Apex Legends Not Running Anti Cheat – Solution and Update

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Apex Legends Not Running Anti Cheat – Solution and Update

A lot of players have been getting a message on login saying Apex Legends not running anti cheat, what does it mean and has it been fixed?

At the moment, Apex is experiencing a bit of a major bug. Since the launch of Season 20, a new bug has been hitting a lot of players. A common occurrence when you log in is to see a warning that “Apex Legends client not running anti cheat”. What exactly for it mean?

It’s a warning message which could be worrying. After all, being told anti cheat software isn’t working might imply that you’re at risk of getting banned over an error. There is a solution to the Apex Legends not running anti cheat problem though. We’re getting another update to the game! Hopefully, this one will fix the problem and get players connected to the servers again.

A few bug fixes have been pushed out in the last few days. EA is aware of the problem and working on a solution, but what can you do to speed things up? There are a few solutions some players have looked at to try and sync their anti-cheat software back up with EA’s Apex servers and get back into the game.

What is the Apex Legends Anti Cheat Software Bug?

Apex Legends Not Running Anti Cheat

Logging into the Apex Legends launcher over the last few days, a lot of players have seen a familiar error screen. A message saying that Apex Legends not running anti cheat. It won’t let you play the game, since it can’t verify that you’re not cheating at the game. This bug has affected Apex for a day or so, and we’re in the midst of a second update to the title to try and fix it.

How can you get around this problem? There are a few things you can try to fix the issue. Now that a fix is getting pushed out, you should be able to jump back into Apex Legends pretty soon. In the meantime, looking into your anti cheat software in the game and other software has helped some players get around the error.

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Apex Legends Not Running Anti Cheat Bug

Over the beginning of Season 20, there’s been some problems for players. When launching Apex Legends, they’ve got the message that they’re not running anti cheat. While the problem has a fix rollout once already, some players are still experiencing an issue. Thankfully there’s something you can do about it and they’re working on another update to sort the anti-cheat software.

Respawn has pushed out an update to the game which should have resolved the Apex Legends client not running anti cheat warning, at least for most. Not everyone’s gotten the same results though. Some players are logging in to see the same error, and need to repair the software or continually restart. What can you do about it?

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One thing some players have been doing to address the problem is looking into other software that could be running or repair Apex directly. While some current problems like the wrong ranked rewards affect everyone, the anti-cheat bug seems mainly focused on PC. The PC version of the game runs something called REWASD, which addresses cheating in the game and helps to verify your connection.

Repair Apex Legends

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The first step to get rid of the Apex Legends not running anti cheat bug is to repair the software. You can do this through the Apex troubleshooting. These are the steps you should take.

  • Open Origin
  • Go to My Game Library
  • Rick Click Apex
  • Click Repair Game
  • Follow On-screen Instructions

If it’s working right, this should fix the anti-cheat software which has been acting up since the most recent update. Another solution to the Apex Legends client not running anti cheat is to restore the software entirely. Re-download it, and hopefully, the new version should fix your error with Apex. The recent update is looking to fix the issue with anti-cheat software too.

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Fix Apex Anti Cheat Bug Yourself

If the update and repairs haven’t manually fixed your anti-cheat software, there’s another solution. Head into your Apex install folder and copy over EasyAntiCheat_64.dll. You can find this directly in the AntiCheat folder. Moving it through to the root folder should help get things synched back up.

The new update coming will likely sort this too. If you’re looking to try everything you can to fix the problem though, this is definitely worth doing.

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Other Software that Could be Causing Apex Legends Client Not Running Anti Cheat Problem

Another solution that players have tried out for the Apex Legends anti cheat bug is to look at other software. Things like mouse software for some bits of hardware could potentially be interfering. Although, this seems like more of a problem with Apex Legends than any other software. While it might not hurt to check for updates, most players aren’t reporting that this fixes the issue. If you were thinking about messing with outside software, it might not be necessary right now.

Since Apex is pushing out another new update, this should fix the problem. Once you’ve got your anti cheat software synching back up with the server, players should be able to jump back into the game. It’s been a bit of a problem for the last day or two though. The Apex Legends not running anti cheat bug should be resolved pretty soon though! Hopefully, its checks on who is playing fairly or not are all working fine once players can jump back into the Apex Ranked mode! Along with everything else Season 20 has to offer.

Apex Legends Not Running Anti Cheat – Solution and Update
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