Dota 2 Counter Picker – What To Get Against The Best Heroes in 7.35b

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Dota 2 Counter Picker – What To Get Against The Best Heroes in 7.35b

This Dota 2 counter picker article will help people learn more about what to get against some of the best in the current meta. Let’s dive in.

Dota 2 is a game that involves a lot of strategy, so you need to know what you are doing to win. A very important part of this strategy is knowing which heroes to get when your opponent picks something. This is called counter picking and it’s something every Dota 2 player needs to master.

When talking about the Dota 2 counter picker, knowing what to do in the current Dota 2 patch 7.35b is very important. A few heroes are much better than the rest, so see them all the time. So, let’s learn more about them and see which options work the best.


Dota 2 Counter Picker - What To Get Against The Best Heroes in 7.35b

The first hero we need to talk about after the new update is Meepo. He hasn’t been a popular professional pick in a while, but Meepo remains an excellent alternative for PUB games. No wonder his current win rate is slightly above 57%. 

Playing against Meepo is not easy, even if you get a counter pick. He is one of those heroes capable of ripping through his enemies, so you need to be really careful. Thankfully, there are a few heroes that work well against him.

Starting with the classic Dota 2 counter picker suggestion, we have Earthshaker. Even though the latter is not that dangerous against Meepo in the ultra-late game, he has the firepower to stop Meepo from snowballing out of control. Echoslam is incredibly strong against Meepo, and if the latter makes the mistake of grouping with his allies, a good ult from ES is more than enough to land a Rampage.

Another good pick against Meepo is Legion Commander. The latter got buffed in the most recent Dota 2 update, and Duel is very strong against Meepo because LC can kill him right away. No wonder she is slowly becoming the go-to option.

Arc Warden

The second hero that is in a really good state after the Dota 2 Patch 7.35b is Arc Warden. Like Meepo, we haven’t seen that hero in action on the professional scene in years, but he has always remained a solid pick in PUB games. That’s the reason why the hero’s win rate is slightly above 56%.

When talking about the Dota 2 counter picker and Arc Warden, a few heroes are really strong against him. Meepo is actually the best pick because Warden can’t really do much with his Flux. Also, Meepo’s ability to blink and Poff is usually enough to land a kill.

Besides Meepo, Lycan is another pick that is a solid option against this hero. Once Lycan has his ultimate up, he can easily chase Arc Warden and land a kill.

Other good options include Broodmother and Lone Druid. Both are good, but the heroes are not worth getting in the current meta because there are others who do a better job at everything.


The third hero with the highest win rate so far after the 7.35b Dota 2 patch is Underlord. He has to be one of the worst heroes you can go up against because of the damage and control he has. It’s almost impossible to kill him early on, and his constant pressure means it is hard to last hit as well.

Although dealing with Underlord is not easy, the Dota 2 Counter Picker shows that a few names are good against him, such as Ursa and Outworld Destroyer. The latter was the best before the 7.35b patch, but Valve decided to nerf him hard, so we think it’s probably better to focus on Ursa.

Lifestealer and Sniper can also be good options. However, Sniper will only work if Underlord does not have teammates who are fast and have blink. Needless to say, Sniper is one of the most fragile heroes in the game.


Dota 2 Counter Picker - What To Get Against The Best Heroes in 7.35b

Despite not being the hero with the highest win rate right now, Brewmaster became a lot more popular after the recent Dota 2 update. In fact, his stats reveal that he gained more than a 4% win rate, and we expect this percentage to increase even more. This probably does not come as a surprise because of the buffs he got.

If we take a look at the Dota 2 Counter Picker, we can see that heroes who have a lot of CC are good against Brew.  This is not surprising because Brewmaster’s ultimate is what makes him dangerous, and he won’t be able to use it if there are heroes who can control him.

Starting with Earth Spirit, this is a pick that is really annoying to play against. He has stuns, silences, and more, so it is tough to play as Brewmaster. Bane is also very good, and the hero is strong right now, so expect to see it against you when you are in the game.


Dota 2 Counter Picker - What To Get Against The Best Heroes in 7.35b

Following the tons of buffs in the 7.35 Dota 2 patch, 7.35b gave Abbadon a few nerfs. Nevertheless, he remains one of the most successful heroes in the game in terms of win rate, so here is what you can get against him.

A quick look at the Dota 2 counter picker shows that the hero is really bad against Shadow Demon. The latter has the ability to purge and deal a lot of damage. The good thing is that SD is not that popular right now, so you won’t see him in action that often. Slark is another hero who is incredibly successful against Abaddon. He works well against most tanky heroes because it allows him to gain more Essence Shift. Needless to say, Abaddon’s ultimate makes him an ideal target.

Dota 2 Counter Picker – What To Get Against The Best Heroes in 7.35b
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