Everything We Know About Apex Legends Season 20

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Everything We Know About Apex Legends Season 20

Apex Legends Season 20 just dropped its launch trailer, and with that, a lot of new things were revealed. We will be going over them in this article

The long-awaited Season 20 of Apex Legends is coming out on February 13, 2024. The season, dubbed Breakout, is bringing in multiple new features to Apex that will completely change the way the game is played. The battle royale had gone for a long time without any significant changes in its core gameplay. Fans have been begging Respawn Entertainment to deliver something new to freshen up the game. Respawn did just that and is adding more than what fans wanted.

Season 20 will be a milestone in Apex’s runtime as it will mark the game’s 5th year in the gaming industry. Respawn aims to show fans that they are still the best when it comes to making a fun battle royale. Season 20 will be bringing multiple new quality of life improvements in the game. The significant additions coming in season 20 are the Perk system for every Legend and map updates for players to explore.

Perks in Apex Legends Season 20

Everything We Know About Apex Legends Season 20
Credit: Gameinformer

In an exclusive with Game Informer, it was revealed that Apex Legends will be introducing a perk system into the game. This system was first seen in Apex Legends Mobile (now discontinued). The system gives each legend a unique perk every time they are leveled up in the game.

Each Legend will be given four perks, two of which can be used together at a time. A legend can unlock these perks as they upgrade their armor. The first set of perks is unlocked with an upgrade to blue armor. Upon unlocking the blue armor, the legend will be given a choice between two perks from which the player can choose one. When the Legend levels up to purple armor, they will unlock two more perks, one of which they can choose.

These Perks will completely change how the game is played. Legends will have more flexibility because of these Perks. This system is a great way to buff every legend and some like Mirage who have desperately needed them.

Some Perks Being Added:

Everything We Know About Apex Legends Season 20
Credit: Gameinformer

Let us look into some of the perks that we know are being added to the game.

Gibraltar Perks: 

Blue Perks:

  • Big ups: Revives teammates with 40HP
  • Killer Handling: Reloads Shotgun with a Knockdown

Purple Perks

  • Baby Bubble: Gibraltar will have a faster cooldown but smaller bubbles
  • Bubble Bunker: The bubble will last for four additional seconds.

Wattson Perks:

  • She can have two ultimate charges.
  • She can heal both shields and HP
  • Her Plylon can regenerate arc stars

Mirage Perks

Blue Perks:

  • Faster Revive
  • Additional Tactical

Purple Perks:

  • Tactical recharged after Decoy is destroyed
  • Reduced Ultimate Cooldown

Map Updates

Everything We Know About Apex Legends Season 20
Credit: Gameinformer

Gameinformer also revealed a new mixtape map that will show up in Season 20. This map will have a reactive audience like those in sports games. The audience will cheer Legends on as they get more kills and show off their skills.

The season is also rumored to have a new battle royale map. The map will take us back to Crypto’s home world. A world he left behind to hide his identity and become one of the Legends.

Everything We Know About Apex Legends Season 20

The existing maps are getting a whole new coat of paint (literally). Each world has new graffiti work on the buildings and interactable objects. The maps also have balloons of the legends in the colors of the new season’s design. The entire map is color-coded in reds and blues, highlighting the new season. The balloons throughout the map are also there to celebrate Apex’s Anniversary.


A new Limited Time Mode (LTM) is also going to drop with the new season. This LTM will have a smaller play area on the map, and players will spawn at a random POI with multiple fully kitted weapons all around them. This LTM will encourage shorter, more adrenaline-inducing matches for players to enjoy.

Quality of Life Updates

Respawn is adding a lot to the game but is also taking away a few features. This will make the game feel fresh for a long time to come. Some of these quality of life updates are:

  • Two Mythical Care Package weapons instead of four
  • Gold armor is going to be removed
  • A new replicator system will be in place
  • The perk system (Obviously)
  • New Voice Lines
  • New Skins


  • Season 20 is looking to be a breakthrough for Apex. Fans who have been complaining about the game becoming repetitive will have something new to look forward to. Players can experience Apex in a whole new way. Season 20, Breakout, will be one of the most promising seasons that Respawn has released for the game thus far, and fans are eagerly waiting to experience the game on February 13th.
Everything We Know About Apex Legends Season 20
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