Fortnite Patch v19.40: Amazing Web Week, New Quests & More

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Fortnite Patch v19.40: Amazing Web Week, New Quests & More

Find out what’s new in Fortnite patch v19.40!

Fortnite players are in the home stretch in Chapter 3 Season 1. Epic Games’ latest adventure ushered in a new era for a game five years following its release. However, it’s almost time to say goodbye and move on to another highly-anticipated experience.

For the time being, Epic Games plans to end Chapter 3 Season 1 in style. Today, the developers released patch v19.40 –just the fourth significant update so far this season. Players loading into Fortnite this morning can expect a new themed week and some other minor changes.

Let’s jump into the patch notes and see what Epic has to offer in the latest update!

Amazing Web Week

Amazing Web Week in Fortnite
Last week marked the first of several themed weeks in the lead-up to this season’s conclusion. Epic brought all Bows back for Bownanza—a limited-time event centered around the Chapter 2 Season 6 staple. This week celebrates Spider-Man, with increased Mythic Web Shooters and Bouncers.

Both items will appear abundantly in normal Chests, including the Web Shooters, which would normally only appear in certain areas. You’ll be able to traverse the Island rather quickly starting this morning at 9 AM EST.

Here are the challenges included in Amazing Web Week:

  • Swing ten times with Spider-Man's Web Shooters before landing
  • Travel 25 meters with Spider-Man's Web Shooters in different neighborhoods
  • Deal 350 damage while airborne from a Bouncer
  • Launch off of a Bouncer with a Quadcrasher and land tricks (requires a score of 15,000)
  • Collect a Spider-Man Web Shooter
  • Once Amazon Web Week concludes on March 8, we can expect another themed week at least two more before the season finale.
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Proximity Chat in Imposters

Patch v19.40 brought a major change to the Among Us-style “Imposters Mode.” Beginning today, players who queue into Imposters Mode with voice will enjoy proximity chat moving forward. That means you’ll be able to hear imposters and agents in the surrounding area. Overall, this update should provide fans of this game mode a better experience.

Other Changes, Competitive Notes & Bug Fixes

Replay Mode “Time of Day” Option

Epic Games has released a feature that allows players to change the time of day in Replay Mode. This option only applies to maps that do not have a set time of day. Here are instructions to use this new setting:

  • Load a previous match in Replay Mode
  • Select the camera settings
  • Navigate to the clock icon
  • Use the slider to choose the time of day you want

Competitive Notes

The Amazing Web Week loot change and Bouncer addition are not included in competitive playlists.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue involving Outfits sometimes glowing with a bright blue “hologram” effect in the Lobby.
  • Fixed the issue in which POI names would appear on the map only in English regardless of your selected language.

That covers everything in Fortnite patch v19.40. Only a few weeks remain in Chapter 3 Season 1, so make sure you complete the Battle Pass, unlock The Foundation and the Super Skin Styles before it’s too late.

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Featured Image: Epic Games