Dota 2: DPC SA, Tour 1 — Predictions

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Dota 2: DPC SA, Tour 1 — Predictions

We measure up all the SA teams playing across Division I & II ahead of the start of Tour 1 of the DPC.

South America was a region often forgotten in previous runs of the DPC. But the last few years have shown the scene there is packed with potential. Teams like beastcoast, NoPing Esports and Thunder Predator have all risen through the ranks to make a name for themselves on the main stage.

With so much new and old talent converging in one Tour anything could happen. But we’ve done our best to stack up the odds for the teams in both divisions.

Division I Power Rankings

8. NoPing e-sports

NoPing’s new roster certainly looks good on paper, Brazilian player João “4nalog” Gabriel Giannini is no slouch in the midlane and Thiago de Oliveira “Thiolicor” Cordeiro has several years under his belt, including a stint in the captain’s role for SG esports last year. Still, the team will l be facing stiff competition from seasoned rosters while they find their groove together.

7. Hokori

Hokori’s performance can be a little spotty. Although they blitzed the first season of the SA league DPC in 2021, taking first place, they didn’t deliver the same energy the second time around. Still, they haven’t been sleeping during the offseason. They just took first place in Season 2 of the Claro Gaming Apu League, so the squad has been keeping their skills sharp.


6. Infamous

Infamous haven’t been widely seen since their performance during season 2 of 2021’s SA DPC League. The team took 4th overall for the region back in May, but failed to qualify for TI 10. They saw some recent successes in the BTS Pro Series Season 9: Americas, taking 4th place there too. But the competition is sure to be much stiffer during Tour 1.

5.SG esports

SG esports managed to make it to the main stage for TI 10, but they’re facing some stronger competition in Tour 1 this time around. The team came in at 6th place during season 2 of the 2020-21 SA DPC League, and finished TI on the bottom rung. They’ll have a lot to prove in Division I this time around.

4. King of Kings

KoK are fresh on the block. The org was created back in 2019, but their roster was first revealed this November. It’s hard to say exactly how they’ll fare, but team captain Caio “Nuages” Oliveira led BINOMISTAS through the 2020-21 Lower Division of the DPC. He’s back in the captain’s seat for KoK, along with other former BINO teammates Pedro “mini” Rezende and Giovanni “Jupiter” Ramos Pereira. So the new squad definitely seems to have a lot of promise.

3. Lava

TP’s former roster have found a new org to call home. Joel Mori “MoOz” Ozambela, Alonso “Mnz” León, Frank “Frank” Arias and the rest of the gang signed with Lava during the offseason. There’s no doubt about the talent and experience in this roster, they’ve proven themselves in the region already. The question is if Lava can hold their own against the big guns of bc and TP when the Tour begins.

2. beastcoast

Despite stomping their way through the 2019-2020 season and taking the top spots in their region with relative ease during 2021, beastcoast’s performance at TI 10 was a little underwhelming. Still, there is no doubting that they’re one of the most powerful rosters in South America and we’re sure to see them find their shine again in Tour 1.

1. Thunder Predator

One of the big surprises during the offseason roster shuffles was the former NoPing roster landing under the banners of Thunder Predator. Farith “Matthew” Puente and the rest of the squad had a rough ride through last season’s DPC, missing out on a spot at TI 10, despite a fantastic performance through the second season of the SA league. Now, the team has a chance to compete for a spot on the stage this time around, and we’re plenty excited to see what they do with their new org.


Division II Power Rankings

8. Our Way

The newest team to cut their teeth in the SA region, Our Way put on a great showing through the qualifiers to land themselves a spot in Division II – But we’re yet to see them prove themselves against a more seasoned competition.

7. Inverse

Inverse landed fourth on the regional ladder at the end of last season, but their performance in the online tournaments since hasn’t shown much promise. They scraped in at 9th-12th during the SA Qualifiers for TI 10 and most recently found themselves at the bottom of the pack at the Claro Gaming Apu League Season 2. They’ll need to put in a lot of work to climb above the competition in Division II.

6. Gorillaz-Pride

We haven’t seen much from GP since the end of the 2021 season. They pulled top four during the first regional league, but dropped to 6th place during season 2. Like many tier 2 teams, GP have seem some big roster shuffles in the offseason. They’ll be fielding a brand new roster when they come in to Division II this time.

5. Balrog Esports

Balrog Esports have been around since 2016, but we haven’t seen much of them outside of the tier 3 and 4 scene. But their back for Tour I of the DPC with an all-Peruvian line-up that saw them take the top spot at the first Open Qualifier.

4. Team Unknown

With a fresh new roster, it’s hard to predict exactly how well Team Unknown will fare. They just managed to hold on in the Upper Division last year; finally falling at the end of the second season. But an an org they’ve still got the experience up on some of the other Division II teams.

3. Omega Esports

Omega’s ride in the DPC has been up and down. They earned themselves a spot in the region’s lower division league last season, where they managed to sit comfortably around the middle of the pack. This time around, however, Omega are coming in with more experience. They nabbed 3rd place in Season 1 of the Claro Gaming Apu League back in July, showing they’ve got what it takes to knock down a lot of their competition in Division II already.

2. Interitus

The roster for Interitus played in last season’s DPC under the banner Crewmates. The entire team parted ways with Crewmates in June, along with coach Kevin “Lolingblue” Leonard. As a squad, Crewmates put on an excellent showing during the regional league, and we’re positive they’ll be blazing a trail for themselves under their new banners too.

1. Infinity

We’ve seen Infinity fight their way to the top before. They did it in the first season of the 2020-21 DPC, making it to the Upper Division for the second leg of competition. However, they fell short during their first run in the big leagues. Still, with that experience under their belt, we’re expecting to see Infinity carry themselves well in Division II this time around.

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