Team Liquid vs T1 MSI 2024 Bracket Stage Recap

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Team Liquid vs T1 MSI 2024 Bracket Stage Recap

It's NA's last chance as LCS champs take on Korea's premier LoL esports roster, staking their claim in MSI 2024. Team Liquid vs T1.

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MSI 2024 is heating up, and it's seeing industry winners struggle against the underdogs of the season. One of these is Team Liquid, an NA team that took Gen.G through Silver Scrapes, and took Fnatic out of MSI. Their dedication was seen in their teamfighting, despite what their haters would say. So the LCS #1 has it in them to exit MSI with at least one grand upset.

Their next match-up is with T1, a legendary LoL esports roster with star player Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok; The Unkillable Demon King who led his roster through deep runs in numerous world championships. That said, the powerhouse has shown some gaps in their form, so it'll be up to the APA and co. to exploit any weakness they find (if any).

Here's everything that happened in their MSI 2024 series:

Team Liquid vs T1 MSI 2024 Recap

Game 1

Team Liquid vs T1 MSI 2024 Recap
Credit: Screenshot by Paul Gono/ESTNN

Keria's weaker champ pick presented opportunities for the NA underdogs, but the power match on the toplane teased an inevitable lane switch.

To no one's surprise, Oner's Poppy jungle was all over the map. The champ's abilities made tower dives easier on T1 — who helped get first blood — while APA kept a disciplined pace. But with his Flash on cooldown, T1 found their second kill soon after.

After Guma got a piece of TL's midlaner, T1 was in a very comfortable lead seven minutes in. But an All Out from Impact caught Zeus off-guard, killing T1's momentum. With TL UmTi on the prowl, T1 started losing their balance. And a stellar teamfight at bot upped the score for the LCS roster, tying the score.

Oner had better ganks, but UmTi got more objectives for team-wide buffs. So a scaling Aurelion zoned Faker and co. off of vulnerable teammates in teamfights. Team Liquid found a 2-kill lead and all three drakes by midgame, but lost the gold lead 20 minutes in.

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Zeus eventually got Sterak's on Camille, giving him plenty of threat to force TL into Faker's crowd control. Eventually, the LCK team found their stride and snowballed into a commanding game-one win.

Quick Stats:

T1 Team Liquid
 Score 1
 Gold 56.3k 46.0k
 Kills 13 7
 Turrets 9 2
 Dragons 1 3
 Barons 1
 Game Time 29:05

Game 2

Team Liquid vs T1 MSI 2024 Recap
Credit: Screenshot by Paul Gono/ESTNN

Team Liquid's playmaking potential on Nautilus and K'Sante gave them enough endurance to weather T1's brutal assault in the longest match in MSI 2024.

An aggressive Oner chased their enemy jungler deep into enemy territory, resulting in a 1-for-1 in the laning phase. Faker's presence there meant that APA had an XP lead. All in all, Team Liquid had more gold, so T1 secured Infernal Drake for more AD.

APA's Talia scaled hard, and as soon as APA reached level six, his team sieged botlane to send Keria back to spawn. T1's Kalista had a lot to offer, but because of CoreJJ's threat, the botlaner was forced to play conservatively into the midgame.

The LCK #2 seed slowly pulled themselves out of a deficit. But a team dive into Faker's top lane sent them back to square one. Afterwards, TL Yeon took out T1's star player in another skirmish, putting Impact and co. in a dominant spot.

Team Liquid vs T1 MSI 2024 Recap
Credit: Screenshot by Paul Gono/ESTNN

But Faker's Ahri started to turn things around after building Deathcap. In another top lane brawl, the midlaner got the kills he needed to turn the tide. But a bad fight at Baron pit not only resulted in a stolen Nashor, but a near-wipe.

T1's inhibitors were still standing, so they made another heroic play for Baron #2. Another high-stakes brawl set TL back two kills, and T1 wanted to seal the deal with a contested Elder. And a clean take by Oner decided the match.

Quick Stats:

Team Liquid T1
 Score 2
 Gold 74.1k 81.6k
 Kills 13 19
 Turrets 6 8
 Dragons 4 2
 Barons 1 1
 Game Time 43:44
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Game 3

Team Liquid vs T1 MSI 2024 Recap
Credit: Screenshot by Paul Gono/ESTNN

T1's superior poke comp couldn't stop UmTi from outmaneuvering the enemy jungler.

As the laning phase kicked off, both rosters settled into their roles. And good pokes from T1's side kept TL Yeon from scaling too hard. Losing an early Mountain drake put TL on the backfoot for a while, but impressively, things stayed close into the midgame.

But after maximizing their Rift Herald, APA and his team were poised for a slow but sure win. T1's top lane was completely pushed in. But a 1v3 play from Zeus' Stormrazor Vayn forced the invaders back in an extremely impressive display. And it bought his team some time to regroup.

Team Liquid was forcing fights left and right. And despite getting most kills, T1 was right behind them in terms of gold. T1 traded the second Nashor buff for the Hextech Soul, but all UmTi and co. needed to do was push all three lanes for the last siege of the game.

Quick Stats:

Team Liquid T1
 Score 1 2
 Gold 68.6k 59.8k
 Kills 21 12
 Turrets 11 3
 Dragons 1 4
 Barons 2
 Game Time 35:09

Game 4

Team Liquid vs T1 MSI 2024 Recap
Credit: Screenshot by Paul Gono/ESTNN

Comfort picks from TL went up against T1's tournament-ender comp with Faker on Ori and Keria on Orn.

Team Liquid's botlane had more dominance in the laning phase. After getting first blood on T1 Gumayusi, Yeon's team got a gold injection that let them win another engagement.

At this point, it was clear at UmTi was going to be a problem. T1 clapped back in an aggressive engage of their own. A few blunders from Yeon gave them more kills while Impact baited Zeus' summoners.

Another stellar teamfight from T1 buried TL deeper in their deficit. Yeon might have had better microplay across the rift. But a 10k gold gap against a team like T1 was insurmountable. T1 close out the series 3-1 after taking the last Baron.

Quick Stats:

T1 Team Liquid
 Score 3 1
 Gold 52.0k 41.4k
 Kills 27 13
 Turrets 11 2
 Dragons 1 1
 Barons 1
 Game Time 23:39


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