Best Initiator Agents on Every Valorant Map in 2023

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Best Initiator Agents on Every Valorant Map in 2023

Here are the most picked Initiator Agents on every Valorant map during the VCT 2023 meta 

The Initiator is one of the most critical roles in Valorant, as Agents under this category help gather information and push any part of a map. Currently, there are six Initiator Agents in the game – Sova, Skye, Fade, KAY/O, Breach and Gekko – and we have primarily seen Skye dominate the meta at Masters Tokyo and Champions 2023. 

A lot of teams have been utilizing double-Initiator setups in several maps, and you can learn which Agent works the best on your next ranked game or Premier match by watching professional teams. After looking at the data gathered by on Agent picks, here are the best Initiator Agents on every Valorant map based on their pick and success rates. This guide will be applicable for v7.04 of the game.

Best Initiator Agents on Ascent – Sova and KAY/O

Sova and KAY/O have been the bread and butter of the double-Initiator composition that now rules Ascent. Yes, Skye is the most used Initiator with flash in the game right now, but the map design of Ascent allows KAY/O to throw out undodgeable pop flashes. Moreover, Sova’s utilities work exceptionally well due to the spammable walls, and many players like to use the Odin alongside their recon to get cheeky kills on defense. 

Out of the 23 times this map was played at Champions 2023, the Sova and KAY/O composition was used in 20 of them, making any other Agent lineup very unorthodox in pro play. In the defensive half, these two Initiators can help take map control or stall out enemies with recon and flashes. Along with Sova’s signature ability, KAY/O’s ZERO/point (E) helps gather information by telling you exactly how many enemies are scanned. As a result, you can find out whether the opposition is planning a default or a rush.

Best Initiator Agent on Lotus – Fade

Before this year’s Champions, teams were trying out different compositions on Lotus as it was a fairly new map, and we saw some rosters using Gekko or Skye. At the Champions, this map was dominated by a single Initiator – Fade.

Out of the 18 times we saw Lotus being played at Champions 2023, Fade was picked in 12 of those games as the primary Initiator and one of the reasons behind this could be the Agent’s Haunt (E) ability that can be thrown on elevated spots of the map. 

Her Prowler (C) abilities help clear close corners, especially on B and C, where getting out of the entry chokepoints feels impossible without the help of an Initiator. Such characteristics of Fade have made her a valuable option on Lotus after she was ignored for a long time. 

Best Initiator Agents on Haven – Sova and Breach

DRX were the pioneers of this double-Initiator composition on Haven, where they utilized Breach alongside Sova. Even after a year, teams have still been following the steps of the South Korean meta inventors, and the Sova-Breach lineup has been most used at the Masters and Champions this year. 

As a map with three sites, taking map control in early rounds is the secret to winning games on Haven. Therefore, using two Initiators in the compositions allows taking control to be much easier. For example, A lobby control is crucial on Haven, and during defense, using Breach’s stun along with Sova’s recon helps gather info, push up to take control, and even secure kills.

Similarly, Sova’s recon paired with Breach’s stun helps the attackers take A lobby, as both of these utilities can clear out A long where the defenders often leave a Jett with an Operator. This is just one of many instances of how these two Agents can help you win Haven. 

Best Initiator Agent on Split – Skye

Skye - Valorant's Initiator Agent

Credit: Riot Games

Every team that played Split at the Masters and Champions this year has used Skye in the lineup, making her the only viable pick right now as the primary Initiator on the map. Due to the enclosed part of the map like A and B haven, Initiators like Sova or Fade do not work very well. Moreover, the close-quarter fights make Skye a great Agent as her flashes open up the opportunities for a kill or to get information on the opposition.

Skye’s utilities also complement Raze, a Duelist that has been the primary pick for teams on this map. For example, Skye’s flash accompanying a Raze satchel out to A rafters helps the attackers gain quick map control. Such a fast and explosive playstyle made her the essential choice for Split.

Best Initiator Agent on Bind – Skye

Similar to Split, Bind’s close corner and fast playstyle help Skye shine on this map, and during the Champions, this Agent was the only Initiator picked by the teams who played the map. 

One of the unique play styles with Skye on Bind is sending her utilities through the teleporters to get information. For example, if you and your team are on the defender side and you have taken B long control, you could send out a Trailblazer (C) through the teleporter that will be able to take information on the enemies pushing A shower. Moreover, since her flashes can signal whenever they blind enemies, they can also be utilized for getting information like this.

Best Initiator Agents on Breeze – KAY/O and Skye

The new Breeze hasn’t been played in VCT matches yet. Therefore, we do not have any current data on which Initiators are the best on this map in pro matches. However, looking at past compositions and the current meta in high ranks, we can deduce that Skye and KAY/O are the two most viable Initiators on the map. 

Sova used to be part of the past meta on this map due to it being so large and open. However, after the recent nerfs to this Agent and changes to Breeze, we may not see the same value from the recon character. 

Due to the use of Viper or even double-Controllers, Skye may be a feasible option. However, she was recently nerfed as well, making her Guiding Light (E) flashes travel a shorter distance, which can be an issue on such a large map. Therefore, we may see KAY/O doing the heavy lifting on Breeze.

Best Initiator Agent on Sunset – Breach

Sunset is the newest map in Valorant, and we have not seen it in pro matches yet. Therefore, we looked at the current meta on this map, and Breach seems to be the most viable choice.

Due to the close corners of Sunset, Breach’s utilities work very well, as his stun and flashes can help clear out dangerous cubbies of the map. However, it’s still early to crown a single Initiator as the best for Sunset, and we need more time to find out the comps that work the best.

Best Initiator Agents on Every Valorant Map in 2023
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