Riot Games Announces the Release of In-Game Tournament System Valorant Premier Global Open Beta

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Riot Games Announces the Release of In-Game Tournament System Valorant Premier Global Open Beta

Valorant Premier will soon become the pathway to joining the Championship Tour

Premier, the in-game mode for competitive tournaments for Valorant, is starting with an open beta phase on April 25, 2023. The full launch of this mode will begin after VCT Champions 2023, with two beta phases before that.

The enrollment phase of Premier’s beta will be from April 25 to 28, allowing players worldwide to join the game mode with a team of five to seven. Each team will have a compete in a regional zone of their choosing.

How to Play in Valorant Premier by Riot Games

Credit: Riot Games

In order to join Premier, players will need to have their Valorant account verified through SMS, complete Ranked Placement during any Act in the entire lifetime of their account and have a good standing. After forming a team, the roster will be placed in a division based on the average MMR of the players.

The competitive mode will have similar rules to regular professional games, except for some Overtime changes. With these changes, the team to win 12 rounds first will be able to decide which side they will play on first during the Overtime. Riot Games will also bring the return of Sudden Death in these tournaments if two sets of Overtime fail to select a winner.

After enrollment, games for the Premier beta will begin on April 29 and end on May 20. Teams will be playing weekly games to garner a chance for the tournament at the end of the Beta. Each win during these weeks will provide a team with points, and squads with at least 375 points will get a chance to compete in the tournament.

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Valorant In-Game Tournament System Valorant Premier Global Open Beta

Credit: Riot Games

The tournament will be following a pick-and-ban system for the maps. Winning teams will be entitled to the Premier open beta champion titles and player cards. However, the match history will not be transferred to the subsequent Premier events as the beta ends.