3 Overpowered Dota 2 Safe Lane Hero Combos For Gaining MMR

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3 Overpowered Dota 2 Safe Lane Hero Combos For Gaining MMR

Let's take a look at our picks for the most overpowered Safe Lane duos that you and your friend can spam, to dominate and win your ranked games

In the world of Dota 2, winning the safe lane can be a game-changer. It's the place where your team's late-game powerhouse resides, making it a crucial battleground. But success in the safe lane isn't just about individual skills; it's also about finding hero combinations that work seamlessly together, giving you a winning edge.

This guide will explore the importance of mastering safe lane Hero combos and how it can be your secret to earning easy MMR. We'll uncover some of our favorite duo combos to help you secure those victories and climb the ranks. Get ready to boost your Dota 2 game with these powerful strategies that are simple yet effective, and set your sights on that coveted MMR increase.

Overpowered Safe Lane Hero Combos

Here are 3 ridiculously powerful Safe Lane pairings, which you can use to demolish your lanes and win you MMR. 

Lifestealer and Lich Safe Lane Hero Combo – Wack That Tank

3 Overpowered Dota 2 Safe Lane Hero Combos For Gaining MMR

Lifestealer (LS), a melee Strength carry who, like his name suggests, has built-in Lifesteal that heals for a percentage of the target’s max Health. Thus, he is a natural counter to tanky Strength Heroes, which most of the Offlaners are. Lifestealer also has a very potent slow in Ghoul Frenzy, and Magic Immunity through Rage. Both of these spells allow him to stick on top of Heroes who do not have built-in escape, and terrorize them in the lane.

Lich on the other hand, is a ranged intelligence support armed with low cooldown slows and a disable in Sinister Gaze. He also has a high damage nuke – Frost Blast, which also slows the enemy. Lich is a very versatile lane support, because he can be very offensive in lanes where you have an advantage over the enemy, and also be great defensively because of damage mitigation with Frost Shield.

Lifestealer and Lich take full advantage of their partner’s kit. In the lane, enemy Heroes can ignore LS’s lifesteal and still go on him, dealing substantial damage; Frost Shield though, makes it much more difficult for them to do so. After a couple of minutes when they both level-up, LS becomes strong enough to hold his own, bully the enemy Heroes and chase them away.

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At this point, enemy Heroes try to maintain a gap with LS, so he can’t click them down with his slow. Lich comes to the rescue here as well, because he has two ranged slows with Frost Blast and Frost Shield, preventing Heroes from running away. This is a very simple combo to use, and the typical tanky Strength offlaners do not stand a chance against LS and Lich.

Morphling and Marci Safe Lane Hero Combo – Clicked Down!

3 Overpowered Dota 2 Safe Lane Hero Combos For Gaining MMR

Morphling is a ranged agility carry that deals heavy amounts of magic and physical damage. Through his high right-click damage and the option to switch to strength, Morph is a trading god in the lane. If allowed to stand still and trade hits with the enemy, Morph can outtrade any Hero and reset his HP bar, rendering all the damage dealt by the opponents useless.

Marci is a melee Strength support that arguably has one of the most versatile toolkits in the lane. She has a long range jump because of Rebound which also stuns, and can slow enemies and put them out of position with Dispose. Furthermore, She can easily help sustain herself and her lane partner with Sidekick's lifesteal.

Both Marci and Morphling are comparatively difficult Heroes to master. However, if played properly, you can play and win just about any lane matchup. Morph faces issues locking enemies down in the lane, both of Marci’s spells help in keeping Heroes in hitting range and prevent them from disengaging. Sidekick's lifesteal is also amazing with morph, because when shifted into agility, he has a low-hp pool and can easily lifesteal back up to full health consistently. Morph can also deny a lot of creeps because of being able to stay in high Agility.

To execute a kill, jump on the enemy Hero with Rebound, stunning them, and press Sidekick to increase your damage output. Keep the enemy in place with Dispose, while you and Morphling are hitting them. Use the Waveform and Adaptive Strike burst to finish the Hero off.

Spectre and Warlock Safe Lane Hero Combo – Heal is Zeal

3 Overpowered Dota 2 Safe Lane Hero Combos For Gaining MMR

Spectre is a melee agility carry who will become an absolute monster in any game if she’s not shut down. Spectre has a long range Area of Effect(AoE) nuke in Spectral Dagger, which she can use to last hit creeps and gain unobstructed movement and bonus Movement Speed to get out of danger. Spectre’s passive, Dispersion, shields her from a percentage of incoming damage, and reflects it onto her enemies.

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Warlock is a ranged intelligence support that possesses a very unique set of tools – Fatal Bond, links the life of all enemy units in an AoE, so a percentage of damage dealt to any unit is also dealt to all others linked. Additionally, Warlock’s Shadow Word, which is a single-target healing spell that can be cast on either himself or his allies, mitigates incoming damage and is very potent in the laning stage. Finally, Upheaval allows Warlock to slow all enemies in an AoE to help click them down.

At first glance, this is a very passive and unimpressive laning combination. However, trust us when we say that it is incredible in winning you your lanes and even whole games just on the back of the lane. Both Spectre and Warlocks are monsters in the late game, with very-high scaling potential. They are also considered to be pretty weak in the lane, so enemies will try to put pressure on them in the early stages. But here is the game changer- THEY CAN’T.

Warlock can mitigate the pressure put on Spectre with his Shadow Word, ensuring her staying nice and healthy in the lane and farm uninterrupted. If enemies are too eager to put pressure on this duo, they will find it very difficult, and may even kill themselves by taking too much damage from Dispersion.

Although Warlock and Spectre are considered to be passive Heroes in the lane with low creep-clearing potential, when you put them together, they can easily clear creep waves with Spectral Dagger and Fatal Bonds. This combination will also deal a lot of damage to enemy Heroes, preventing them from being able to go on you. All of this is going to ensure that Spectre farms freely and hits very strong timings, so she can carry the team on her back.

Stay Tuned For More Overpowered Safe Lane Hero Combos 

Give these combos a shot in your games, and we guarantee that you will reap the benefits! These combos are sure to give you the edge in your ranked games. With that being said, stay tuned for more Hero combos to help you own your ranked matches!

3 Overpowered Dota 2 Safe Lane Hero Combos For Gaining MMR
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