Disguised Toast Shares His Doubts and Struggles as an Esports Team Owner

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Disguised Toast Shares His Doubts and Struggles as an Esports Team Owner

The streamer went on Twitter to explain his experience as an eSports team owner after Disguised’s third consecutive loss in Split 2

Popular Twitch streamer, YouTuber and the owner of Diguised, Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang, has recently opened up about the struggles of owning an eSports team with little to no experience. In a Twitter post, he apologized to Disguised’s fans after the team’s recent and third-consecutive loss in North American Challenger League’s Split 2 event. 

Toast explained how it has been difficult for him to run an eSports organization with no competitive FPS experience, adding, “Now I need to make choices over the livelihoods of these young players.” He also described how losses leave a big impact since Disguised receives a lot of attention despite being a fairly new team in VCL. 

The team’s owner also touched on the frustration faced by the players after facing a loss, saying, “They all message me after each loss apologizing for their performances and it really sucks to see them so defeated.”

Jeremy "Disguised Toast" Wang on stream

Credit: Disguised Toast Stream

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Joshua “steel” Nissan, the IGL for the team who has been missing in their past two matches, replied to Toast’s Tweet with a hopeful message. It’s unclear whether steel will return on Disguised’s next Split 2 game or Drake “Exalt” Branly will keep playing in his spot.

DSG’s recent losing streak has been unexpected, especially after acquiring Jaccob ‘yay’ Whiteaker before Split 2 started. Many expected the former star member of OpTic and Cloud9 to make Disguised one of the better squads of the Challengers League. However, the roster hasn’t secured any victory so far after these changes. 

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