CS2 Set To Make Competitive Debut Today

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CS2 Set To Make Competitive Debut Today

CS2 is all set to make its first competitive appearance and it is happening today

ESL had previously announced that IEM Sydney will be its first CS2 LAN event, and now the organization has announced that it's ready to host its first competitive CS2 matches later today in the ESL Challenger Jönköping regional qualifiers. This momentous occasion signals the beginning of a fresh chapter in competitive Counter-Strike, and fans are eagerly awaiting the action that will unfold.



A key element of this transition is the current lack of a coaching feature in CS2. In response, ESL has proactively acted to preserve the fairness and integrity of their competitions. They will strictly adhere to FACEIT's ruling on the matter, clearly stating that coaching will be forbidden throughout the event. This measure is in place to guarantee an equitable competitive environment, where the results depend solely on the players' skills and strategies.

CS2 Makes Competitive Debut In The ESL Challenger Jönköping Regional Qualifiers: Which Teams Will Feature?

The upcoming European qualifier for this event has already garnered an impressive response, with nearly 200 teams enthusiastically enrolling to vie for a coveted spot in the competition. This intense competition will ultimately grant access to four Closed Qualifier spots, making it a highly sought-after opportunity for teams looking to make their mark. The participant list, therefore, features familiar names like Bad News Eagles, TSM, and Aurora.

The North American quaifiers have just 26 teams in the mix, but includes notable contenders like Evil Geniuses, Party Astronauts, and Forsaken. The event, therefore, promises intense competition and a glimpse into the exciting prospects of CS2. As these teams make their CS2 debut, the gaming community eagerly awaits their performance, while also preparing to bid farewell to their CSGO journey in the upcoming BLAST Showdown.




CS2 Set To Make Competitive Debut Today
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