Best Supports After 7.34e

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Best Supports After 7.34e

Here are some of the best supports after 7.34e. Let’s learn more about the heroes you should pick.

A lot of Dota 2 players want to be the start of the show, so they choose the core roles. We have already covered the best offlaners and mid laners, and we even know more bout Arteezy’s pick regarding the best carries. This means that it is time to take a look at the best supports after 7.34e and learn more about them.

Witch Dictor

After conducting some experiments with a few heroes, it became clear that the Witch Doctor was in a league of his own right now. The hero is dominating the PUB Dota 2 games and has a jaw-dropping win rate of 55.21%. This makes him the second-best hero in the game right now because this honor goes to Slardar.

Despite the fact that the Dota 2 Patch 7.34e nerfed WD’s Cask, it also gave a buff to his Death Ward. It seems like those changes were for the better because WD”s win rate continues to be among the highest.  He is a hero capable of fitting into pretty much any combo. That’s one of the reasons why he also has one of the highest pick rates in the game – 23.81%.


The second support on the list of best supports after 7.34e is Jakiro. This hero has always been in a weird position because it was never the go-to option for PUB and pro players. In fact, Jakiro is one of the more situational supports because he shines when used in conjunction with some heroes.

Despite the fact that Jakiro’s win rate is a bit lower than before, it is around 53.66%, making it one of the highest in the game. The hero did not receive any specific changes in patch 7.34e, but people chose it because of the previous buffs. Jakiro received several big changes before, which made it a lot stronger.


Best Supports After 7.34e
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Albeit being a mid-laner in some MMR brackets, Warlock has always been a support. This is not one of the heroes you want to have in every situation. However, his ability to keep his cores alive and having one of the best ultimates in the game make him a solid pick.

Warlock is one of the best supports after 7.34e because his current win rate is around 53.48%. Another impressive fact is the hero’s pick rate, which is around 10%. This is a lot for Warlock because he has never been one of the most popular options.

Treant Protector

Best Supports After 7.34e
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There have been a couple of dominating Dota 2 supports in the last few months, but Treant Protector is on another level. He is the hero who dominated the professional and PUB scene. As expected, we saw a couple of big nerfs in the last couple of weeks, and they have had an effect on his success rate.

If we take a look at the Dota 2 Patch 7.34e, we can see that Treant’s base MS is down by 5, and his Leech Seed damage and heal is a bit lower. Those nerfs are not that drastic, which explains why he continues to be in the meta.

At the time of writing about the best supports after 7.34e, Treant Protector’s win rate is around 56.67%, and his pick rate is around 8.86%. It will be interesting to see if the hero will receive any more nerfs in the next patch because if that happens, he will most likely “disappear” from the meta.

Shadow Shaman

There are a few support heroes in Dota 2 that can push as fast as Shadow Shaman. This, combined with his insane starting damage makes Shadow Shaman one of the best supports after 7.34e. For now, the hero’s win rate is around 52.64%, which is not that bad when you compare it to other options.

Interestingly, Shadow Shaman is among the few heroes on this list that actually received a buff in the 7.34e patch. Hex’s damage amplification increased to 25%, which means that hexed targets take even more damage than before.


Best Supports After 7.34e

Abaddon is one of those heroes who receive buffs all the time, but he has yet to become “viral” in professional games. To be fair, Abaddon is not that common in PUBs either, but this does not mean he is not among the best supports after 7.34e. 

The data shows that his current win rate is 52.49%, which is pretty impressive. He did not get anything new in the Dota 2 Patch 7.34e, but his ability to work really well with some of the top carries makes him a solid option. You can often find Abaddon in conjunction with Slardar, which is a deadly duo in the current lineup.


Best Supports After 7.34e

Old-school Dota 2 players probably remember that Lich was among the hottest supports in the game. It is a hero that can be used in every situation, especially when there is a strong right-clicking carry. It seems like the current meta is also not that bad for Lich because the hero’s win rate is close to 52%.

The hero did not get any changes in the most recent patch, so it remains a Tier 2 support, at least for most players. If heroes like Treant Protector receive more nerfs in the future, Lich may make a comeback and become the go-to option.

Best Supports After 7.34e
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