4 Overpass Strats To Dominate On The T-Side in CS2

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4 Overpass Strats To Dominate On The T-Side in CS2

These are four Overpass Strats that will be effective in performing well on the T-Side in CS2.

After about a month of the release of Counter-Strike 2, players are finally settling down in the new game and transferring over all the strategies and knowledge from CS:GO. Due to major changes in mechanics and graphical improvements to the maps and utilities, numerous aspects of the game have evolved. Players have worked on transferring over all strats and optimizing them for CS2.

After nearly one month and a major CS2 tournament, IEM Sydney 2023, the path for the players and community members to settle into the game has been solidified. Even though some pros, including Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyljev, have shared their opinions about the game not being in the best state yet, it can be easily said that CS2 is on the way to being a solid game with diverse elements of strategy and tactics. With the help of pro players and community members, CS2 will be in a good place very soon.

To help players improve the tactical aspects and ideas about Counter-Strike 2, we will be discussing four strats on Overpass T-Side.

Four Overpass Strats Viable For CS2

Overpass is a very fun map to play in during CS:GO, and even in CS2, it has a great mix of solo fragger plays and great teamwork-based strategic styles. It has a great blend of aim and gun fight-based encounters with utility-based setups. Especially for the T-Side, many of the angles and avenues of the map favor them and allow them to have many options to execute.

A-Site Strats

Team Push To A-Site Through Connector

This strat involves taking control of the Connector, which is vital as it opens the path between both A and B and, after doing so, the entry towards the A-Site.

Initially, a Connector is needed to access the Fountain area where the T-Side will set up their positioning to take the site. Usually, the CT players will be present near Toilets and Mid as their spawn is closer. Some early Molotovs and Smokes from T-Spawn or Playground can be helpful to push them back to the site. After doing so, it is important to take control of Toilets, as the region is extremely valuable. It allows T players to push the site from multiple avenues, overwhelming the CTs inside. Then, some basic Smokes towards the Bank entrance, Bins, and near default will push the CTs further back and make taking the site easier. Terrorists can even flash through the smoke for extra frags or additional control.

A player can push A-Long and Half-Wall to take out players holding near Van and act as a late lurker to stop the bomb defusal. If there is no lurker, a player can go back through Toilets, take a peek at Connector stairs for flankers from B, and then go towards Long for the same lurk. This provides flank coverage and late-round advantage as well.

Solo/Duo Fake at B To Rush A

Due to the A-Site being so much closer to the B-Site for CT players, a little aggression towards B can easily pull the defending players away from the A-Site. This can especially be useful as the B-Site is prone to line-ups from the T players, and the utilities provide much cover for players pushing Monster. This leaves the CTs in a state of panic as they know of the heavy rush but don’t have information on how many players are pushing. So they call back the A-Site players for support.

So, with one or two players bombarding the B-Site with utility and then late pushing the site through Monster allows for a high chance for the A players to rotate. Timing is crucial here. The fakers can fall back or commit to the fake to make it more convincing. With the help of utility and aggressiveness, not only are they opening the A-Site for their teammates, but they also give themselves a solid opportunity to get a kill or two, which makes the fake highly profitable.

Meanwhile, the A-players can hold around Playground and wait for the call from their teammates on B to hit the A-Site. They can go for a direct approach through Mid and Toilets or a more sneaky approach from Long. Even if there is one player in A, there are too many avenues to look after, and it is highly unlikely they will be looking towards Half-Wall.

B-Site Overpass Strats

The Monster Rush

Just like in the previous strat, we talked about the potential for fast rushes into the B-Site. But this time, instead of a one or two-man fake, it will be a full 5 stack rush. All five players will rush into the B-Site. There can be a split, as one or two players will have to enter through Short/Sandbags. Since a fast push will call for rotations and there is the chance of a B-Site CT positioned there or looking to flank, it is necessary to have information that no enemy is there. Also, a player from short can throw some useful line-ups towards B-Heaven, Barrels, and Pit, which are very dangerous positions for the CT-Sides to be in.

Alongside utility, additional firepower can help CT players take the B-Site through multiple avenues and also eliminate all players before they escape. Keep in mind the players who can get out safely will strengthen the retake from the CTs. So, it is necessary to be able to trade out or kill as many CTs inside the site before the bomb plant.

During the post-plant, defuse can be denied best from Sandbags, but as that is a common place for CTs to check, support from players in front of Pillar and near the Monster entrance is necessary. That way, the Short players can deny the bomb defuse while the others can trade out any kills.

The Heroic B-Site Push

This strat is used by a professional CS Team, Heroic. They have used this strat a bunch of times in CS:GO, and this is viable in CS2 as well. After an early lurking Smoke towards the end of Monster and two players positioned near Sandbags, they will Flashbang their way in. Before going in, they will also smoke Heaven and put a Molotov in front of Pillar. The flashbang and Smoke Combo allow for safe entry into the site and blinds anyone in front of Pillar and Barrels. It allows the players from Monster to be able to walk in and get frags as well.

Team Heroic has successfully used this strat in numerous major tournaments and flipped rounds in their favor. It is preferred to use this with a stack of five, as coordination and teamwork are vital here.

Make sure you check out our articles about utilities and smoke line-ups on this map to improve your performance in CS2.

4 Overpass Strats To Dominate On The T-Side in CS2
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