Apex Legends Servers – All 18 Important Locations

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Apex Legends Servers – All 18 Important Locations

Where all of the Apex Legends servers? Knowing the Apex Legends server locations can help make sure you’re close enough for a decent ping and performance.

Apex Legends is one of the most competitive Battle Royales out there. It combines both the solid gunplay that players want, with the unique mechanics of a hero shooter. That’s all wrapped up in a unique team-based Battle Royale. You’ll need a mix of mechanical skills and great tactics to succeed on such a big map. However, the game can be demanding with its various effects, abilities, and so many different characters running around. In terms of performance, you’ll need every advantage you can get. One of the biggest factors you’ll need to think about though are the Apex Legends servers.

Just like when you’re jumping into any other online game, your distance from the Apex servers can make a decent difference. It will affect how your game plays. You’ll get a rougher connection if you’re too far from a server location which can mean some bigger problems for performance. Even when the Apex Legends server status is up, distance can introduce problems.

Apex Legends is a more demanding game than a lot of its competition. There’s more data coming back and forth with the various effects. This makes the Apex server locations a bit more important than the Call of Duty servers. Why do they matter for your average player though?

If you’re close to the server your inputs in-game will get communicated quicker. Further away and you might face lag and other problems, even if you’re playing with a perfect connection on your end. The location of the Apex Legends servers can make a big difference there.  These are all of the Apex servers and how they impacts the way that your game runs.

How to Check Apex Legends Server Status

Apex Legends Servers

Before figuring out how far you are from the servers, it can be helpful to know if they’re even up! What’s the Apex Legends server status? There’s an easy way to check if the game’s servers are working as expected. The first stop is EA’s official site. They maintain a public site which explains the state of the Apex servers. If it’s listed as up, then you should be able to connect to the servers.

If the server is listed as up but you can’t connect, the problem might be more localized. You can use services like Down Detector to double-check whether the outage is only for you or not.

Once you’ve checked the Apex Legends servers, you’ll be able to see if you can connect or not. The servers are typically up outside of scheduled downtime for updates. EA might not be the most popular developer but they have pretty consistent uptime for games like this. If they’re out, chances are it’s going to be a briefer problem. For the most part, you won’t have issues because of the Apex Legends server status. Although, even with the best Apex Legends settings you can run into performance problems.

The game’s servers might be up, but what if your connection is a little lacking? You might be too far from one of the Apex Legends servers to pull off a decent ping. This is how the Apex Legends servers work and how they affect your gameplay.

How Many Apex Legends Server Locations Are There?

Apex Legends Servers

For Apex Legends server locations, there are nearly as many out there as for games like Fortnite’s servers. Although, they are weighted differently. There’s a good amount spread across most of the world. Although, there’s an obvious weighting towards North America and Western Europe. Since there are more active players in some regions there is a concentration of the servers here too.

In total, there are 18 Apex Legends server locations. However, these are spread a bit unevenly. If you want to know exactly how far you are and if it’s affecting your ping, then you’ll need to look at the exact Apex server locations. This shouldn’t affect the overall Apex Legends Server Status, but it could affect your performance.

All Apex Legends Server Locations

That’s how many servers there are, the exact Apex Legends server location matters too though. This is where you’ll need to be able to communicate with at a decent pace. These are all of the Apex Legends server locations.

Apex Servers

North America

  • Salt Lake City
  • Oregon
  • St Louis
  • Dallas
  • Iowa
  • New York
  • South Carolina
  • Virginia


  • Sao Paulo


  • London
  • Amsterdam
  • Belgium
  • Frankfurt


  • Hong Kong
  • Taiwan
  • Singapore
  • Tokyo
  • Sydney

These are all of the Apex Legends server locations. They’re less thinly spread than some games, but there are clearly a few glaring absences too. Why does your distance from these server locations matter though? How does it impact your game?

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Why Does Server Location Matter?

Your distance from the Apex Legends server locations is an important thing to keep in mind for the games. It all comes down to why ping is important. Ping is the measurement of getting a signal to the game’s server and back. You ping the game server, and this is a measure of how long it takes for that ping to get there and back. The game communicates your inputs and other gameplay in the same way, as long as the Apex Legends server status is up.

Your distance from the server will decide how far these signals physically have to travel. An effective internet connection can make this easier even at a distance. However, someone in the same city with great Wi-Fi will always have a better connection than someone very far from the Apex servers with the same connection.

In terms of in-game effects, you’ll get higher latency and be more prone to lag further away. This is why they try to have servers closer to where most people play the game. You’ll be up against an unavoidable connection issue if you’re too far away from the Apex Legends servers. However, you can still do some things to improve your connection.

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Can You Work Around a Bad Connection to Apex Legends Servers?

The server locations make it easiest for those close, if you’re far away you can make some improvements though. The stability and speed of your connection can make things easier. You should try to prioritize your connection when playing the game, and cut back on other programs. Similar to just using the best practices and settings for Apex Legends. Using a wired connection over Wi-Fi will make a big improvement too!

The Apex Legends server locations might mean you’re a bit more limited in your connection. However, a decent player can perform really well even with a slightly higher ping. It’s really more of an issue for the very highest level of the game, like Apex Legends esports events, though.

Apex Legends Servers – All 18 Important Locations
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