Disguised Toast Disbands NACL Championship League of Legends team

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Disguised Toast Disbands NACL Championship League of Legends team

Disguised Toast is letting go of its NACL Championship League of Legends team members.

From the struggles in the Valorant scene to the financial woes of the org potentially losing $1 million this year, Disguised Toast has had a rough first year as a newcomer Esports organization. But earlier this summer, DSG's first bright spot and victory came courtesy of its League of Legends team.

After a respectable 3rd-place finish in the North America Challengers League 2023 Summer Season, DSG went on a fantastic run in the NACL 2023 Championship. They would go on to defeat the Evil Genius Challengers 3-1 in the Grand Finals, earning $30,000 in prize money and proving their potential.

Unfortunately, for DSG, that potential will not remain with the organization. DSG has announced that the entire roster is leaving to seek better opportunities.

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According to the tweet, this was always the plan. With NACL teams having no pathway to LCS, staying with the organization long-term would be detrimental to its players' growth. Having now proven themselves as capable pros in the NA region, the former DSG roster members will have a much easier time finding new homes and cementing themselves in LoL Esports.

Disguised Toast clarified that the organization will be in the NACL in 2024, which means fielding a completely new team and giving some new up-and-comers a chance to shine.

Disguised Toast Disbands NACL Championship League of Legends team
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