Dota 2 – How To Win The Offlane in 7.34c

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Dota 2 – How To Win The Offlane in 7.34c

This is how to win the offlane in 7.34c and the things to focus on.

The offlane is one of the few positions in Dota 2 that you can use to boost yourself to the desired MMR efficiently. A lot of people underestimate it, but being a good offlaner can make a massive difference in your results. That’s why more and more people are interested in knowing how to win the offlane in 7.34c.

The new patch changed some of the heroes we’ve been seeing lately, but it also buffed many others. After analyzing some of the first trends following 7.34c, now it’s time to pay more attention to the offlane role. People who master this role will have a much easier time ranking than those who play mid or safelane because destroying the enemy’s carry gives you a huge advantage. So, after learning how to win the mid lane, it’s time to do the same for the offlane.

Picking the right heroes

In order to know the Dota 2 question of how to win the offline in 7.34c, yu should know which hero to get. This is extremely important in every position, but the offlane definitely stands out because getting something that’s not good for the given situation will almost always result in a loss. 

If you are not sure which of the Dota 2 heroes to get in the current patch, think about these things:

  • Are you going to the lane alone or with someone?
  • What’s the safelane pick you are going to play against?
  • Does your team need an initiator, tempo controller, pusher, or something else?

If you want to know how to win the offlane in 7.34c, the first thing you have to check is if you are going to play alone in the lane or with someone. Most world-class offlaners prefer to be alone, but the situation in PUBs differs. There will be cases where you will be alone, but most players prefer the 2/1/2 setup. If that’s the case and you are the offlaner, check what your ally is going for and ask the person for assistance if you want to play a specific hero. If that’s not the case, you need to pick something that can lane alone in the offlane.

The second very important question you need to answer before checking the Dota 2 heroes relates to the enemies you must play against. Nowadays, there are tons of different carries you can play against, but 7.34c favors the likes of Wraith King, Spectre, Phantom Lancer, and more. Each of these heroes is really good against some of the common offlaners and bad against ot hers. If you have access to this information, you can pick an option that will work better in the given situation and increase your chances of winning.

Finally, when it comes down to how to win the offlane in 7.34c, you need to answer the most important question of all – what does your team need?  Every offlaner is different in terms of what he offers, and choosing the wrong option can be fatal. There will be cases where your team will need an initiator, but you may have to get a pusher, a tank, a tempo controller, or something different. It all depends on the specific game.

Focus on the best offlaners in 7.34c

When talking about the best offlaners in 7.34c, a few names come to mind that you should definitely focus on. People who want to win the offlane in 7.34c will notice that heroes like Lone Druid and Axe are way better than anyone else right now.

Although Lone Druid can also be played as a carry, many people decide to use the build that allows him to take fights. The fact that he is a universal hero means he can stack a lot of armor, which is ideal for the offlane.

As for Axe, well, the hero received so many buffs lately that it’s no surprise he is one of the best options you can get in the current meta. It’s safe to say that the hero can destroy pretty much everyone in the safelane, especially if that hero is a melee. Of course, Axe is a hero and you need to be careful not to overextend because many players do that. Another thing when talking about the best offlaners in 7.34c is that Axe’s Battle Hunger is incredibly good right now, so make sure to make the most of it.

Use your timings

A very big mistake that most offlane players make is that they fail to use their timings. Instead of fighting or pushing when they have to, they either farm or try to take fights that will not end well for them. That’s a very common mistake people make, so you should be careful and try to avoid it at all costs.

Regardless if you are using one of the best offlaners in 7.34c or something else, you need to know when to do certain things. For example, once you get a Blink Dagger with Axe, you should also get a Smoke and try to gank someone because this person won’t expect it. Doing this will ensure a kill, which you can use to push a tower and secure the much-needed map advantage.

If we take a look at some of the utility offlaners, heroes like Dark Seer will try to get their Mek right away. This means that it’s a good idea to gather with your team and try to take fights because the enemies will have a lot of problems trying to fight you.

Item Choice

Regarding how ot win the offlane in 7.34c, getting the right items is the key thing here. Unlike the other two core roles, where you can get more or less the same items in all situations, the offlane is different. Therefore, you have to answer all of the questions we’ve mentioned earlier so you know what to go for.

There will be situations where you will need to get items for team fights. Some of the best offlaners in 7.34c could also have to get things for pushing and even damage items. Although heroes like Timbersaw are not that good right now, you can often see the hero in action, and he’s one of the names that needs to get damage items to be effective. 

Dota 2 – How To Win The Offlane in 7.34c
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