3 Outstanding Dota 2 All Pick Drafts for Easy Wins

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3 Outstanding Dota 2 All Pick Drafts for Easy Wins

Boost your Dota 2 win rate with these 3 outstanding All Pick Drafts and learn how to play each draft for consistent success!

Crafting the right team composition can dictate the flow of the game, putting you in the driver's seat towards victory. In this piece, we'll talk about three incredible Dota 2 All Pick Drafts and share insights on how to play them for consistent success.

3 Outstanding Dota 2 All Pick Drafts for Easy Wins

All Pick Draft 1 – Siege and Conquer Squad

Prepare for battle as the Siege and Conquer Squad takes the field with a lineup designed for pushing, healing, and holding the line. Here are the Heroes chosen for each position.


  • Dazzle (Hard Support – Position 5)
  • Jakiro (Soft Support – Position 4)
  • Nature's Prophet (Offlane – Position 3)
  • Dragon Knight (Mid – Position 2)
  • Terrorblade (Carry – Position 1)

Why This Draft?

Objective Focus – With abilities like Dragon Knight's Elder Dragon Form and Jakiro's Liquid Fire, enemy towers don't stand a chance. This ensures that the team can take objectives quickly and efficiently.

Split Push – Nature's Prophet can be anywhere on the map, pressuring lanes and ensuring the enemy never rests. His ability to teleport and summon treants makes him a natural split pusher. Terrorblade can also push lanes with his illusions.

High Sustain – Dazzle's Shallow Grave and Shadow Wave make sieges last longer, enabling Heroes like Terrorblade and Dragon Knight to deal damage without fear.

Strong Late Game – Terrorblade is one of the strongest late-game Heroes in Dota 2. He ensures that his team will have a strong presence in the late game, making it difficult for the enemy team to mount a comeback. The rest of the Heroes of this All Pick Draft also scale very well into the late game.

How to Play this Draft

Dazzle should pair with Terrorblade in the Safelane, while Jakiro teams up with Nature's Prophet in the Offlane. Meanwhile, Dragon Knight should head to the Mid lane, aiming to dominate the lane.

  • Early Game – Focus on securing lanes and gaining an XP advantage. Use Nature's Prophet's teleportation to assist lanes and create unexpected skirmishes.
  • Mid Game – Begin sieging towers post level 6, with Dragon Knight leading the charge. Rotate Terrorblade to the jungle and use his illusions for pushing and farming.
  • Late Game – Maintain map control and secure Roshan. Split-push with Nature's Prophet while the rest of the team pressures another lane. Keep farming the free lane and jungle with Terrorblade (TB) illusions. Dazzle should always be near the real TB to save him from ganks.

All Pick Draft 2 – Crowd Control Commanders

The Crowd Control Commanders are here to dominate the battlefield with their incredible area control and versatile damage output. Meet the Heroes that will lock down the enemy and ensure victory.


  • Disruptor (Hard Support – Position 5)
  • Earth Spirit (Soft Support – Position 4)
  • Tidehunter (Offlane – Position 3)
  • Invoker (Mid – Position 2)
  • Gyrocopter (Carry – Position 1)

Why This Draft?

  • Massive AoE Control – Tidehunter's Ravage, followed by Disruptor's Static Storm and Earth Spirit's Magnetize, can turn team fights in your favor instantly. This allows the team to lock down the enemy and create chaos during team fights.
  • Versatile Damage Output – Invoker's array of spells combined with Gyrocopter's Call Down means both burst and sustained damage. This versatility ensures that the team can deal with different situations, whether it requires taking down a single target quickly or dealing damage to multiple enemies over time. This All Pick Draft also deals both physical and magic damage.
  • Catch Potential – Earth Spirit's Boulder Smash and Disruptor's Glimpse make escaping nearly impossible. This catch potential ensures that the team can secure kills and prevent the enemy from retreating and regrouping.
  • Lane Flexibility – The Heroes in this draft have the ability to perform well in multiple lanes. Earth Spirit can rotate and gank any lane, making the game much easier for other Heroes.

How to Play this Draft

Disruptor should go with Gyrocopter in the Safelane, forming a potent duo, while Earth Spirit teams up with Tidehunter in the Offlane. Meanwhile, Invoker should occupy the Mid lane with the objective of asserting dominance over the lane.

  • Early Game – Prioritize zoning and harassment. Earth Spirit can roam and assist in ganks, especially in mid lane.
  • Mid Game – Secure objectives and force team fights around Tidehunter's Ravage. Utilize the vision from Disruptor's Thunder Strike to scout and set up kills. Invoker should rotate to other lanes and set up kills. Gyrocopter should farm fast and pick up his core items. He should only join fights where he won't die and can get some kills easily.
  • Late Game – Control the map, pick off key targets with Invoker's spells combo, and push for high ground with Gyrocopter's damage output. Secure Roshan and then go for high ground push.

All Pick Draft 3 – Assassinate and Accelerate

Unleash a storm of aggression and rapidly take down your foes with the Assassinate and Accelerate squad. This All Pick Draft is tailored for quick eliminations, initiating fights properly, and ensuring the survivability of key Heroes. Here are the Heroes chosen for each position.


  • Oracle (Hard Support – Position 5)
  • Bounty Hunter (Soft Support – Position 4)
  • Axe (Offlane – Position 3)
  • Storm Spirit (Mid – Position 2)
  • Phantom Assassin (Carry – Position 1)

Why This Draft?

  • Pickoff Prowess – Storm Spirit and Bounty Hunter are exceptional at finding and eliminating isolated targets. Storm Spirit's Ball Lightning and Bounty Hunter's Track make it incredibly easy to locate and quickly dispatch key enemy Heroes.
  • Initiation – Axe's Blink-Call is perfect for starting fights on your terms. He can jump into the enemy team, taunt multiple enemies, and create an opportunity for his team to follow up with their own abilities.
  • Survivability – Oracle's skills provide immense safety, ensuring Heroes like Phantom Assassin can jump in without hesitations. His abilities, such as Fate's Edict and False Promise, can negate a significant amount of incoming damage and debuffs, allowing your key Heroes to stay alive and deal damage during crucial moments in fights.
  • Burst Damage – Phantom Assassin brings huge burst damage to the table. Her ability to quickly eliminate key targets with her Stifling Dagger and Coup de Grace makes her an essential component of this lineup, ensuring that the team can quickly gain the upper hand in team fights.

How to Play this Draft

Oracle should pair with Phantom Assassin (PA) in the Safelane, while Bounty Hunter teams up with Axe in the Offlane. Meanwhile, Storm Spirit should head to the Mid lane.

  • Early Game – Focus on gaining lane dominance. Bounty Hunter should roam, harass, and secure vision.
  • Mid Game – Utilize Bounty's Track to gain a gold advantage and find pickoffs with Storm Spirit's mobility. PA should keep farming and buy his core items before joining fights.
  • Late Game – Use Axe as the frontline initiator. Rely on Oracle's False Promise to save key Heroes during engagements. Phantom Assassin can then clean up, using her critical strikes to devastate enemies.


Implement these drafts and witness a surge in your win rate. Stay adaptive, play smart, and always be a step ahead of the opposition! You can check out other All Pick Drafts to build the perfect balance for your squad.

3 Outstanding Dota 2 All Pick Drafts for Easy Wins
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