How to Unlock The Rock in Fortnite

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How to Unlock The Rock in Fortnite

Learn how you can unlock The Rock's Fortnite character. 

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is arguably the most significant star globally. His character exploded in the 1990s as a massive professional wrestler under World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Since retiring as a full-time in-ring performer, The Rock has become the most recognizable star in Hollywood. He's appeared in hit movies such as Jumanji, Fast Five, Hobbs & Shaw and much more. 

Despite his success, The Rock never conquered the world of video games until just recently. Johnson made an unexpected appearance in Fortnite Battle Royale's Chapter 2-ending event. His character — The Foundation — has since become part of the Chapter 3 Battle Pass, possesses a statue in-game and even roams an area as a non-player character (NPC). 

The Rock's presence in Fortnite came to a head today. His Battle Pass skin is officially unlockable, and ESTNN has every detail you need to obtain all of The Foundation's cosmetics. 

How to Unlock The Rock/The Foundation

Epic Games released a blog post, unveiling two pages of Quests that you'll need to complete to unlock The Foundation and all other cosmetics. There are 15 in total—available only to Battle

Pass owners. You must complete page one in its entirety to unlock page two.  

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Here is a complete list of The Foundation Quotes and what cosmetics you'll unlock upon completion:

Page 1 of The Foundation Quests

The Rock Fortnite 2

  • Visit Mighty Monument, a Seven Outpost, and Sanctuary — Unlocks The Foundation Outfit
  • Snipe an opponent with a Sniper Rifle while crouching — Unlocks the Foundation's Mantle Back Bling
  • Deal 100 melee damage to opponents — Unlocks the Foundation's Plasma Spike Pickaxe
  • Search 3 Chests or ammo boxes at Covert Cavern — Unlocks the Foundation's Fortune Emoticon.
  • Use 4 Shield Potions in a single match — Unlocks the True Foundation Spray.
  • Hire a Character and travel 1000 meters with them — Unlocks the Foundational Wrap.

Page 2 of The Foundation Quests

The Rock Fortnite

  • Assist in eliminating Gunnar — Unlocks the Tactical Visor Toggle Emote and The Foundation Outfit's Unmasked Style
  • Deal 500 headshot damage to players with Common or Uncommon weapons — Unlocks the Combat Elite Foundation visor
  • Deal 1000 damage to opponents from above with Shotguns or SMGs — Unlocks the Tactical Foundation visor
  • Land at a Seven Outpost, then finish top 10 — Unlocks The Rocket Wing Glider

The Rock Fortnite

Most of the challenges are straightforward, but some could take time. Those that complete all of The Foundation Quests will earn The Foundation's Combat Style, Mantle's Back Bling, Flame Style of the Plasma Spike Pickaxe, and the Ultimate Foundation visor.

The Foundation Quests will be available to Battle Pass holders until the season concludes on March 19. That gives you a little over one month to unlock all of The Rock's Fortnite cosmetics. Once Chapter 3 Season 1 ends, you'll no longer have the chance. 

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Be sure to drop into Fortnite today and start knocking out those challenges. Check back with ESTNN for more Fortnite news and updates!

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