Best Weapons In CS2 – A Weapons Tier List

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Best Weapons In CS2 – A Weapons Tier List

These are the best weapons in CS2 arranged in a tier list to help players find the best gun in different situations

Counter-Strike 2 is the latest addition to the CS franchise. This series is, by heart, a tactical shooter. Meaning the core of the game is based around aiming and firing weapons. There are countless other factors, such as map strats, time, economy, utility, and tons of other elements, that define a match in CS. But being masterful at handling the guns and weapons is the most vital component. Being able to pick up any weapon in a situation and making the most out of it is a skill that goes hand-in-hand with all other aspects.

Besides knowing how to use a gun to its full potential, there are specific weapons that have a higher potential compared to others in every scenario. CS2 has not deviated too much from its predecessor, CS:GO. So, the weapons are pretty much the same. Due to there being a wide range of guns to pick and buy, it is crucial to know which weapons are the best in the game and best in certain scenarios. Everything from revolvers to super snipers all have a specific place and purpose in the game.

So, let's take a look at the tier list we have prepared for the weapons in CS2 and their significance in the game.

Best Weapons In CS2 Tier List

As CS2 has over 20 different weapons to pick from, it is wise to know the best amongst the bunch and which weapon is best suited based on the economy and role of the player in the team. Below is a tier list for CS2 weapons from S-Tier to D-Tier.

Tiers Weapons
S AK-47, M4A4, M4A1-S, AWP
A Desert Eagle,TEC-9, P90, Galil, FAMAS, AUG, SG553, 
B Glock-18, USP-S, P250, MAC-10, MAG-7, MP5, UMP-45
C CZ75, Five-SeveN, P2000, Scout, XM1014, Nova
D Dual Berettas, Bizon, R8, Sawed-Off


These weapons are the best of the best and should be the target weapons to try and buy. It is also important to learn and master these guns to exceed performance in every round.


Best Weapons In CS2 - A Weapons Tier List

Credits: Steam Community

Probably the most adored gun, not just in CS but in all of gaming, the iconic AK-47 is one of the best guns in the game. Although it is only available to buy from the T-side, even CT players tend to pick up one of these bad boys when they find them on the ground. With a cost of $2,700, it drops 36 damage with every hit on an enemy. Each kill guarantees $300 to the player's banks as well. Even though it has a more difficult recoil pattern to learn compared to its counterparts, the M4A4 and the M4A1-S, the AK has more damage that makes it the better gun in most situations.

M4A1-S and M4A4

image003 4

Credits: Reddit

These two are the two main rifles available for the CT side in the game. The M4A4 costs $2,900, and the A1-S, which is the silenced variable of the A4, costs $3,100. The M4A4 has higher damage compared to the AK, but due to its lower headshot multiplier, it is considered inferior. However, it is easier to control in terms of recoil compared to both the A1-S and the AK. Its silenced counterpart has a much lower 33 damage per hit, similar recoil, and headshot multiplier.


image004 3


The AWP is the quintessential sniper of the game. It is probably one of the most iconic guns in CS history. Its value is enormous and demands accuracy paired with performance. With massive damage of 115 on every part of the enemy’s body above and including the chest and a reward of $100 with every kill, it is easily comparable to a boom-stick. With a price of $4,750, it is one of the most expensive guns in the game.


These guns are very close to the S-tier weapons and should be mainly used in eco-rounds. It is also advised to pick these up if seen on the ground as a primary or secondary if the primary weapon is ranked higher.

Desert Eagle

image005 4

Credits: ESTNN

The Desert Eagle is probably the best secondary firearm in the whole game. With 53 damage to every hit on the body and a reward of $300 for each kill, it is a rifle in the form of a pistol. The headshot multiplier from this gun is very strong as well.


This is a weapon only available for the T-side. It is a semi-auto pistol with 33 damage per shot. As it costs only $500 and offers $300 for every kill, it is a very strong weapon for fast plays and strats involving rushes during eco-rounds.

FAMAS and Galil

image006 3

Credits: Counter-Strike Wiki

These two are the low-budget versions of the M4s and the AK for the CTs and T-side respectively. Both deliver 30 damage with every hit and award $300 for each kill. As both cost $2,050, these are good options when players have to play confidently against proper rifles but don’t have money for the S-tier guns.


The P90 is the definition of “spray and pray”. It means running at full speed with a submachine gun and painting everything with bullets. The P90 is the ideal weapon for this start as it gives out 26 damage with every hit with a magazine of 50 rounds. Each kill gives out $300. So for a $2,350 weapon, it can be appropriately used for eco-rounds and rushes.


These are the best guns for rounds with low money. When a team is losing out on too many rounds and needs to force-buy strong weapons to gain some momentum, these are the ones to go for.

USP-S and Glock-18

image007 1

Credits: Counter-Strike Wiki

These are the default pistols for the CT and T-side respectively. Even though they may not seem like much, with a little bit of skill and situational awareness, they find high value. The USP has a higher damage per hit with 35 compared to the Glocks 30 damage. Both have a $300 kill bonus and cost $200, but the real difference setter is the USP’s headshot multiplier and the Glocks single/burst fire modes, giving both weapons something to stand on.

UMP-45 and MAC-10

Both these guns are very strong SMGs and have a good price-to-value ratio if used properly. The UMP has the highest damage of all SMGs at 35 per hit, whereas the MAC-10 has 29. Despite the difference, the higher fire rate and magazine size of the MAC-10 give it an advantage in certain scenarios. It also costs far less at $1,050 compared to the UMP which is $1,200. Both have the same $600 reward for every kill.


These weapons are mainly for eco-rounds to maximize the kill potential. In the grand scheme of things they really can’t stand up to most weapons but they are better to have than nothing.



Credits: Steam Community

One of the strongest force-buy weapons for eco-rounds, as it rewards $900 for a kill while costing only $1,050. With 26 damage per round, it is best to tuck in a corner and shoot the first thing you see.


This CT-exclusive gun has a cost of $500 with a $300 kill reward. With great armor penetration and 20 bullets in a magazine, if you’re accurate enough, it can bring great value in low-buy rounds and set you up for the next full-buy.

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Best Weapons In CS2 – A Weapons Tier List
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