Dota 2: 2022 DPC North America Division I and Division II Week 2 Results

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Dota 2: 2022 DPC North America Division I and Division II Week 2 Results

All the action from Week 2 in the North American DPC.

We’re into our second week of series in Tour 1 of the DPC, and the NA seeds are starting to firm up. We break down the results.

Division I

With the biggest names going head-to-head, Division I has no shortage of excitement, we take a brief look at this weeks most interesting series in the top tier of competition.

Undying vs Simply TOOBASED

Undying swept the floor with sT in this two-game series.  While Eric “Ryoya” Dong had an impressive run in the mid on Queen of Pain on the first map, simply TOOBASED just didn’t have the steam to keep up with Undying’s superior drafts. Giving the Luna away to Undying’s Enzo “Timado” Gianoli for both games of the series was a definite misstep.

Undying took both Game 1 and Game 2 in around 35-minutes.  A disappointing loss for simply TOOBASED who are 0-2 so far, and sitting in 7th spot on the region’s ladder.

Evil Geniuses vs Black N Yellow

This was undoubtedly one of the week’s most thrilling series. It seems the new EG roster still needs to find its feet, as BNY managed to take the win 1-2.

Game 1 showed the close competition between the sides, with EG holding the mid-game. However as the late game arrived, so did the indomitable performance from BNY’s cores. Diego Nicolás Ortas “Rises” Rodríguez may have lost the lanes on his PA pick, but he more than made up for it in the late stages. Cleaning up the kills and keeping Artour “Arteezy” Babaev’s Terrorblade from coming online. The 44-minute map came to a close with BNY as the victors.

But EG weren’t prepared to suffer a 2-0 knockout. Arteezy’s Luna pick in the draft for Game 2 and a Snapfire for Andreas “Cr1t-” Nielsen gave EG more mobility for this map and let them press their early game advantage to take the win in 30-minutes, pushing the series out to three games.

Game 3 was not as sweet for EG however. Black N Yellow ran an IO and a Gyrocopter with Ember mid and sailed past EG’s defenses right from the laning phase. This game was over in 30-minutes too. But this time it was BNY who were calling victory.

Arkosh vs Wildcard Gaming

Arkosh have a reputation for being unconventional drafters, but it didn’t pay off for them this time. This series was a stomp for Wildcard Gaming (formerly D2 Hustlers), who took both maps in under 25-minutes. WG went with a tried and tested Sven and Bane in the bottom lane, easily taking control against Brian “Pale Horse” Canavan’s unsupported Gyrocopter.

Game 2 saw WG dish out an even bigger serving, taking the win in 25-minutes with a 31-kill lead.

Undying vs Black N Yellow

It was the second series played for both BNY and Undying this week, with Undying continuing their undefeated run through Tour 1.

It didn’t even look like David “MoonMeander” Tan Boon Yang and co broke a sweat across either map. Game 1 saw them cruise to a breezy 24-minute victory, with 30-kills to BNY’s 8.

Game 2 was almost a case of rinse and repeat. Undying managed to snag both Ember Spirit and Templar Assassin in the draft, making them hard for BNY to pin down. While they put up a bit more of a fight this map, they were unable to make the PA pick for Rises work for them the way it did against EG.

Undying took the win with a clean 2-0 sweep. They’re sitting top of the ladder currently, with a total of six games played and zero losses.

Quincy Crew vs Arkosh

QC are having an excellent run through these early series in Tour 1. The new Quincy Crew roster has a lot of synergy with Remus “ponlo” Goh Zhi Xian and Milan “MiLAN” Kozomara both seemingly working well as additions to the team.

Their match up at the end of the week against Arkosh was easy pickings for them.

Quinn “Quinn” Callahan and Yawar “YawaR” Hassan put on a standout performance during Game 1 of this series. With YawaR going 12/0/4 on his Morphling pick and Quinn on 19/2/13 with Leshrac by the game’s end at 25-minutes.

Game 2 was over even more quickly, with QC snowballing to the victory at 23-minutes to take the series 2-0. QC are now sitting in second place in the region’s standings, with a total score of 6-1.

Division II

While there’s no doubt a lot of the big highlights happen in Division I, the NA Division II scene has its own moments too. We take a look at how things fared in the lower bracket during Week 2.

Team DogChamp vs Electronic Boys

Team DogChamp and Electronic Boys slogged it out in this epic three game series that opened our second week of competition. Game 1 took a clean 60-minutes before DogChamp finally came out on top. Then Game 2 saw Electronic Boys fight tooth and nail to claw the advantage back, claiming the win at 46-minutes.

After all that back-and-forth slog, Game 3 turned into a swift stomp for DogChamp, who manged to close it in 28-minutes, taking the series 1-2.

5ManMidas vs The Cut

The Cut are definitely a fan favourite in the NA lower division, and with good reason. The team have proven to be quite the force in the Tier 3 scene. This week’s series against 5MM showed exactly why that’s so.

The Cut played to their strengths well, ensuring the Mars pick for David “dnm” Cossio across both maps. It was a misstep for 5MM, who just couldn’t seem to starve him out of farm. The fatter dnm got, the more trouble those arenas became. In the end, it was too much for 5ManMidas to counter. The Cut took the series 2-0.


It was another three-game series as KBU and 5RFS faced off on Saturday. KBU.US came out with a strong draft in Game 1 running a Luna in safe lane and Shadow Fiend in mid. Although the kill-count was close, KBU held the lead in net worth and XP for the duration of the 34-minute map.

Then Game 2 saw 5RFS come out with the Medusa pick and the tides turned in this series. Although KBU managed a few spikes of control here and there, the second map was 5RATFORCESTAFF’s to command. They carried their winning momentum straight into Game 3 to take the series 1-2.

Felt vs Electronic Boys

Division II often sees the dramatic turn arounds. And that was the case as EB and felt took us on another ride across three maps in this series.

While felt put on the show in Game 1 with a seriously deadly TA pick in the mid, Electronic Boys flipped the script for the second map. Taking Shadow Fiend to the safe lane and getting him all the farm he needed to munch through felt’s line up. Finally, Game 3 saw EB bring the final victory home with a 17-kill lead.

Although this series went Electronic Boys’ way, they’re still tied with felt, with both teams sitting at four wins and five losses in Tour 1 so far.

Team DogChamp vs 5ManMidas

Our week closed with another stand out three-game series, this time from DogChamp and 5MM.

This final series of the week was a treat to watch. Each map lasted close to 45-minutes, with plenty of back-and­-forth action over the course of each.

Game 1 saw the advantage bounce from DogChamp to 5MM and back again as both teams pulled out all the stops to claim the first victory. In the end it went to 5MM, who had selected Gyro, Skywrath and Ember as a core part of their draft. A decision which paid off for them.

But it wasn’t set to be a clear-cut victory for the Midas Men. Instead, Game 2 saw DogChamp get vicious with a stunning performance from Lucas “lukiluki” Shanks on Legion Commander.

Then, 5MM looked like they were staging a comeback in the final Game 3. But as the late game hit, DogChamp pulled themselves ahead, snatching the net worth lead and leaping straight home to a 2-1 victory in the series.

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