Trading Post Winter 2023 Event Items Leaked in 10.2 PTR

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Trading Post Winter 2023 Event Items Leaked in 10.2 PTR

Trading Post Winter 2023 items look to have leaked onto the 10.2 PTR.

While PTR leaks tend to offer up information and items that we'll get in patch 10.2, from time to time we get future items leaking out. This looks to be the case here, as the Trading Post Winter 2023 looks to have been found in the 10.2 Data. So far we have six items confirmed to be used for the Winter 2023 event, based on their prices associated. So, if you fancy any of these items, get saving now.

All credit goes to Wowhead for their datamining efforts here.

Trading Post Winter 2023 Event Items

Candied Blade

For just 600 Trader's Tender, you can get one of the most unique-looking weapon transmogs we've ever seen. We can already see an army of Rogues and Warriors taking to the 10.2 raid and taking down bosses as a candy cane-wielding DPS machine.


Trader's Crimson Sarong

We also have a “Trader's Lively Sarong” which comes in green in the data. Alongside this, the data includes another 15 different colour combinations. So we suspect these Sarongs will be a popular transmog option going forward.

Blademaster's Azure Stones

An interest little neck option (transmoged on the head) give a little pearly flair to any transmog. Like the Sarong, this also has a number of different colour variants.

WoW War Within Nerub'ar Palace Tier Set Appearance & Bonus first look


The pet of the bundle, it's a wicked Rudolph pet that we're pretty hyped to secure. Priced at 600 Trader's Tenders, this is going to be a popular option for sure.

Crimson Glimmerfur

The mount option, and possibly the Monthly main reward for the month of December. As of now, it doesn't have a price in the store data. We've seen a fox model before, so this isn't a new frame, however, it is a really nice looking fox mount that will be very popular.


Ensemble: Scarlet Zealot's Trapping

For now, this clearly Scarlet Crusade-inspired transmog is an encrypted file, so we'll need to wait till December (probably) to see what this has in store for us.

A decent set of items that will likely join the standard rotation of stuff to buy in December 2023. AS always, we'll bring that list as soon as we get it.

Trading Post Winter 2023 Event Items Leaked in 10.2 PTR
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