Dota 2 Wraith King Guide

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Dota 2 Wraith King Guide

Reign over your enemies with immortal kingly dominance and stride fearlessly into battle with our in-depth Dota 2 Wraith King Guide

Imbued with Wraith Essence, the one-dead king now walks through the battlefield with his mighty sword, slashing and hacking apart anyone standing in his way. Even if one were to bring down his kingship in battle, his immortality brings him back to form, ready to return to battle on his conquest to quell the enemy Throne. 

Wraith King is a melee Strength Hero who has returned to life with an average of 605 HP and 291 Mana. His strides are long, and his blade is sharp, giving him 312 movement speed and 61 attack damage. His armor is quite disappointing, resting at a mere 1.7. 

Wraith King is quite an easy Hero to play, making him perfect for new players. His only target spell is a dependable stun that holds his foes down as he strikes with critical precision, draining their life with every swing of his blade. He can summon skeletal minions ready to serve and die for their master. His ultimate is what puts fear into the heart of his enemies, as once struck down, Wraith King comes back to life with full HP and Mana, ready to take on his foes once again. A well-farmed Wraith King is not only tricky to kill, but his abilities allow him to lock down and strike down any who stands in his way. 


Ready yourself to take over the dominion of every Dota 2 game by getting acquainted with Wraith King’s abilities. 

  • Wraithfire Blast – “Hellfire!”. Wraith King blasts an enemy target with searing hellfire, stunning them for up to 1.6 seconds (2.35 with level 15 talent) and dealing up to 120 impact damage, followed by 80 damage per second for 2 more seconds. The ability also boosts your summon Skeletons’ movement and attack speeds by 25 each for the whole debuff duration.
  • Vampiric Spirit – “Comes now the King of Wraiths!”. Every strike from Wraith King’s blade restores his health by up to 50% of his attack (60% for level 10 talent). This ability can also summon up to 8 Skeletons with Vampiric Spirit. Every 2 creeps killed by the Hero or his summoned Skeletons replenish 1 charge, and the Skeletons last for 40 seconds (50 with level 10 talent). Each Skeleton has 175 HP and deals 34.5 damage (60.5 with level 15 talent) while dealing 25% more damage to enemy Heroes. With level 20 talent upgrade, every cast summons a minimum of 6 Skeletons. Furthermore, every Skeleton killed may respawn once.
  • Mortal Strike – “Bow before me”.Wraith King brings down his blade with a mighty swing, passively dealing bonus damage of up to 300% of his attack damage. Each strike has a cooldown that lowers to 4 (2 with level 25 talent.
  • Reincarnation Death has no grip on me”. Wraith King’s death is momentary, as it quickly revives to his deadly form after a 3-second delay, ready for battle yet again. His death causes all enemies in a 900 radius to be slowed by 75% for 5 seconds, and up to 3 Skeletons are summoned per enemy Hero within the effect radius. This ability can be upgraded by Aghanim’s Shard and Aghanim’s Scepter.
    • Aghanim’s Shard Upgrade: Causes Reincarnation to have no mana cost and increases the Skeleton Spawn count to 6 per enemy Hero.
    • Aghanim’s Scepter Upgrade: Prevents allies in a 1200 radius from dying immediately. Upon death, all allied Heroes are turned to Wraiths for 7 seconds, gaining a bonus of 25% movement speed and 75 attack speed. Heroes that die after becoming a Wraith also reduce their respawn time by 10%. Finally, cooldown for Reincarnation is also reduced from its lowest of 100 seconds to 70 seconds.


  • Level 10 – +25% Summon Skeleton Duration/-25% Cooldown or +10% Vampiric Spirit Lifesteal 
  • Level 15 – +26 Skeletons Attack Damage or +0.75s Wraithfire Blast Stun Duration
  • Level 20 – +6 Minimum Skeletons Spawned or +25% Cleave 
  • Level 25 – Reincarnation Casts Wraithfire Blast or -2s Mortal Strike Cooldown 

Dota 2 Razor Guide – Tips 

Wraith King is a very durable carry with one of the most reliable stuns in the game. Furthermore, his Wraithfire Blast slows the target and deals damage over time. His Vampiric Spirit and Mortal Strike give him high life steal and pushing power, making him a tanky teamfighter. Finally, his Reincarnation helps him outlast his opponents, as even killing him doesn’t keep him down and out. 

Wraith King is quite popular amongst new players looking to learn an easy-to-play carry with high durability and simple mechanics. However, experienced players can take up the Hero’s worthiness using active items. His ability to farm the jungle with ease and push lanes with his Skeletons make him a carry that can easily play greedy and punish his opponents from the mid-game to late-game. 

Due to his powerful Wraithfire Blast, if Wraith King is paired with a support, he has no difficulty owning his lane. Therefore, Wraith King can also go for greedy items like Hand of Midas and Radiance to boost his farm, taking his carry potential to late-game. In the case of being more active mid-game, items like Armlet of Mordiggian and Blink Dagger also help him engage and disengage with high impact. Like all carries, late-game is where Wraith King truly shines.

Dota 2 Wraith King – Pros and Cons

Here is a list of his Majesty’s strengths and weaknesses that make the afterlife difficult for him. 


  • High Frontline Durability
  • Reliable Stun
  • Fast farmer with Skeletons 
  • Noob-Friendly
  • Easy to lane with
  • Silence doesn’t hinder him


  • Low Mana
  • Slow attack and movement speed
  • Low starting armor
  • Mana burn can prevent Reincarnation without Aghanim’s Shard
  • Break debuff mutes lifesteal

How to play Wraith King

This guide summarizes commandments that make or break a decisive Wraith King game. 

Starting Items

When striding into your lane, carry essential regeneration like a Tango and Healing Salve, and an Enchanted Mango for a quick Wraithfire Blast. Getting a Quelling Blade also speeds up your farm and enhances your already high attack damage. 

You should also have 2-3 Iron Branches, as they greatly help you get much-needed attributes like Agility and Intelligence for higher attack speed, armor and mana. 

Early Game

Early game should be focused entirely on farming; last hitting and denying enemy farm. Your Vampiric Spirit will help you sustain your lane effectively, even letting you rotate to the jungle if your lane is pushed out. 

If your enemies are spell spammers, a Magic Stick can save you from certain death with its burst mana regen. If you are going for more attack speed and durability, get Power Treads, and for damage and mobility, get Phase Boots. 

Mid Game

If you had a good farm in the early game, rushing a Hand of Midas and a Radiance can be a good choice, as both will ensure a powerful late-game presence. If you are battle-hungry, picking up an Armlet of Mordiggan or a Blink Dagger will help you initiate and survive long teamfights. 

If you are facing opponents who can drain you of Mana, like Lion, Medusa or Anti-Mage, then getting an early Aghanim’s Shard is crucial, as it will ensure your Reincarnation always procs. If you want decent armor and damage, pick up a Blade Mail to discourage enemies from focusing on you. 

Late Game

Wraith King dominates late-game like most other carries, as his talents and skills help him transition well. Picking up Desolator, Mjolnir and Assault Cuirass helps improve your damage significantly, making your teamfight presence terrifyingly evident. A Black King Bar or Hearth Of Tarrasque also helps ensure you stay alive in teamfights for longer and dish out more damage before reincarnating for round 2. 

If you need more disables on top of your Wraithfire Blast, getting a Heaven’s Halberd or Abyssal Blade can help you contribute more to teamfights and punish your enemy cores more. An Aghanim’s Sceptre is also suggested if you are participating in many teamfights, as it allows your allies to stay alive longer and dish out more damage with their Wraith form’s extra movement and attack speed. 

Dota 2 Wraith King Counter

Here are some Heroes who can give Wraith King a hard time throughout the game.

  • Monkey King – His high mobility with Tree Dance and tendency to get a Diffusal Blade means Wraith King will have difficulty managing his mana and disabling MK. His Wukong’s Command also makes a reincarnated Wraith King vulnerable to a quick second death.
  • Phantom Lancer – His Doppelganger ability lets him disjoint Wraightfire Blast, and his illusions (especially with Diffusal Blade) can quickly mana drain and overwhelm Wraith King, who is ineffective against multiple targets.
  • Terrorblade – His Conjure Image illusions are very powerful against Wraith King, and combining Reflection slow with Metamorphosis high-damage attacks, he has no trouble taking down Wraith King from afar. Furthermore, a reincarnated Wraith King can quickly die a second time with Sunder.
  • Invoker– He can quickly drain Wraith King’s mana with E.M.P. and kite him with spells like Tornado and Ice Wall. Reincarnating into a Sun Strike, Chaos Meteor and Cold Snap combo devastates Wraith King.


We regularly come out with guides for favorite Heroes, so remember to watch out for more. Stay tuned, and happy ruling.

Dota 2 Wraith King Guide
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