Disguised Toast Reveals End of 2023 & 2024 Plans for DSG; Entering Fighting Game Scene

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Disguised Toast Reveals End of 2023 & 2024 Plans for DSG; Entering Fighting Game Scene

Year 2 for DSG is about to begin, and Disguised Toast has let the community in on the organization's plans moving forward. 


A Rocky Start but a Brighter Future

Yesterday marked the end of Year 1 of operations for DSG, and the organization had its ups and downs. Disguised Toast admitted early in the year about his doubts as an inexperienced Esports organization owner, and the rocky start his Valorant teams had upon debut exacerbated those doubts. 

Esports can be expensive and unprofitable, and DSG felt this with a loss of $1 million this year (Which is twice as much as Disguised Toast wanted to spend). 

But things are looking up, as Disguised Toast revealed that DSG was actually profitable in November, the first net positive month of the organization. Disguised Toast is aiming for a breakeven year in 2024. As such, DSG is looking to keep that profit train rolling to ensure its continued presence in Esports.

New DSG Merch

DSG has released a new line of merch ahead of next year.
Image Source: @DSG Twitter/X

DSG has just released a new line of merch fans can purchase, including a hoodie, windbreaker, and two T-shirts. These products have DSG's new and more official-looking brand logo. 

Tier 2+ Patron users can purchase these products now. DSG will make them available for purchase to everyone else on November 16 at 12 PM PT. 

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Increased Social Media Presence

As Disguised Toast started this organization himself, his personal Twitter/X page made up most of DSG's social media presence. 

With DSG getting more serious about Esports and how invaluable social media presence can be for businesses/organizations in the current year, DSG will be creating a YouTube channel, Instagram, and TikTok account. 

DSG Entering 5 Titles Next Year, Including a Fighting Game

Disguised Toast revealed that DSG is entering four unsurprising titles next year: Valorant, Apex Legends, League of Legends, and Teamfight Tactics. 

2023 was a disappointing year for DSG Valorant. Despite the incredible acquisition of yay, DSG Valorant never got off the ground, and their Game Changers roster saw a similar lack of success. DSG made a last-minute signing of the Dude’s Night Out roster for the ALGS Championship, where the team performed fairly well, but DSG nevertheless parted with the team soon after.

DSG's most successful venture this year was their League of Legends team, who came out on top 3-1 over Evil Geniuses to win the NACL Championship. Unfortunately, due to NACL teams having no pathway to LCS, DSG did the best thing for the players and released them to explore better career opportunities, meaning DSG will have to start LoL from scratch in 2024.

According to Disguised Toast, DSG will be sending ten players to the Teamfight Tactics Vegas LAN Open in December. They will reveal these players this week. DSG also has big Valorant news prepared that they will disclose at the end of the year.

Teamfight Tactics Global Set Championship Dates Revealed

But the biggest shock of the announcement was DSG's plans to enter the fighting game scene (Notorious for being one of, if not the most unprofitable Esports scene). Won over by the passion of the players and community, Disguised Toast wants to sign at least one fighting game player, though he did not disclose which fighting games DSG is looking at.

It sounds like DSG will have its hands full in 2024, and fans will have plenty to look forward to as DSG continues its Esports journey.

Disguised Toast Reveals End of 2023 & 2024 Plans for DSG; Entering Fighting Game Scene
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