WoW 10.2 leaks and PTR Information

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WoW 10.2 leaks and PTR Information

With a PTR now in full flow, 10.2 leaks are all over the internet. From major content to story spoilers, we'll list some of the key details as they come out.

10.2 will be with us sooner than we know it, but until then, we can fill the void with 10.2 leaks. Now, WoW leaks are a bit weird… because this is all PTR information, but some of it is either out-of-context stuff or just not on the PTR yet. We'll take all PTR datamine info as leaks for the sake of keeping things easy. Just bare in mind that some of this information might be announced in time or actually never make full release.

We'll post links to stories that we cover as they happen. We'll avoid posting too much incomplete information such as story spoilers, as most of the context is lost or not even included in the PTR.

WoW 10.2 Leaks

10.2 Tier Sets

10.2 tier set bonuses
Paladin – Druid – Mage

First out of the box, we have tier sets. The details of these are constantly changing during the PTR cycle, but we have you covered. Check out our full article on the 10.2 Tier Sets and Appearances for a constantly updated look at the new sets. If you don't care for the details of the sets, the above article also has a look at what all the sets look like.

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10.2 Raid – Raid Amirdrassil The Dream’s Hope

Season 9 brings with it a new raid in the form of Amirdrassil The Dream's Hope. Players will face off against nine bosses as they fight back the Druid of the Flame and Fyrakk atop the new World Tree, Amirdrassil. You can read about all the bosses in our article. Early reports are that the raid looks solid, with some standout bosses.

10.2 Class Changes

We've gone into some detail with this in our Tier Lists for 10.2 with DPS, Tank, and Healer. And while we get that a tier list for a patch that isn't out is a bit silly, we think our look at each spec is fair. The TLDR right now is nothing major looks set to be changed outside of Rogue, and specs that are yet to get a major update.

10.2 Druid Form

wow 10.2 druid forms

Now, we always knew that Druids would get some love in 10.2, given that we're off to their dream. But, according to leaks, some of the new 10.2 Druid Forms are looking a little spicy. Like most leaks, these might not all make it but specifically the 10.2 Druid Forms we think we might only see some of them, with the rest coming in 10.2.5 and 10.2.7.

Trading Post Winter 2023 Items Leaked


One of the more interesting leaks from 10.2, is something that we won't see for some time after it drops. In the data were a bunch of Winter themed items that will be coming to the Trading Post. We assume, in time for Winter Veil 2023. You can see the full list in our article on the topic.

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Ahn’Qiraj Themed Trading Post Items


Something we won't see till likely 10.2.5, we've got another batch of Trading Post items in the latest PTR build. Featuring mounts, an ensemble and a really expensive watch. Check out the full list in our dedicated article. 

WoW 10.2 leaks and PTR Information
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