fairly simple cosmetic to get too. It’s not like the Star Wars event with a full tracker, this is a much more minor crossover.

To get the Air Max Back Bling, you just need to follow these steps.

  1. Log in to Fortnite during the Fortnite X Air Max Event
  2. Go to Creative
  3. Head to the Island with code “2118-5342-7190”
  4. Spend ten minutes on the Airphoria island
  5. Leave the Island and Claim the Fortnite Air Max back bling in the lobby
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That’s all you have to do! The Airphoria map is a special collab with Nike. It’s an UnrealFN map that’s been built around the Nike Air products. Spending time in a game mode that’s literally inspired by a shoe might not sound the most exciting, but once you’ve spent ten minutes there (or walked away and came back in ten minutes), the new free Fortnite air max back bling will unlock for free!

How Long Do You Have to Get the Fortnite Air Max Back Bling?

Fortnite Air Max Back Bling

You can get this back bling for free, but you don’t have forever to get it done. You’ll need to complete this quest by June 27 2023, specifically by 8 PM ET. That’s the deadline! After this point, you won’t get it no matter how long you spend in Nike advert islands thinking about shoes.

This back bling might make its way to the item shop after that though. If you don’t get the free Nike back bling, it may end up with a V-buck price alongside the other Nike cosmetics. This would be frustrating, so it’s probably better to get it over with and unlock the Fortnite Air Max Back Bling for free now.

What is the Free Nike Back Bling?

The Air Max 1 Back Bling is a new backpack cosmetic you can unlock in Fortnite. It’s basically a giant shoe, a Nike air max shoe. As far as free cosmetics go it’s not the most impressive, but it is completely free so it’s hard for players to complain.

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This is just a simple free item, but there is a wider Fortnite X Nike Air collab going on. This includes a full set of cosmetics in the item store if you’re looking for a sportier look in-game. This was all added in alongside the new Fortnite Mythic Chapter 4 weapons in the latest update. Since this is mainly a cosmetic collab, the event will likely end before the next update as it cycles out of the store. You can check out the creative island at any time though, if you’re particularly craving a playable commercial.

How to Get Fortnite Air Max Back Bling for Free
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