Eliana Bollati

Eliana Bollati

Eliana is a freelance journalist from Australia with a passion for esports, especially Dota 2. A casual player of the game for the better part of a decade, Eliana started following the professional circuit avidly during TI5. She brings a casual player and hardcore fan perspective into her commentary on the professional scene.
An Elezen Paladin draws his sword and shield in the city of Limsa Lominsa

FFXIV: Tanking Job Guide

We break down each of FFXIV’s four tanking jobs: PLD, WAR, DRK and GNB. So, you want to be the shield of the party? Stepping up to the Tanking Job Role in FFXIV is

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A Lalafell White Mage poses in the wilds of the Twelveswood in FFXIV

FFXIV: Healing Job Guide

ESTNN takes you through each of FFXIV’s three Healing Jobs: WHM, SCH and AST. Healers are the heart of the party, and with good reason. Their role shielding their allies and patching them up

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A Hyur Ninja poses in Kugane with her daggers

FFXIV: Melee DPS Job Guide

We break down FFXIV’s front line damage dealers: NIN, MNK, DRG and SAM. Melee DPS Jobs in FFXIV make up some of the hardest hitting damage dealers in the game. With a focus on

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An Elezen Bard poses with their longbow in the wilds of the Black Shroud in FFXIV

FFXIV: Ranged DPS Job Guide

ESTNN breaks down the basics of FFXIV’s Ranged DPS Jobs; BRD, MCH and DNC. Unlike Melee DPS Jobs, Ranged DPS hang out on the back lines. But that doesn’t mean they’re not bringing a

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A Roegadyn Black Mages poses in the the city of Ul'dah in FFXIV

FFXIV: Magic DPS Job Guide

ESTNN covers all the Magical DPS bases in FFXIV: BLM, SMN, RDM and bonus BLU! Whether you want to wield the power of the elements at your fingertips, summon spectres of gods to aid

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An Elezen Archer, an Elezen Lancer and an Au Ra Conjurer pose in the starting city of New Gridania in FFXIV

FFXIV Job Roles: Play 1 or Play Them All!

ESTNN breaks down each of the Job Roles available in FFXIV. One of the most innovative part of Square Enix’s critically acclaimed MMO is the players flexibility to switch between roles. Feeling tired of

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FFXIV: Make It Rain – How To Get Vexed

Everything you need to know to get the new emote in FFXIV’s current in-game campaign event! Campaigns are frequent in FFXIV, and the rewards from the in-game events are usually always worth your effort.

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