Dota 2 – How To Win The Mid Lane in 7.34c

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Dota 2 – How To Win The Mid Lane in 7.34c

Here is how to win the mid lane in 7.34c.

By the looks of it, Dota 2 patch 7.34c will be the one that will be played on The International 12. Even though there is still a lot of time until the tournament, and we will have to wait for DreamLeague Season 21 to come to an end, we do not expect Valve to come up with a new patch before the biggest tournament of the year.

After covering some of the Dota 2 heroes you should not pick in PUBs in 7.34c, now it’s time to focus on how to win lanes. Our first article of the series will be devoted to how to win the mid lane in 7.34c. This is one of the most important lanes in Dota 2, and it’s the thing that most PUB players go for. Even though the mid-lane can be tricky, once you know how it works, you can win your games with little to no effort.

Start by picking the right heroes

Considering that most mid lane matches are in a “1v1 format”, the first and most important step for you to win the mid lane in 7.34c is to pick the right hero. There are tons of mid-laners you can choose from, but the current patch favors some heroism more than others.

When choosing which hero to get, you need to consider a couple of important things:

  • Which heroes will you play against?
  • Which are the best heroes in the current patch?
  • Will someone help you?
  • Does your team have a specific strategy?

Starting with the first thing, knowing which hero you have to go up against is of utmost importance. This will give you a huge advantage because you can pick something that’s strong against that particular hero. People who are not in this position and do not know what they’ll play against should pick something “safer”. This means that the mid laner should be good against most opponents.

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Assuming you have the answer to the first question, the second one is related to the best mid laner heroes in 7.34c. If we take a look at the stats. We can see that certain midders are more successful than others. For example, Arc Warden and Zeus have much higher win rate than before, and heroes like OD and Kunkka are also hot picks.

The next important thing to answer in the Dota 2 7.34c patch is whether there will be someone to assist you during the laning stage. Since PUB games can be hard, you won’t have anyone to help you when needed. This means that your pick has to be something that will not need ganks to be successful. With that said, if you know that someone on your team will help you when needed, you can get heroes like Shadow Fiend and try to be more aggressive.

Finally, people who want to know how to win the mid lane in 7.34c have to check whether their team is using a specific strategy. Although this rarely happens in PUBs, some teams will decide to focus on a specific strategy, such as fast pushing. If that’s the case, you should pick something appropriate that will fit in.

Try to farm more and prevent the enemy from farming

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When it comes down to the Dota 2 mid lane matchup, the most important thing to focus on is farming and preventing the other hero from doing it. With that said, your number 1 priority is securing as many last hits as possible, so do not focus on making your enemy’s life miserable because having a good game is more important.

As you can imagine, your success in last hitting or denying will depend entirely on the hero you go for. If we take a look at the popular midders in 7.34c, such as Zeus, we can see that he is good at last hitting. However, the hero is not great at denying it, so most enemies playing against him will have an easy time farming. On the other hand, heroes like Kunkka deal tons of physical damage, so they can easily deny most creeps, especially against certain heroes.

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Use your hero’s early and mid-game potential to win the other lanes

Assuming you’ve done the things mentioned so far, you should be able to win the mid lane stage. This means you will have at least a few items and levels, which means it’s time to focus on the other lanes and win the mid-game for your team. Unfortunately, this is where many people make mistakes because they decide to keep farming instead of using their advantage to secure a comfortable lead for the team.

It’s worth mentioning that some heroes will require you to keep farming even after that, whereas others are all about ganking. If you decide to play something like Morphling mid, you will need to keep farming because you need to have a lot of items to be effective. However, if you have Zeus, there is no point in using his insane damage. You should try ganking other lanes and pushing with your team so you can force team fights that you will win.

Item choice

The last but definitely not the least important factor to consider when it comes down to how to win the mid lane in 7.34c is related to the items you should go for. This is where you can get innovative because very Dota 2 game is different. Sure, some heroes require specific items to be effective and won’t be that good without them. However, you can always surprise your opponents by getting things that will help you in the specific game.

As a midder, you can go for a physical or magical item built (depending on the hero), or you can get utility items. The latter will allow you to push as a team and try to win the match earlier. 

Dota 2 – How To Win The Mid Lane in 7.34c
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