Most Successful Offlaners After 7.34e

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Most Successful Offlaners After 7.34e

Are you curious to find out which are the most successful offlaners after 7.34e? Let’s find out.

The Dota 2 Patch 7.34e brought some interesting nerfs and buffs, but it is safe to say that it did not include the changes that people were hoping for. Instead of offering us a brand new meta, Valve decided to tweak the current one. Consequently, the meta is similar to the one at The International 12, with slight exceptions.

After taking a look at the most successful mid laners after 7.34e, the next position we should talk about is the offlane. Being an offlaner is hard, and many people underestimate this role, however, having a good offlaner in your team is the recipe for success. So, let’s dive in.


Most Successful Offlaners After 7.34e

The first name on the list may surprise many of you, but it goes to Slardar. The latter is not a popular pick in professional matches, but the hero is dominating the PUB Dota 2 world because his win rate is close to 56%. In fact, the stats show that Slardar is the second-most successful Dota 2 hero right now.

An interesting thing about this hero is that his pick rate is also close to 17%, making him one of the most popular options. Even though the Dota 2 patch 7.34e did not include any changes, the nerfs to things like CK and Bristleback allowed Slardar to become even stronger. Consequently, he is among the most successful offlaners after 7.34e.

Lone Druid

Although Lone Druid is a hero that can also be a carry or even a midder, you can often find him in the offlane. He is definitely not like other offlaners because this is a hero that requires a lot of farms. With that said, people who can get ahead of the competition can easily carry their team to victory.

When covering the most successful offlaners after 7.34e, Lone Druid has lost around a 1% win rate and is at 54.48%. He did not get any direct changes, but the small nerf to Hand of Midas affects the hero. Other than that, he remains the same, which means people who want to play with him need to farm a lot before they can take fights.

Sand King

Most Successful Offlaners After 7.34e

Similar to LD, Sand King is not a hero that you will always find in the offlane. Yet, he usually takes this role, which is no surprise considering his effectiveness. 

There was a time when Sand King was the most popular Dota 2 hero ever, but a couple nerfs made him a situational pick. Today, you can find SK now and then because he can be an excellent offlaner against a specific type of opponent.

Sand King’s current win rate is close to 54%, which is slightly less than before. The hero did not receive any direct changes in the most recent patch, so we may see him a lot more in the future.


When talking about the most successful offlaners after 7.34e, we need to include Axe. He is the definition of an offlaner for most people, which is no surprise. The hero is an excellent choice against opponents who do a lot of physical damage. He can tank early on, pull creep waves, and do so much more.

Despite the fact that Axe did not receive any buffs or nerfs in the most recent Dota 2 patch 7.34e, the hero’s win rate is increasing. In fact, we can see that it is up by around 2.25% in a week. This makes Axe among the best picks you can have now when it comes down to offlane. 

Dark Seer

Most Successful Offlaners After 7.34e

If you ever need an offlaner in Dota 2 that works extremely well with all physical damage carries and is an excellent option for big ultimates, Dark Seer is the way to go. This has to be the most popular offlaner among professionals, but the hero has many fans in PUB games as well.

Despite his low pick rate of around 1.59%, Dark Seer’s win rate is up by around 3% and is at 52%. He did not get any buffs or nerfs, but the reduction of CK’s lifesteal on creeps may have an effect on this popularity. DS is an excellent option against melee carries because of his Ion Shell, and since Chaos Knight can’t heal that much anymore, he is a solid pick.


Many people play Omniknight as support because of his incredible utility. However, the hero can be a good pick in the offlane, especially when there is a strong midder. 

Omniknight is not effective against every setup because of his skills. However, if we analyze what he has to offer, we can see that he is good against physical damage dealers. He is also among the most successful offlaners after 7.34e because of the hero’s ability to work well in conjunction with popular carries. 


There are few offlaners in Dota 2 capable of upsetting every single carry, but Undying is among them. The hero is extremely effective in PUB games, which is one of the reasons why he is famous in every patch. Despite the fact that Undying did not receive any buffs or nerfs, he remains one of the strongest offlaners in the game, with a win rate of around 51.50%.

We expect this hero to have an important role in the following meta once Valve’s larger patch becomes available. It has been a while since we’ve seen Undying in the professional meta, so the hero could make a comeback. As for pubs, he will always be one of the go-to options in all skill brackets.

Most Successful Offlaners After 7.34e
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