Dota 2: First Hero Pick Trends Following 7.34c

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Dota 2: First Hero Pick Trends Following 7.34c

Here are some of the first hero pick trends following 7.34c.

In case you’ve missed out on it, Valve released the Dota 2 Patch 7.34c a few days ago, and it changed the meta. In our 7.34c overview, we’ve gone through some of the more important changes, but most of them are related to heroes. Some have become more popular than others, and since it’s been a few days since the patch was out, we have some data that shows what’s new.

After covering some of the winners and losers of the latest patch, it’s no surprise that there are some big changes in certain heroes’  popularity. Some have become way more popular, whereas others are not as big as they were. So, let’s learn more about some of the biggest changes following 7.34c.

Gyrocopter lost its momentum

gyrocopter dota 2 guide

There were a couple of heroes that were starting to become more popular in the last patch. However, after the nerfs following 7.34c, some have lost their momentum. Perhaps the best example here is Gyrocopter, a hero that was present in most PUB and Pro games.

If we take a look at the hero pick trends following 7.34c, we will see that Gyrocopter lost around 3.42%. Even more disturbing is the hero’s win rate, down from 53% to 47.7%. This makes him the hero with the biggest loss in terms of win rate.

Even though some of you will be surprised by the results, if you look at the changes, you will see why Gyro is here. He received nerfs to his core abilities, AGI gain, and talents. Consequently, the hero is just not as good as before.


Interestingly, the second name that we want to add to this hero pick trend following 7.34c article is Riki. He was a pretty popular option in some parts of the world, especially when talking about PUBs. Although most people used him as a carry, he was also a support that can be trusted. No wonder the hero’s win rate was more than 54%, which was among the highest in Dota 2.

The bad news is that this is no longer the case. After the arrival of Dota 2’s new patch, Riki now has close to a 50% win rate, which is almost 4% less than before. His pick rate is also down by around 2.3%, and the trend is to go down even more. 

Although Riki was not as nerfed as Gyrocopter, the hero lost some of his AGI bonus and damage from Tricks of the Trade and Cloak and Dagger. It seems like those nerfs were enough, and the hero’s win rate is not as good as before.


Dota 2 Terrorblade Guide

Surprisingly, the next hero whose pick and win rates are not as good after the Dota 2 patch 7.34c is Terrorblade. To be honest, he was not the best hero before this patch, which is why we expected to see some kind of buffs. However, Valve decided to nerf him even more, which is why his base damage is down by 2, and his level 15 talent provides less HP than before.

Following the changes, Terrorblade now has a 44% win rate and a 2.23% pick rate, which means he is one of the least popular and successful heroes in PUBs. However, we expect to keep seeing him in the professional meta because he’s always been one of the “Evergreen” carries. What this means is that the hero will most likely continue to be a popular pick in the upcoming DreamLeague Season 21 and The International 12.


Dota 2 Chen Guide

Enough with the bad news after the 7.34c patch because it’s time to look at the heroes whose win rate and pick rate are better than before. Surprisingly, Chen is leading the chart here cause the hero’s current win rate is 52%, which is more than 4% better than it was. Unfortunately, even the many buffs he received are not enough to make him a popular meta pick because he continues to be the least popular hero in Dota 2.

Speaking of the changes, Chen did not receive anything new in the most recent patch. However, he was buffed before, and it seems like some players found a way to use those things to their advantage. It will be interesting to see if Chen will start to appear in professional games more than before.

Meepo binds his enemies to the ground

The second hero whose win rate is up is Meepo, but strangely, his pick rate has remained relatively the same. If we look at the changes after the Dota 2 7.34c patch, we can see that Meepo’s Turn Rate is up to 0.9 from 0.7. Furthermore, Mega Meepo will not be canceled anymore if the hero is hidden, banished, or becomes untargetable. 

These changes are more than welcome for Meepo players who want to use this hero to gain MMR. It’s been a while since we’ve seen the hero in action in the hands of professional players, but DreamLeague Season 21 might show us that he’s back in professional games well.


The last name on the list is Dota 2’s latest new hero – Muerta. She was really popular when she became available, but things have changed following the nerfs. Today, the hero is on the rise again because the Dota 2 patch 7.34c buffed some of her core abilities, including the ultimate. 

After the changes, Muerta has around a 54% win rate and a +1% pick rate, which is a clear sign that people are using her more and she is more successful. We are yet to see her in the hands of professional players, but judging from her current popularity and success, she will definitely be one of the main weapons of most carries. 

Dota 2: First Hero Pick Trends Following 7.34c
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