Dota 2: All The Confirmed Offseason Roster Shuffles So Far

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Dota 2: All The Confirmed Offseason Roster Shuffles So Far

The International 10 came to its thrilling conclusion a week ago, with Team Spirit blazing their way from the bottom of the pack to take Dota’s most coveted prize – the Aegis of the Immortals.

But now the excitement is done and dusted, it’s time for the annual roster shuffles. We’ve tracked all the confirmed and rumored movements across the DPC so far to keep you up to date about where your favorite player has landed.

Keep checking back, as we’ll continue to update with new info as it becomes available.
Last Update: November 4.

Confirmed Changes

All the confirmed roster shuffles in the Offseason.


November 8 saw OG announce the departure of Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan and Martin “Saksa” Sazdov. The news came via the org's Twitter, with a slightly longer explainer on their blog.

There's no news yet as to who might be filling positions 1 and 4. But there has been some rumors on reddit about where Saksa might be ending up.

OG's roster as it stands:

  • Topias “Topson” Taavitsainen
  • Sébastien “Ceb” Debs
  • Johan “N0tail” Sundstein

Team Empire

Team Empire announced their new roster. The news came after the departure of the team's coach, Vladimir “Chappie” Kuzmenko on October 18, just after the curtains closed at TI. October also saw the expiry of both Oleg “sayuw” Kalenbet and Ivan “VANSKOR” Skorokhod's contracts. Leaving Empire free to make some shuffles. They announced their new roster on Twitter on November 7.

Team Empire's new roster:

  1. Alexander “lightless” Potapenko
  2. Vitaly “mannik” Brezgin
  3. Andrii “Ghostik” Kadyk
  4. Sergey “[T]SA” Timchenko
  5. Oleh “Kaori” Medvedok

Team Liquid

Shortly after announcing his departure from Secret, Ludwig “zai” Wåhlberg took to twitter to announce he would be joining Team Liquid. It's unconfirmed what position zai will be playing on the team currently, however most are expecting him to fill the IGL position left vacant by Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo's departure from the role.

Team Liquid's current roster is:

  • 1: Michael “miCKe” Vu
  • 2: Max “qojqva” Bröcker
  • 3: Samuel “Boxi” Svahn
  • 4: Tommy “Taiga” Le
  • 5: Aydin “iNSaNiA” Sarkohi
  • Assumed IGL: Ludwig “zai” Wåhlberg


Team Secret

On November 3 the European team announced the departure of zai from the team's roster via a statement from zai  on their Twitter. Team Captain, Clement “Puppey” Ivanov also issued a statement wishing his former team mate all the best.

I have nothing but love for this man, not only is he an amazing and persistent teammate, he is also a great friend.”
Clement “Puppey” Ivanov

Secret's current roster:

  • 1: Lasse Aukusti “MATUMBAMAN” Urpalainen
  • 2: Michał “Nisha” Jankowski
  • 3: Unfilled
  • 4: Yazied “YapzOr” Jaradat
  • 5: Clement “Puppey” Ivanov

On November 1 announced they would be trialing new players in position 1 and position 4 ahead of the start of the DPC season. According to their post on Twitter, the team have differing ideas as to how to best proceed together, and there are outside complications which they feel are impacting their game. The trial is an attempt to find some synergy again. The team have said no official decisions will be made about the current roster's fate until a later date, and there is a chance the roster will remain the same.

Team Undying

Team Undying announce they'd be sticking together for the next DPC season. A Twitlonger from David “MoonMeander” Tan Boon Yang gave fans a glimpse into the team's future plans, as well as confirming they've parted ways with coach Kim “Febby” Yong-min.

Undying's continuing roster:

  • 1: Enzo “Timado” Gianoli
  • 2: Jonathan Bryle “Bryle” Santos De Guia
  • 3: Jonáš “SabeRLight- Volek
  • 4: David “MoonMeander” Tan Boon Yang
  • 5: Kim “DuBu” Doo-young


T1 have confirmed the resigning of their Dota 2 roster. The announcement came on October 30 via the team's Facebook page.
March will lead our DOTA 2 squad once again, as the team re-signs with T1!” The post said. Great news for fans of the SEA Teams performance at TI 10.

T1's continuing  roster:

  • 1: Nuengnara “23savage” Teeramahanon
  • 2: Karl “Karl” Jayme
  • 3: Carlo “Kuku” Palad
  • 4: Kenny “Xepher” Deo
  • 5: Matthew “Whitemon” Filemon


Not much of a shuffle to see here. After taking second place yet again at an International, PSG.LGD’s general manager has confirmed the team will continue to play together in the 21/22 DPC season. The confirmation came via Weibo on October 18.

LGD’s continuing roster:

  • 1: Wang “Ame” Chunyu
  • 2: Cheng “NothingToSay” Jin Xiang
  • 3: Zhang “Faith_bian” Ruida
  • 4: Zhao “XinQ” Zixing
  • 5: Zhang “y`” Yiping

Thunder Predator

The Grand Finals were still to be played when Thunder Predator announced the departure of its entire roster.

Leonardo “LeoStyle-” Sifuentes, Frank “Frank” Arias, Alonso “Mnz” León,   Romel “Mjz” Quinteros and  Joel Mori “MoOz” Ozambela all found themselves free agents on October 16. The lineup had a tough time in Bucharest, falling out of the groups without a single win. That said, the squad had some good wins through the 2021 DPC season and according to MoOz, the roster is intending to continue to play together under new banners.

Thunder Predator announced their new roster on Twitter on October 21, formed from members of the former NoPing e-sports squad.

TP’s new roster:

  • 1: Crhistian “Angel” Savina
  • 2: Gonzalo “Darkmago” Herrera
  • 3: Oscar David “Oscar” Chavez
  • 4: Farith “Matthew” Puente
  • 5: Jose Leonardo “Pandaboo” Padilla Hernandez

Quincy Crew

Update Nov 4: Quincy Crew have confirmed their new roster, which will see three new players join the squad. Maurice “KheZu” Gutmann moves off the free agent list to join QC as their position 3, while Milan “MiLAN” Kozomara fills the pos 4 spot. Wrapping up the new roster Singaporean player Remus “ponlo” Goh Zhi Xian is joining as their new position 5.

Quincy Crew saw their first departure just after the curtains closed at TI 10. Rodrigo “Lelis” Santos announced he would be saying farewell to QC on Twitter on October 18. Today Arif “MSS” Anwar also announced he’d left the squad.

Jack “KBBQ” Chen had tweeted that the team would see significant changes after QC’s disappointing 9-12th finish this year.

Quincy Crew’s confirmed roster:

  • 1: Yawar “YawaR” Hassan
  • 2: Quinn “Quinn” Callahan
  • 3: Maurice “KheZu” Gutmann
  • 4: Milan “MiLAN” Kozomara
  • 5: Remus “ponlo” Goh Zhi Xian


Alliance first announced the departure of Linus “Limmp” Blomdin and Artsiom “fng” Barshak on both their blog and Twitter October 21.  Like Quincy, Alliance placed 9th-12th at TI 10 after an impressive run during the DPC season. As Alliance embarked on its new journey, revamping their roster, another familiar face stepped away from the squad.

With Gustav “s4” Magnusson stepping down from the captain’s seat, it leaves Alliance with just two members remaining from their 2021 roster. Although so far, only one is confirmed to be returning.

Alliance’s current roster:

  • 1: Nikolay “Nikobaby” Nikolov
  • 2: Unfilled
  • 3: Unfilled
  • 4: Simon “Handsken” Haag
  • 5: Unfilled

NoPing e-sports

NoPing e-sports parted ways with their organization on October 19. Although the team failed to qualify for TI 10, they did put on an impressive showing in the South American region through Season 2 of the DPC, qualifying to the WePlay AniMajor.

Former members Crhistian “Angel” Savina, Oscar David “Oscar” Chavez, Farith “Matthew” Puente, Jose Leonardo “Pandaboo” Padilla Hernandez and Gonzalo “Darkmago” Herrera are the new face of Thunder Predator. Meanwhile, NoPing have said they will be reforming a new roster for the new season which will play under the banner of Lava.



The team pushed it to the limit at TI 10 this year after winning the SEA Qualifier, however it wasn’t enough for them to break into the Upper Bracket. They ended their run in 9th- 12th place, and with contracts expiring for both Ng “ChYuan” Kee Chyuan and Yang “Deth” Wu Heng, some changes were inevitable. Fnatic announced the departure of both players on Facebook on October 21.

Fnatic’s current roster:

  • 1: Marc Polo Luis “Raven” Fausto
  • 2: Unfilled
  • 3: Unfilled
  • 4: Anucha “Jabz” Jirawong
  • 5: Djardel Jicko B. “DJ” Mampusti

SG esports

After finishing in last place at TI 10, SGE’s roster has decided to part ways with the organization. Otávio “Tavo” Gabriel, Guilherme Silva “Costabile” Costábile, Matheus “KJ” Diniz, Thiago de Oliveira “Thiolicor” Cordeiro and Adriano de Paula “4dr” Machado have all left, leaving SG esports to sign a fresh roster for the next DPC season. The announcement was made via Twitter on October 21.


HellRaisers said goodbye to Bakyt “w_Zayac” Emilzhanov, leaving the support player open to explore new opportunities. And there was one such opportunity already knocking.

Update November 1: After w_Zayac's departure on October 23, HellRaisers announced the departure of Ilya “Lil” Ilyuk. Lil's departure leaves the team without any active players currently in the squad's line-up.

Kyrgyzstan’s New Squad

Evgenii “Blizzy” Ri announced the formation of a new roster on his Twitter last week. The as yet unnamed squad is set to be made up of himself, Kiyalbek “dream” Tayirov, Ruslan “Askold” Temiraliev, Mirlan “Mika/Le don” Kozhombaev and Bakyt “w_Zayac” Emilzhanov.


October 18 saw OB.Neon announce Jinn Marrey “Palos” Lamatao, former Execration carry, would be joining the lineup. The latest addition means Neon still need to secure a position 2 player ahead of the start of next season.

Then on October 28, the team announced that Erice “Erice” Guerra would be standing in for position 5 player, Jaunuel “Jaunuel” Arcilla.

OB.Neon’s new roster:

  • 1: Jinn Marrey “Palos” Lamatao
  • 2: Unfilled
  • 3: Michael Roi “Enryu” Ladines
  • 4: Ravdan “Hustla” Narmandakh
  • 5: Erice “Erice” Guerra


EU team Brame failed to qualify for TI 10. But also announced some Offseason changes this month. Position 1 player Tasos “Focus” Michailidis became a free agent as the team welcomed Dmitry “Nefrit” Tarasich on board as their new carry.

Brame’s roster is now:

  • 1: Dmitry “Nefrit” Tarasich
  • 2: Irakli “W1sh-” Peranidze
  • 3: Kharis “SkyLark” Zafeiriou
  • 4: Nikolay “CTOMAHEH1” Kalchev
  • 5: Giorgos “SsaSpartan” Giannakopoulos

BOOM Esports

Indonesian team BOOM Esports failed to qualify for The International 10, instead they spent the lead up to the tournament cementing a new roster for the DPC 21/22 season. They announced their new roster back in September, and while that isn’t technically post-season, you could be forgiven for missing the news during all the TI hype.

Both the team’s carry, Randy Muhammad “Dreamocel” Sapoetra and their pos 4, Brizio Adi “Hyde” Putra parted ways with the organization. While Rafli Fathur “Mikoto” Rahman moved to the bench before finally parting ways with BOOM on October 27.

The organization welcomed Erin Jasper “Yopaj” Ferrer, Saieful “Fbz” Ilham, Timothy “Tims” Randrup and Rolen Andrei Gabriel “skem” Ong. As well as bringing on Chai “Mushi” Yee Fung as the team's new coach.

A player for the squad’s position 1 slot is still to be announced.

BOOM’s current roster:

  • 1: Unfilled
  • 2: Erin Jasper “Yopaj” Ferrer
  • 3: Saieful “Fbz” Ilham
  • 4: Timothy “Tims” Randrup
  • 5: Rolen Andrei Gabriel “skem” Ong

Rumors & Free Agents

There’s always plenty of rumors flying around during the offseason, as well as top free agents looking to land a slot on a squad. We take stock of just what’s worth paying attention to, and who’s still in the pool.


There isn’t a lot of news out of China, but there are rumors suggesting a merger of the Vici Gaming and Elephant lineups floating around on reddit. But the lineup is wholly unconfirmed.

There are also reports that Mikhail “Misha” Agatov is set to take on the captain’s role for OG. But the team haven’t released an official announcement about Johan “N0tail” Sundstein stepping down from the position. So, we’ll have to wait for further confirmation on that one.

There’s also some contradictory rumors flying around about the fate of Evil Geniuses, however it seems according to Andreas “Cr1t-” Nielsen, that's all they are. But with Lelis claiming Quincy Crew has disbanded completely on his stream, and Leostyles- girlfriend talking about the possibility of Quinn moving into EG's line-up, it's hard to tell.

Free Agents

All of the current DPC Free Agents, listed in alphabetical order according to tag.

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