Dota 2 Bane Guide

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Dota 2 Bane Guide

Dive into the darkness of the Nightmare Realm and master the insidious powers of the Nightmare King with our Dota 2 Bane Guide

Don't let Bane's grotesque appearance fool you. Also known as Atropos, this menacing creature, hailing from the dimension of nightmares, has a unique skillset capable of disrupting, damaging, and controlling the enemy team in a way few others can. This is a Hero whose horrifying abilities can dictate the flow of a team fight and leave enemies helpless and terrified.

Bane is a ranged Universal Hero with an impressive base HP of 626 and a substantial Mana pool of 351. His base attack damage of 45-51 is fairly decent, and he has a base movement speed of 305. With his above-average base armor of 4.8, he can withstand more damage than many other support Heroes, making him one of the best Heroes for early skirmishes.

Though Bane's skills may seem straightforward, they require effective strategic thinking and timing. He is a potent disabler and a strong lane dominator, capable of creating a significant impact on the game when his abilities are utilized correctly. Many players get frustrated when playing against a good Bane. So as a support player, you should know how to play him.


Dota 2 Bane Guide


Here's a look at Bane's devious abilities.


  • Enfeeble – Bane enfeebles an enemy unit, dealing damage every second and reducing its attack damage and cast range. This ability weakens enemy carries by crippling their damage output. The damage reduction starts at 55% at level 1 and increases to 70% at level 4. Enfeeble lasts for 9 seconds and deals 30 damage per second when maxed out. It has a cast range of 1100 at max level.


  • Brain Sap – Bane uses his psychic prowess to deal pure damage to an enemy unit while healing himself for the same amount. The power of Brain Sap lies in its direct Health exchange, providing both offensive and defensive utility, and fully piercing debuff immunity. The damage and healing increase with each level, from 75 at level 1 to 300 at level 4.


  • Aghanim’s Shard Upgrade – Makes Brain Sap a 550 Area of Effect (AoE) spell. Secondary targets only heal for 30% of their original Health.


  • Nightmare – Targeted enemy or friendly Hero is put to sleep. When a sleeping unit is damaged, it awakens. The Nightmare is transferred to the assaulting unit if the target is hit directly. Bane is free to damage targets under Nightmare and gains an increased 45 attack speed when hitting them. This ability can set up kills, save allies, or interrupt important enemy abilities. The sleep duration increases from 3.5 seconds at level 1 to 6.5 seconds at max level.


  • Fiend's Grip (Ultimate) – Bane grips an enemy unit, disabling it and draining its Mana and Health each second. This is a powerful lockdown tool, and it's especially effective against Heroes who are heavily reliant on their Mana pool. Fiend's Grip lasts for 4.8 seconds at level 1 and 5.8 seconds at max level. It drains 5% of max Mana, removes Nightmare from the target and deals 150 damage per second at max level.


  • Aghanim’s Scepter Upgrade – Reduces the cooldown of Fiend's Grip by 45 seconds. Fiend's Grip now generates two uncontrollable illusions that channel Fiend's Grip onto the target. Illusions receive 200% incoming damage and die instantly if interrupted. Damage does not stack.


  • Level 10 – +20% Enfeeble Cast Range or -3s Brain Sap Cooldown

  • Level 15 – +5% Fiend's Grip Max Mana Drain or +13 Enfeeble Damage Per Second

  • Level 20 – +30 Movement Speed or -3s Nightmare Cooldown

  • Level 25 – +3s Fiend's Grip Duration or +250 Brain Sap Damage/Heal

Dota 2 Bane Guide – Tips 

Bane's formidable abilities grant him excellent control and sustain on the battlefield. With Brain Sap, Atropos can whittle down enemy Health while restoring his own, making him an intimidating presence in the lane. Nightmare can be used for various purposes, including setting up ganks, saving allies, or disrupting enemy initiations. Enfeeble is a powerful tool for debilitating enemy carries, and Fiend's Grip is one of the strongest single-target lockdown abilities in the game.

Atropos is usually played as a support, often taking the hard support (Position 5) role. He can dominate lanes with his abilities and provide significant utility for his team throughout the game. Atropos’s ability to trade effectively with enemies using Brain Sap, control enemy movements with Nightmare, and disable key targets with Fiend's Grip makes him a potent Hero in coordinated teams. Proper positioning is key when playing Atropos.

Atropos needs experience and levels to have a good impact on the game. While he is not a farm-dependent Hero, understanding how to efficiently gather resources on the map will amplify your game impact. With good map awareness, effective rotations, and strategic use of your abilities, you can ensure Atropos’s terrifying presence is felt throughout the game. It's also essential to communicate with your team, as your abilities can set up kills and save allies, but they require your team to follow up.

Dota 2 Bane – Pros and Cons 

Let's look at the main strengths and weaknesses of this haunting Nightmare King. 


  • Strong lane dominator 

  • Potent single-target control 

  • Sustain from Brain Sap 

  • Powerful ultimate 


  • No AoE abilities 

  • Requires good positioning 

  • Dependent on levels 

  • Can accidentally save enemies with Nightmare

How to play Bane 

A proper understanding of Bane's playstyle in different phases of the game is crucial to mastering this Hero. Let's take a closer look.

Starting Items

Consider starting with a set of Tangoes and a Healing Salve for Health regeneration, ensuring you can stay in lane and harass the enemy. Get a couple of Iron Branches for a cheap stat boost, and consider getting an Enchanted Mango or two for extra Mana regeneration, as your spells can be quite Mana-intensive.

Lastly, grabbing a Faerie Fire for that instant burst of Health, a Clarity Potion to regenerate Mana, and a Blood Grenade to deal some extra damage can further enhance your laning presence.

Early Game 

Focus on harassing the enemy laners with Brain Sap, using its damage and healing to win trades. Use Nightmare to set up kills or save your carry from dangerous situations. Your goal should be to secure a good laning stage for your carry and potentially get some kills.

In terms of items, you will want to get Boots of Speed for improved mobility. Magic Stick can also be an excellent early purchase, especially if you're against Heroes with spammable abilities. Buy Observer and Sentry Wards when necessary. Try to deward enemy Wards with your Sentry Ward.

Mid Game 

In the mid game, your key responsibility is to control team fights and enable ganks using your array of disabling spells, with Fiend's Grip being the primary one. Be mindful of your positioning – you want to stay at a safe distance to avoid being initiated upon, but also be close enough to use your abilities effectively.

For your mid-game item progression, aim to upgrade your boots into Arcane Boots. These provide a much-needed boost to your Mana pool and also benefit your team with its active ability. Start working towards a Glimmer Cape next – it not only provides magic resistance but also gives you the ability to turn invisible. This can be a game-changer as it allows you to position better for Fiend's Grip and can also be used to save your allies. A Force Staff can also be useful at this stage to escape from enemies or to initiate a gank.

Late Game 

The late game is all about picking off key enemy Heroes in team fights using Fiend's Grip. Your ability to disable a core enemy Hero for a long duration can turn the tide of the battle. An item like Blink Dagger can be instrumental at this stage to catch enemies off guard.

Additional late-game item options include Aether Lens, which increases your spell-casting range and allows you to engage from a safer distance. Lotus Orb can also be a valuable pickup, letting you purge off silences and stuns from allies or even yourself. Black King Bar (BKB) can ensure an uninterrupted Fiend's Grip, making you immune to enemy crowd control. Aghanim’ Scepter is good for casting the Fiend’sFeinds Grip better. Lastly, buy a Scythe Of Vyse for additional control over enemies. 

Dota 2 Bane Counters 

Here are some Heroes that always seem to have the upper hand against the Nightmare King.


  • Silencer – Silencer's Global Silence can interrupt Fiend's Grip from anywhere on the map. Additionally, his Arcane Curse puts pressure on Bane, who relies on frequently using his spells to control the battlefield.


  • Rubick – Rubick can steal Fiend's Grip, turning Bane's most potent weapon against him. Rubick's Telekinesis also can disrupt his channeling of Fiend's Grip from a safe distance.


  • Vengeful Spirit – Vengeful Spirit can interrupt Fiend's Grip from a distance with her Nether Swap, either saving her ally or putting Atropos in a dangerous position. Plus, her Magic Missile provides additional means to interrupt Fiend's Grip.


  • Legion Commander – Legion Commander can purge off Nightmare or Fiend's Grip from her allies with Press the Attack, significantly reducing Bane's impact in fights. Legion Commander herself is also immune to his Fiend's Grip when she is dueling an enemy, making it even harder for him to impose his control on her.


We regularly upload guides for your favorite Heroes, so watch for more to come.  


Dota 2 Bane Guide
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