WoW 10.2 Druid Forms Found in PTR Data

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WoW 10.2 Druid Forms Found in PTR Data

New 10.2 Druid Forms are here, and they're bloody lovely if we do say so ourselves.

10.2 has a lot of cool features, that much we know. But, it's safe to say, based on leaks, that Druids might be eating good. It's important to note, however, before we get into the meat of said eating, that this is all based on datamining from Wowhead, and it's possible that only some, or very few of these see the light of day in 10.2. Now that the little bit of salt is out of the way, let's take a look at some of these lovely new 10.2 Druid Forms.

All the forms below (apart from Balance) have an associated item called a “Mark” that activates these forms. And with the changes to the Barber Shop allowing customization of forms as well as the character, this will likely just unlock them within that. Anyway, onto the good stuff. Note that most of these below also have multiple colour variants, we've just picked one to highlight the new model.

10.2 New Druid Forms

  • Chicken Form (Moonkin Balance)


First confirmed by Shawn Witt, a Senior Artist at Blizzard who has been tasked with creating new forms for Druid. Balance is the one not found in the data just yet, though it is one of the few with official confirmation. For now, these are more variations on the original, rather than any sort of massive change, unlike most of the other new forms below.

  • Dreamstag

A really nice take on the original Travel form, the Dreamstag will come in as a new 10.2 Druid Form option for druids if leaks are true. It's in keeping with the deer look we normally have for the Travel form, but with a much more “Emerald Dream” vibe.
  • Whiskerfish

One of the most unique 10.2 Druid Forms comes in the Whiskerfish. For now, it's just the one variant, but it's a lovely unique model for the underwater travel form.
  • Umbraclaw


Perfectly timed with the recent Baldur's Gate 3 release, we finally have an Owlbear form for Druid. Replacing the Bear form we currently have, this is a great new model, with some lovely colour variants.

  • Dreamtalon


Is it a cat form or is it a travel form, that's the question. Right now, we don't know, but we'd suspect this is a Horde variant of the more Night-Elf-inspired Dreamstag. It could be a cat form, but the Dreamsaber below already adds one of those. Though, Bear form will be getting at least 3 new forms.

  • Dreamsaber


Car forms are cool, and here is another cool looking one. There's some lovely colour variations of this one in the data, so maybe it'll be someone's new favourite 10.2 Druid Form.

  • Somnowl

10.2 will also see a new (massive) Owl Flying Form come to the game in the form of the Somnowl, it's a weird name but we like the design.
  • Runebear

What's better than a Werebear, a Rockbear. Tank druids are having a feast in 10.2 and a new look to the Werebearlooks is set to drop in 10.2.
  • Bristlebruin

For those that just want to enjoy a simple OG bear form, with an Emerald Dream flavour, have no fear, 10.2 Druid Forms are here.
For now, that's it. Again, these might not all make it to patch 10.2, so keep expectations low, but at least a few of these should be here in some form or another very soon. If anything changes, or more stuff is added we'll update this post, just don't come at us if this doesn't happen, blame Wowhead for datamining it.
WoW 10.2 Druid Forms Found in PTR Data
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