Dota 2 Marci Guide – Tricks and Information

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Dota 2 Marci Guide – Tricks and Information

This in-depth look at the Dota 2 Marci guide will show you why this is one of the most popular heroes in the game.

Marci is one of the newer Dota 2 heroes available in 2021. Although she seemed weird in the beginning, the hero quickly made a name for herself as one of the best in the game. She is highly versatile and can work in a wide range of situations in PUBs and pro games.

Before sharing more information about the best Marci Dota 2 build, it’s worth knowing that this is a Universal hero. Her attack damage is between 50-56, she has 3.3 armor and 315 movement speed. She can work in a lot of situations, so let’s learn more about her.


The first important aspect of the Dota 2 Marci build is the hero’s abilities, so let’s share a few things about them.

  • Dispose – When used, Marci grabs an allied or an enemy unit and throws it behind her. After doing this, the target will take 280 damage and have a 50% movement speed slow for 3 seconds.
  • Rebound – One of the interesting abilities in the Marci Dota 2 Guide is Rebound because it allows the hero to bound to a target allied unit and jump near it. Once she reaches her target, Marci will lunge to her final destination and deal 300 impact damage and stun enemy units for 1.7s
  • Sidekick – The ability lasts for 7s, during which Marci and an ally gain 45% lifesteal and 65 bonus damage. The buff is now permanent to Marci as well as her allies, and both will heal each other when doing damage. However, if the two targets are more than 2500 units apart, the buff will be lost.
  • Unleash – When used, Marci has 16s, during which she gains 1325 bonus attack speed. Once she hits a target a specific number of times, she will do an additional hit that will do 150 bonus damage, slow down enemies by 30%, and reduce 100 of their base attack speed. Once Unleashed is cast, Marci will gain 15% movement speed.

Shard will allow Rebound to be cast on enemies and allow Marci to get a speed boost when casting it. It will also decrease the ability's cooldown by 3s. Scepter allows Marci to have a -10s cooldown on Unleash, and the ability will apply a basic Dispel. Furthermore, while the ability is active, all of her abilities will unleash pulses when cast. The latter will silence the target for 1s.



Aside from the Marci Dota 2 wiki that provides more info about the hero, here’s what you need to know about her talents.

  • Level 10 – Sidekick gives +10% Lifesteal or Rebound has +100 Cast/Jump Range
  • Level 15 – Rebound gets + 10 Movement Speed Bonus or Dispose gets +70 Damage
  • Level 20 – Unleash grants +15% Movement Speed ort Rebound Stuns for +0.75s.
  • Level 25 – +65 Sidekick damage or Dispose gets +350 Throw Distance

Dota 2 Marci Guide – Tips

Before taking a look at the Marci Dota 2 skin you like the most, it’s worth sharing a few things about the hero. Starting with the elephant in the room, Marci can work in pretty much any position, but most players will use her as support or carry. The hero started the game with being a carry, but people eventually realized that she could be a solid support, so most pro players use her in this position.

The hero’s early and mid-game impact is amazing, so it’s no surprise she is a common pick. With that said, players who choose the proper talents can also make Marci incredibly strong in the late game. She can help allies become hard to deal with, so having her on your team is always fun.

The only problem with the hero in the support role is that she’s a Melee, so zoning offlaners is easier said than done. The good news is that she can be an excellent ganker.

Marci Dota 2 Guide – Pros and Cons

The new Dota 2 hero, Marci, as she appears in the anime Dota 2: Dragon's Blood

The Dota 2 Marci skins draw attention, but the hero has other important pros and cons people need to be aware of.


  • The hero can fit into any role
  • She has a lot of burst damage
  • She has pretty good mobility
  • Scales well for the late-game


  • The hero needs BKB to be effective if she’s ac ore
  • She is not the fastest farmer in the game and can be squishy

Dota 2 Marci Guide – Items

Aside from choosing the Dota 2 Marci cosmetics, you also need to pay some attention to the items, so here are some of the best options.

Starting items

Unless the hero’s a support, she usually starts the game with Tango and a Quelling Blade, as well as Gauntlets of Strength because the latter is needed for a Soul Ring.

Early game

The best early game for this hero includes Phase Boots and Soul Ring, as well as a Magic Wand.


Unless Marci is a support, in which case she will probably go for a Force staff, the hero can get a lot of carry items. This includes Armlet, Maesltorm, Basher, and even a Blink Dagger. In some cases, she also needs to get BKB.

Late game

If Marci doesn’t have BKB yet, now is a good time to get one. Aside from the perfect Marci Dota 2 set, the hero can also go for an Eye of Skadi, Nullifier, Daedals, Desolator, and more. Abyssal Blade is also a good option to counter an enemy hero.

Marci Dota 2 Guide – Counters

Once you choose a Dota 2 Marci set, you should check whether some of her biggest counters are present, so here are a few names to keep an eye on:

  • Axe – No surprise, Axe is an excellent pick against any melee hero that deals a lot of damage.
  • Bloodseeker – BS’s ultimate means Marci can’t take advantage of her mobility.
  • Necrophos – Necro can save himself from Marci’s physical damage and can kill the hero with his Scythe.


After this Marci Dota 2 guide, it’s safe to say that this unique hero can make a big difference. Her ability to do damage and support when needed makes her an interesting pick in every meta. Needless to say, we expect to see a lot more from the hero in the upcoming future.

Dota 2 Marci Guide – Tricks and Information
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