Fortnite Hotfix v19.40 – Bargain Bin Week Returns, Discounted Items & Quests

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Fortnite Hotfix v19.40 – Bargain Bin Week Returns, Discounted Items & Quests

Fortnite’s final themed week of Chapter 3 Season 1 slashes prices and implores you to spend your gold before it’s too late.

Chapter 3 Season 1 is winding down after its release back in December. The new chapter and season brought many unique experiences to the table. However, despite Epic Games’ lack of marketing, Chapter 3 Season 2 is mere days away. Not many fans or even leakers, for that matter, know what to expect when the time finally arrives. For now, we have the latest Fortnite Hotfix v19.40 to hold us over until the new season. 

Epic revived the “Wild Weeks” concept a few weeks ago. It began with Bownanza, then came Amazing Web Week and Avian Ambush Week

This week’s theme revolves around gold bars and spending as much as you can before Chapter 3 Season 1 concludes. Epic tends to end every season similarly–we can expect more of the same here. Let’s see what Bargain Bin Week is all about. 

Bargain Bin Week

Starting today, all in-game purchases that require gold bars are 50% off, including items and services offered by non-player characters (NPCs). That means you can head to any patrolling NPC and obtain Exotic items and more for much cheaper than earlier in the season. The gold you have acquired throughout the season will not carry over to the next, so be sure to spend it all before it’s too late.

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Here is a list of Exotic items and their discounted rate:

  • The Dub (sold at The Joneses) — 250 Bars 
  • Marksman Six Shooter (sold at Butter Barn & Camp Cuddle) — 200 Bars
  • Boom Sniper Rifle (sold at Llama Homestead & Sanctuary) — 250 Bars
  • Chili Chug Splash (sold at Greasy Grove) — 105 Bars 
  • Bargain Bin Quests
  • Here is a list of Quests available in-game for the next seven days: 
  • Upgrade weapons at an Upgrade Bench
  • Spend Bars (five stages)
  • Purchase items from a Vending Machine
  • Purchase an item from a Character
  • Purchase an Exotic weapon from a Character

Completing each challenge rewards you with 8,000 XP, which could come in handy depending on your current Battle Pass progression. Remember, this is the final week of Chapter 3 Season 1. If you have not unlocked The Foundation, Haven’s masks and the Super Styles, you’ll need to do that before March 20.

Bargain Bin Week takes Fortnite players up to the end of this season. What lies beyond that is unclear. The developers have not teased much about what’s next. However, the new season is still on tap for March 19 or one of its surrounding dates. We’ll have to wait for more information from Epic themselves or leakers within the scene.

Be sure to check back with ESTNN for more updates regarding Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 and everything else Fortnite-related.

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