ALGS Championship 2023 Bracket, Schedule, Format and Results

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ALGS Championship 2023 Bracket, Schedule, Format and Results

The finale of the ALGS Year 3 season is finally here! 

Forty teams from around the world have flown to Birmingham, UK, to compete against one another to see who will win this year's ALGS Championships. With five days of fierce competition and three different Stages, fans are in for a treat. 


Here is the schedule for Day 1 of the ALGS Year 3 Championship.
Image Source: PlayApexEsports Twitter


Here are the groups and seedings for Day 1.
Image Source: @PlayApexEsports Twitter

In the Group Stage, teams will compete in four groups using a double-elimination bracket. Playoff Points rankings or their performances in their respective LCQ tournament determined their seedings within their groups.

Defending Champions and 2023 Split 2 Playoffs winners, DarkZero, are a favorite for a back-to-back victory. But there's plenty of stiff competition, and they won't take defeat lying down.

DisguisedToast has entered the world of Apex Legends Esports, picking up the orgless Dudes Night Out roster. They're a very talented trio, but as the last seed of Group A, they will have to contend with juggernauts like FNATIC and TSM in what will no doubt be a difficult debut.

Several teams, like Alliance and Aurora, had visa issues prior to the start of the ALGS championship, resulting in roster substitutions, which may or may not significantly affect their performance in the tournament.


In the Group Stage, each group will play a single-six-match series against the other groups. Teams earn points based on kills, with 1 point per kill and the remainder of their points coming from their match placements.

1st place: 12 points
2nd place: 9 points
3rd place: 7 points
4th place: 5 points
5th place: 4 points
6th-7th place: 3 points
8th-10th place: 2 points
11th-15th place: 1 point
16th-20th: 0 points

After the conclusion of the Group Stage, the teams will divide into the Winners Bracket and Losers Bracket, depending on their performances in the Groups Stage. The top 20 best-performing teams move to the Winners Bracket, and the bottom 20 performing teams demote to the Losers Bracket.

The teams in the Winners Bracket will compete in one eight-game series, while the teams in the Losers Bracket will compete in two. The top 10 teams in the Winners Bracket immediately advance to the Match Point Finals, while the bottom 10 teams get booted to the Losers Bracket.

The top 10 teams from Round 1 of the Losers Bracket will advance to Round 2. The bottom 10 teams get eliminated from the tournament. In round 2 of the Losers Bracket, the top 10 teams from Round 1 and the bottom 10 teams from the Winners Bracket will face off. The ten best-performing teams will advance to the Match Point Finals.

On September 10, the Match Point Finals will go down, using a no-set-limit format. As soon as a team reaches 50 overall points, they will enter Match Point status. The first team to win another match after reaching Match Point status will win the 2023 ALGS Championship.

Prize Pool

Along with the bragging rights of being this year's Champions, teams will be competing for their share of a $2 million prize pool.

1st: $600,000

2nd: $320,000

3rd: $210,000

4th: $170,000

5th: $130,000

6th: $100,000

7th: $80,000

8th: $60,000

9th: :$50,000

10th: $40,000

11th: $32,000

12th: $30,000

13th: $28,000

14th: $26,000

15th: $24,000

16th: $22,000

17th: $21,500

18th: $20,000

19th: $19,000

20th: $18,000


Group Stage Day 1 Top 10

Here are the Top 10 teams after the first day of the ALGS Group Stage!
Image Source: @PlayApexEsports Twitter

Group Stage Day 2 Top 20


Here are the top 20 teams moving on to the Winners Bracket!
Image Source: @PlayApexEsports

Group Stage Day 2 Bottom 20

Here are the Bottom 20 teams moving down to the Losers Bracket
Image Source: @PlayApexEsports

Losers Bracket Day 3 Round 1 Top 10

Here are the top teams who survived Round 1 of the Losers Bracket.
Image Source: @PlayApexEsports

Winners Bracket Day 4 Top 20

Here are the top 20 teams competing in the Winners Bracket today!
Image Source: @PlayApexEsports

Day 5 Match Point Finalists

Here are the 20 teams competing in the ALGS Match Point Finals!
Image Source: @PlayApexEsports

Day Five Match Point Final Results

TSM are your ALGS Year 3 Champions!
Image Source: @PlayApexEsports

How to Watch

You can tune into the action via the official Apex Legends YouTube and Twitch channels.



Official Watch Parties & Broadcast Partners

You can also watch the 2023 ALGS Championship through various official watch parties and broadcast partners streaming the tournament in nine different languages. 

NiceWigg & Greek: English: Twitch

Pokizgames: Portuguese: Twitch /YouTube

Oraxe & Wisethug: French: TwitchTwitch

Restiafps: Chinese/Twitch

Vickypalami: Spanish/Twitch

RAGE: Japanese: TwitchYouTube

WooHoo: Portuguese: Twitch

Friends Project Co: Thai: Twitch

Myriad Stars (Newer Esports): Mandarin: Twitch

Titan Masters: Spanish: Twitch

Basik Marketing / The Esports Club: Hindi:TwitchLoco

Broadcast Talent

Here is the broadcast talent for the 2023 ALGS Championship.
Image Source: @PlayApexEsports

// RAYNDAY – TwitchTwitter

// SPIDERTIFF – TwitchTwitter 

// VIKKIKITTY – TwitchTwitter

// GASKIN – TwitchTwitter

// ONSET – TwitchTwitter

// GLITTERXPLOSION – TwitchTwitter

// ZEPHYR – TwitchTwitter

// GENOME – Twitter

// DIA – Twitter

// GRACEFUL – TwitchTwitter

// BULLETL – TwitchTwitter

// WETHEPEOPLE – TwitchTwitter

Twitch Drops

Tune in every day to get some exclusive ALGS Twitch drops!
Image Source: @PlayApexEsports

Each day of the ALGS Championship will allow fans to earn exclusive Twitch Drops. Be sure to tune in every day. You only have one day per drop to obtain them. 

September 6 – Crimson Striker Peacekeeper Skin – Unlocks at 60 minutes

September 7 – Crimson Hawk Valkyrie Skin – Unlocks at 60 minutes

September 8 – ALGS Championship Sticker – Unlocks at 60 minutes

September 9 – ALGS Championship Holospray – Unlocks at 60 minutes 

September 10 – ALGS Championship Gun Charm – Unlocks at 60 minutes

ALGS Championship 2023 Bracket, Schedule, Format and Results
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