Dota 2: DPC South America Regional Finals – LB Round 1 & UB Finals

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Dota 2: DPC South America Regional Finals – LB Round 1 & UB Finals

All the action from the DPC South America Regional Finals.

We've seen some standout performances on the stage during South America's Regional Finals. With the Grand Finals now just a day away, we break down everything that happened in the Upper and Lower Brackets.

APU King of Kings vs Infamous – LB Round 1

Game One

The first map saw a fairly even laning phase. KoK were fielding a Death Prophet in mid for Pedro “mini” Rezende. While Infamous sent Ricardo “Alone” Sanchez Fernandez to face him on Leshrac. In the end, mini managed to secure the win in mid, but not without providing Alone his fair share of kills.

Meanwhile Diego “SexyFat” Barini Santamaria took Pango to top to hold his own against Edward “Lumière Guillen's Medusa and Christian “Accel” Cruz on Ogre Magi. Which he managed, quite admirably.

It seemed like KoK were holding their ground over the first 15-minutes. But then the 20-minute mark hit and a total bloodbath ensued; the counter clocked 17-kills over the next 5-minutes, and KoK were coming out of the skirmish on top. Racking up a 6k lead in the net worth during the vicious back-and-forth.

But Infamous weren't holding their punches. By 32-minutes, they'd wrenched the net worth back their way by almost 6k. By now, it was clear that this map was going to be a nail biter.

Although King of King's draft looked good on paper, the Wraith King pick for core Benny “Benny” Cervantes just didn't pan out, even with support from Caio “Nuages” Oliveira's Tidehunter.
In fact, it was Giovanni “Jupiter” Ramos Pereira's roaming Weaver that did a lot of the heavy lifting over the 53-minutes; his KDA at game's end was 19/8/15.

Infamous undoubtedly had the stronger draft, especially moving in to the late game, and by 45-minutes they'd well and truly taken control of the lead.

A last ditch effort from KoK saw the gold lead pull back their way briefly, but Infamous had it in the bag. Taking the win at 52:58.

Game Two

After the blistering hour-long Game One, Game Two was a lot more straight forward. There were a few mistakes King of King made, but once again, their drafting phase let them down.
Benny's Templar Assassin pick barely got a chance to come online. And despite Jupiter running Weaver again, he couldn't carry them this time. On the contrary, Infamous picked an eclectic but versatile lineup, including INF's choice to put Lumière on Naga Siren and Rafael “Sacred” Yonatan on Timbersaw proved absolutely disastrous for KoK. The Naga pick ensured an easy ride for Infamous in top through the laning phase. Meanwhile Scared dominated the offlane. Although Timber's perhaps not as popular as other meta heroes in the current patch, he's sitting at a 46% win rate.

In the end it was a short and simple stomp for Infamous to take Game Two. Once the lanes were in the bag, they rolled straight to the finish. Securing their victory in Round 1 in 28-minutes.

beastcoast vs Thunder Awaken – UB Finals

Game One

Thunder Awaken and beastcoast have sat at the top of the SA Regional Ladder for the whole Tour. So there was no doubt there head to head Upper Bracket Final was going to be a series to watch. Our best teams certainly didn't disappoint either.

Game One saw bc come out of the draft with a very strong core line up; Luna (Héctor Antonio “K1” Rodríguez), Mars (Adrián “Wisper” Céspedes Dobles), Death Prophet (Jean Pierre “Chris Luck” Gonzales). With Elvis “Scofield” De la Cruz Peña on Clockwerk and Grimstroke for Steven “StingeR” Vargas to round out their support.

Thunder met them with Timbersaw (Oscar David “Oscar” Chavez), Terrorblade (Crhistian “Pakazs” Savina) and Kunkka (Gonzalo “Darkmago: Herrera), which just didn't look quite as fearsome, with support from Farith “Matthew” Puente on Rubick and Jose Leonardo “Pandaboo” Padilla Hernandez running Oracle.

As the lanes got underway it was very obvious that beastcoast were the dominant force on the map. Although Thunder did manage to hold out for almost 40-minutes, they never managed to snag a lead in the gold or experience. And beastcoast ran right over them in the kill-count too, taking the first win of this series 32-18.

Game Two

Thunder Awakening were not about to take their loss lying down. Our second map saw Pakazs on Templar Assassin, Oscar on a very nasty looking Venomancer and Darkmago rounding out the cores with the Mars pick this time. With the addition of Matthew on Snapfire and Pandaboo on Ogre Magi, this draft was a big improvement on Game One.

While beastcoast were forced to make do with some off meta picks which didn't fare so well for them. Hector's Troll Warlord lost safe lane during the early game, Chris Luck struggled on his Batrider in the mid, with Mago dominating the lane, taking him down 4 times in the first 5-minutes.

Thunder had flipped the scripts on bc. After claiming the laning phase, they rolled to a 33-minute win, pushing the UB Finals out to the full three maps of the series.

Game Three

Both teams had shown their prowess, now it was down to the final game. We saw bc return to their earlier roots, snagging both DP and Luna during the draft. Meanwhile, Thunder's draft included a Bane for Pakazs and an unorthdox Monkey King support for Matthew.

Our game started out slow, with both team's playing cautiously around objectives in the laning phase. Only 8-kills were up on the board as the game approached 15-minutes. However, beastcoast did have the stronger lineup, and carry Bane is a hard strat to play. Bane needs to be bringing in kills early and consistently to keep on par with a core like Luna. Pakazs only managed 2/4/5 the whole game, leaving a lot of heavy lifting to Oscar and Darkmago.

Still, Thunder didn't let beastcoast wipe the floor with them. Despite not managing to swipe a lead, they held their own through the lanes and into the mid game. However by 30-minutes, bc's cores were far too fat. By 37-minutes, they had it in the bag, knocking Thunder out of the UB Finals at 37-minutes with a final score of 25-16.

Thunder Awakening will now have to face off against Infamous to see who will meet beastcoast in the Grand Finals.


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