Best Lane Partner for Techies in Dota 2

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Best Lane Partner for Techies in Dota 2

Here are some of the best lane partner for techies in Dota 2 that will make your enemies rage quit right at the laning phase

Before the major rework he received back in Patch 7.31, Techies was a total nightmare to deal with. For those who didn’t know, Techies wasn’t like any other hero in the game. A good Techies player could easily stall the game for hours simply by defending the base and split-pushing.

But now Techies plays more like a standard Position 4 support, offering excellent lane pressure and team fight. With plenty of nukes to burst down his enemies, the hero is now extremely popular among both the pros and the casuals.

However, if you want to get the most out of this hero, you need to know which lane partners are best for him. That way, you can make sure your landing phase goes well, and both you and your Offlaner go to the mid-game with plenty of gold and levels.

In this article, we’ll showcase five of the most powerful lane partners for Techies who can truly bring out the best that he has to offer. Let’s get started.

Top 5 Best Lane Partner for Techies in Dota 2

Techies usually does well in any lane matchup as long as you go with a tanky Offlaner. Here are five of his best lane partners in Dota 2:

1. Doom

Best Lane Partner for Techies in Dota 2

Doom is currently one of the strongest Offlaners of the Meta. In high-MMR games, he is picked pretty much any time he gets through the banning phase. As it turns out, one of the strongest laning partners for Doom is none other than Techies. 

Doom is a hero who likes to get up on his enemy’s face and trade hits whenever possible. However, most enemy heroes would just man up against Doom and kill him or force him under the tower.

However, with their Techies in the lane, the threat of him jumping in with his Blast Off! ability will keep the Doom farming, denying and harassing freely. Besides, the constant poke from Techies because of his high attack range and Sticky Bomb ability slowly chips away at the enemy’s health. 

Keep in mind, their combo doesn’t really have much synergy, except that Techies can create space for Doom to farm easier. But once Doom gets his level 6, the enemy Safelane Carry either has to leave the lane or die at the hand of this Offlane duo.

2. Axe

Best Lane Partner for Techies in Dota 2

Axe is pretty much the definition of lane-dominator in Dota 2. With such a strong set of skills, Axe can solo a lane no matter who he goes against. But although he can win most matchups, getting kills can be a bit difficult for him without the right lane partner.

Techies is the perfect hero to fill that gap. The constant auto hits from Techies, along with the Sticky Bomb and Axe’s Battle Hunger spam, force the enemy to burn through their Consumables early on. 

And if the enemy dares come up to the creep wave to get some last hits, Techies can easily jump in with his Blast Off! as Axe gets a Berserker’s Call connection. This combination of spells will lead to a kill on any hero at least 7 out of 10 times.

Techies is also amazing at stacking Ancient camps and Hard Camps on the Offlane, which can further accelerate Axe’s farm speed. 

3. Tidehunter

Best Lane Partner for Techies in Dota 2

Tidehunter is another Offlaner that pairs well with Techies. The thing about this hero is that he’s extremely tanky and can sustain the lane well on his own. While he doesn’t pressure the enemy Carry as much on his own, when a Position 4 support has a decent bit of damage, he becomes a massive kill threat.

Tidehunter, because of his passive Kraken Shell and Anchor Smash ability, can tank a lot of damage early on. He also has a pretty large HP pool, which further helps him sustain the laning phase. 

But what makes him so great with Techies is his easily spammable Gush ability. The spell reduces the enemy armor and also slows them for a small duration. This, in turn, makes the right-clicks of Techies hurt more and also makes it easier to make the Sticky Bombs connect. 

The constant spam of Techies’s Sticky Bomb and Tidehunter’s Gush makes it difficult for any Safelane hero to survive the laning phase without feeding.

4. Primal Beast

Best Lane Partner for Techies in Dota 2

Even when you have the counters for him, Primal Beast is a tough Offlane hero to go up against. The sheer tankiness of the hero, along with his insane magic damage output at the early stage, makes him a devastating hero to face for any Safelane Carry.

And when you throw Techies into the mix, things start to look downright grim for the enemy team. The massive damage output of the duo can strike fear in the heart of the Carry, who just wants to farm some creeps and get levels in the lane.

What makes this duo so strong is the excellent synergy between Primal Beast’s Onslaught and Techies’s Blast Off! Onslaught is a small disable that buys just enough time for Techies to make a successful Blast Off connection, stunning the enemy. 

Afterwards, Primal Beast can simply run down the enemy hero with his Trample while Techies throws a Sticky Bomb for an easy kill. When the duo gets their level 6, their ultimates also synergize well together. Techies can easily plant three Proximity Mines, while Primal Beast uses Pulverize to keep the enemy hero rooted in place.

5. Centaur Warrunner

Best Lane Partner for Techies in Dota 2

Although Centaur Warrunner seems to have fallen a bit out of favor lately with the meta shifting, he can still be a formidable Offlaner in the right matchup. And when you add Techies into the mix, you can be sure that the enemy Safelane is in for a hard time.

Similar to the other heroes on this list, Centaur Warrunner is a brawler who likes to get up close and personal. This makes space for Techies to get in some nice auto hits and Sticky Bomb connections without putting himself out of position.

On top of that, Centaur Warrunner has a reliable stun ability(Hoof Stomp) that can set up for an easy Blast Off! connection. The combination of these two spells is enough to take out one-third of the enemy hero’s HP. So Centaur can easily secure the kill with his Double Edge ability.

The downside to this duo is that Centaur Warrunner isn’t really in the best spot in the current meta. So, while you might win the laning phase pretty easily, there’s always a chance that Centaur will fall off if the game drags on.

Best Lane Partner for Techies in Dota 2
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