Dota 2 Disruptor Guide – Here’s What To Do

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Dota 2 Disruptor Guide – Here’s What To Do

This Dota 2 Disruptor guide will reveal the secrets of why this is one of the top-tier support heroes in Dota 2.

The support role in Dota 2 can be very interesting as long as you are using the right hero for the job. Although there are a couple of solid options to choose from, this Disruptor Dota 2 guide will show you that this hero is on another level. Disruptor is a part of almost every meta and for a good reason. 

Disruptor is a ranged INT hero that is always the team’s support. His starting stats include between 47-51 damage, 2.5 armor, and 295 movement speed. Although his starting stats do not seem that impressive, the hero has other things to make up for them.


Here’s more information about the Disruptor Dota 2 skills that make the hero such a popular option.

  • Thunder Strike – This ability deals 4 strikes, each of which deals 115 damage. This ability also slows a given target’s Attack Speed and Movement Speed by 100% for 0.1s.
  • Glimpse – When used, the hero teleports a given target back to where it was 4 seconds ago, dealing up to 275 damage based on the distance.
  • Kinetic Fiend – This ability creates a circular barrier that keeps enemies inside and does not allow those inside to escape. This lasts for 4.4s.
  • Static Storm – This ultimate deals up to 350 damage per second for 6s. It also silences all enemies inside of it.

If you decide to get the Dota 2 Disruptor Shard, the hero’s Thunder Strike will have more range and a higher strike count. It can also be placed on the ground, and it will attack the first enemy that comes in its radius.

If players decide to get an Aghanim’s Scepter, Static Storm can mute items, which is really strong.

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Another important thing before checking the Dota 2 Disruptor tips is the hero’s talents.

  • Level 10 – +10 Thunder Strike Damage per Strike or Kinetic Field will have a -3s cooldown
  • Level 15 – Static Storm will last 1.5s longer or Glimpse will be able to do a maximum of +250 damage
  • Level 20 – Thunder Strike will slow down targets by 0.4s or Kinitec Field will last for 2s longer.
  • Level 25 – Static Storm gets +200 radius or Glimpse gets -12s cooldown

Dota 2 Disruptor Guide – Tips

After analyzing the different Disruptor Dota 2 skills and talents, the next important thing is to share a few tips. As mentioned, this is a support hero and he is usually in Position 5. Consequently, he has to make sure he stays on the lane to help carry and stack as many Neutral Camps as possible. Due to his Thunder Strike, Disruptor can be an incredibly annoying hero to play against early on because he deals much damage.

After the early game is over, you will almost always be the go-to target for the enemy team. That’s why your goal should be to try and use your Kinetic Field and Static Storm combo as soon as possible. If you do this on time, it doesn’t really matter if you die afterward because this combo will let help your team secure at least a couple of kills.

Another thing that is usually not mentioned in the Disruptor Dota 2 wiki is that the hero’s Glimpse can be used extremely effectively early on. If you’re camping near your opponent’s tower and you notice that someone is teleporting, you can use Glimpse and send him back to the fountain. This means the hero will need to walk back to the lane, which gives a minute of free farm for your carry.

The last important thing to remember about the hero is that he has one of the best ultimates in the game. When used correctly, the ult can win games, so be very careful how and why you’re using it.

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Disruptor Dota 2 Guide – Pros and Cons

Disruptor silences enemies to assist Brewmaster in team fights

Before looking at the Dota 2 Disruptor Build, here are a few pros and cons you need to know about the hero.


  • Good against a variety of heroes
  • Solid laning stage
  • Can deal a lot of damage for a support
  • Fun to play


  • Squishy

Disruptor Dota 2 Guide – Items

In terms of the Disruptor Dota 2 build you should go for, most players purchase the same items in every game.

Starting Items

Like all supports, Disruptor starts the game with HP/Mana regen, some stats and Wards.

Early Game

In most cases, this hero has nothing more than Boots of Speed and a Magic Stick o Wand.

Mid game

Aside from the Disruptor Dota 2 shard that some people are going for, others usually get Arcane Boots and Glimmer Cape. However, some players will also go for Force Staff.

Late Game

Aghanim’s Scepter is the best item for the late game, regardless of your Dota 2 Disruptor skins. That said, players can also get Guardian Greaves, Veil of Discord, Eul’s, Meteor Hammer, and more.

Dota 2 Disruptor Counter

Even though you will rarely see people pick a Disruptor Dota 2 counter because this hero is a support, there are a couple of dota 2 heroes that he needs to be aware of:

  • Abaddon – Abaddon’s a pretty good option because he can heal and dispel some of Disruptor’s abilities.
  • Juggernaut – Jugg can counter Disruptor’s abilities with his Bladefury, and he can easily kill him in seconds.
  • Lifestealer – Naix has always been one of the best counters against supports, and this one is not an exception.
  • Sniper – Sniper’s a pretty good option against Disruptor because of his range.


The Disruptor Dota 2 skins, his unique abilities, and the fact that he’s a popular support make him one of the most interesting heroes in the game. He is not that hard to master, so people who take their time should not have any problems.

Dota 2 Disruptor Guide – Here’s What To Do
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