Dota 2 Centaur Guide – Learn How To Use This Hero

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Dota 2 Centaur Guide – Learn How To Use This Hero

This Dota 2 Centaur guide will show you why he is among the most popular offlaners in the game.

Although some heroes in Dota 2 are way more versatile than others, there are some heroes that only work in one position. There is no arguing that Centaur Warrunner is one of them because he is an offlaner. There were some matches where we’ve seen the hero as a carry, but he is stronger as an offlaner.

This Centaur Dota 2 guide will show you why this hero is so way more popular than a lot of his counterparts. Before that, it’s worth knowing that he has between 63-65 attack damage and 300 MS, which is impressive.  The bad news is that his armor is only 0.5, so he’s not as tanky early on.


Before checking the hottest Centaur Warrunner Dota 2 build, here is an overview of his abilities.

  • Hoof Stomp – This single-target ability will deal 300 damage and stun all nearby units within 350 radius for 2.2s.
  • Double Edge – When used, it will deal 300 damage to an enemy unit and Centaur himself. The ability will also deal 120% of the hero’s STr as bonus damage.
  • Retaliate – This ability returns 45 + 40% of the hero’s STR to the attacker as physical damage. It deals half damage to towers.
  • Stampede – When used, Centaur and all of his teammates gain maximum speed and slow down enemy units near them. Those units will also take damage equal to 3x of Centaur’s STR.

If you decide to get a Shard after reading this guide, your Dobule Edge will also slow down enemy heroes and increase Centaur’s str per hero hit for a short time. The duration will also refresh per stack up to 5 stack.

As for the Dota 2 Centaur Aghanim’s Scepter, the hero will get an ability called Hitch a Ride that lasts for 8s. While active, Centaur can toss an Ally unit into a cart, and Centaur will have the benefit of Stampede, and the ally can ride along, cast abilities, and attack normally. However, it won’t be able to move.


The mighty centaur hero, Centaur Warrunner, strides through a forest in the Unbroken Stallion set

The next key thing to keep in mind after reading this Dota 2 Centaur Warrunner guide is the hero’s talents.

  • Level 10 – +20 MS or +5 HP regen
  • Level 15 – +40% Double Edge STR damage or +15 STR
  • Level 20 – -25s cooldown to Stapede or +45 Retaliate Damage
  • Level 25 – +0.8s duration to Hoof Stomp or Gets Retaliate Aura

Dota 2 Centaur Guide – Tips

Learning how to play and how to counter Centaur Dota 2 is very important because this is a fairly popular hero. To make a long story short, Centaur is an offlaner that relies on his brute force and survivability to farm and harass enemies. Due to his specific skill set, he is an excellent option against melee carries, but he’s not that effective against ranged heroes.

Cent’s role in the game is to be his team’s initiator/tank, but he can also be used to counter-initiate. Stampede is a very powerful ultimate that can allow the team to engage in a fight or disengage, depending on the situation. When used correctly, it can turn almost any team fight.

Other than that, Centaur requires you to have a Blink Dagger and try landing as many Blink + Stomp combos. Landing a good stun can be enough to score a kill, so you need to try and make the most of it.

In terms of the damage output, Centaur is really strong and scales well in the late game because of Double Edge. The hero farms pretty fast and is easy to play, making him really popular for inexperienced players.

Centaur Dota 2 Guide – Pros and Cons

Besides the Centaur Dota 2 skills, talents, and tips, we also have to check some of the pluses and minuses.


  • Very tanky
  • Deals a lot of damage
  • Great for escaping or initiating
  • Works well with multiple heroes


  • Weak against magical damage
  • Requires items to be effective

Dota 2 Centaur Guide – Items

After pointing out some things, it’s time to check the Centaur Dota 2 build that most players go for. 

Starting items 

Tangoes, Healing Salve, Branches, and Ring of Protection are the standard items the hero goes for.

Early game

Depending on the draft, Centaur goes for items like Magic Wand, Botos of Speed and 1 or 2 Bracelets.

Mid game

Vanguard and Blink Dagger ar usually a must. Besides that, the Dota 2 Centaur Item build includes things like Pipe and Crimson (depending on the game).

Late game

For the late game. Centaur Warrunner requires a Heart of Tarrasque (one or two), Overwhelming Blink, Assault Cuirass, Black King Bar, and more.

Centaur Warrunner Dota 2 guide – Counters

Dota 2 - Centaur Warrunner uses Hoof Stomp to stun enemies

In terms of the Centaur Dota 2 counter, the hero usually works well against most melee heroes. However, he is weak against spell casters and has several big counters that players should know about.

  • Timbersaw – Timber’s pure damage abilities and the fact that Centaur is a STR hero make him one of the best options. No wonder a lot of people in the Centaur Dota 2 Reddit warn others about him.
  • Lifestealer – Naix is very strong against heroes who have a lot of STR, which automatically makes him effective against Centaur. 
  • Necrophos – Necro can easily dodge most of Centaur’s damage, and his aura means that the latter loses his HP really fast. As a result, this is one of the Dota 2 Centaur counter that people pick very often.


Aside from the Dota 2 Centaur build, tips, counters, and more, you should know that this hero has a very important role for many players. He is very good at pushing, deals a lot of damage, and can fit into many lineups. Consequently, you shouldn’t be surprised by his impressive win rate.


Dota 2 Centaur Guide – Learn How To Use This Hero
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