Disguised League of Legends Team Makes a Strong Debut in NACL

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Disguised League of Legends Team Makes a Strong Debut in NACL

Disguised NACL roster broke last split's peak viewership during their opening series.

The popular streamer Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang's esports organization, Disguised (DSG), made its entry into the North American Challengers League (NACL) with an impressive debut, garnering significant viewership and raising some hope for the league's future. After Riot made significant changes to the second-tier competition in North America, several LCS organizations had left the league, hopefully paving the way for creator-owned organizations like DSG to make their mark in the NA League scene.

Disguised's first appearance in the NACL attracted substantial attention, with costreams from Toast himself and prominent figures from the old days of NA LCS such as Scarra and Shiptur contributing to the excitement. The league, which recorded a peak viewership of 25k during the previous split, witnessed a notable increase as it approached nearly 30k viewers during DSG's inaugural match.

This influx of viewership comes as a significant boost for the NACL, which has been struggling to gain traction. The league faced further challenges after Riot Games' controversial decision last week. However, the addition of DSG and the accompanying surge in viewership demonstrate the potential for growth and success in the NACL.

The NACL's opening day proved to be a positive sign for the league's future, as fans rallied behind the independent teams, resulting in a remarkable gift of nearly 1k subscribers to the LCS Challengers Twitch channel. This development holds particular significance in this split, as Riot Games introduced a revenue-sharing program with the league teams, most of them being independent of LCS organizations, hoping to grant them financial stability.

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DSG, considered one of the frontrunners for the NACL title, showcased their strength in their first series, securing a tie against Team Liquid. The organization's strategic move to sign three out of five players from the reigning champions, Cloud9, highlights their determination to compete at the highest level. With their second match scheduled for tomorrow, DSG faces another formidable contender, FlyQuest Challengers, who dominated their series today with an impressive sweep.

The success of DSG's debut and the enthusiasm exhibited by the fans during the NACL's opening day signals a promising start for the league. As DSG continues its campaign in the NACL, fans eagerly await their upcoming matches and the exciting competition they will bring to the league. With Disguised Toast at the helm, the organization can hopefully make a substantial impact on the NA League scene, revitalizing the NACL and adding a fresh dynamic to the landscape of LoL esports with more creator-owned teams in the tier-two ecosystem.

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Disguised League of Legends Team Makes a Strong Debut in NACL
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