When is Omni Man Coming to Fortnite? 3 Cool Invincible Skins

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When is Omni Man Coming to Fortnite? 3 Cool Invincible Skins

A new crossover is coming soon for Fortnite, but when is Omni Man coming to Fortnite? This is what we know about the Invincible Fortnite release date.

Fortnite has had tons of crossovers across all four Chapters, the most recent brings in something pretty fun. Invincible X Fortnite is our next collab! This one appears to be taking up the slot for our now seasonal cartoon skins, after features like Fortnite X My Hero Academia. When is Omni Man Coming to Fortnite though?

The new set of skins are set to release now! Epic first dorpped these cosmetics in the most recent update. However, it then took days to actually move forward. Players were really beginning to wonder when Epic was even going to droped these skins! As a major crossover though, it'll occupy a prime spot in the item shop

This is only our second for Fortnite OG and the biggest in this period. Since Epic is re-doing the original loot pool and best Chapter 1 weapons, this will definetely be a crossover without an extreme tie in mythic. Good news for plenty, but some will miss the fun of these icons. It’ll be fun to see if Epic does anything outside of the skins when Omni Man comes to Fortnite, but so far it seems this is just some skins. Even a creative experience might be a bit adult for Fortnite.

What can we expect from Invincible X Fortnite though?  This is what we know and the answer to when is Omni Man Coming to Fortnite?

Invincible Fortnite Release Date – When is Omni Man Coming to Fortnite?

The latest Fortnite crossover is now in the files, but when is Omni Man coming to Fortnite? Sometimes these collabs leak way ahead of time, but usually once they’re in the files in this state they’re basically already here. Since we’ve got the full skins and all of their cosmetics added in, it initally seemed likely that we would see the Invincible Fortnite release date come pretty soon. However, it did actually take a while longer.

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We do now have a more concerte Invincible Fortntie release date, November 25. This is when we can expect tos ee them come to the item shop!

Once your Fortnite item shop refreshes for the weekend, you can expect to see the Fortnite Invincible crossover in there. We initally expected to see Invincible X Fortnite hit the weekend after the update was added, but it has taken a bit longer.

Invincible X Fortnite

When is Omni Man Coming to Fortnite

The new crossover is bringing a few major skins into the game. Characters from Amazon’s Invincible are being added to the game. While it features superheroes, this franchise is a bit more adult than most of the Marvel crossover skins we’ve seen in the past. They’re still being rendered in a cartooney style though, with Fortnite anime filter over the top. Just like the Fortnite X Dragon Ball skins and other collabs.

ShiinaBR on Twitter, a Fortnite leaker, first found these images of the upcoming skins. Since they're now in the game, we've had a solid look at everything. These are the three skins leaked so far which will be part of the Invincible X Fortnite crossover, these are:

  • Omni Man
  • Atom Eve
  • Invincible

These are the new skins but we’re already expecting a few extra cosmetics too. These are

  • Atom Eve Cape Back Bling
  • Burger Mart Bag Back Bling
  • Omni-Man Cape Back Bling
  • Immortal’s Head Back Bling
  • Reaniman Arm Pickaxe
  • Subatomic Swords Pickaxe
  • War Women’s Mace Pickaxe
  • Fastest Fastball Emote
  • Guardians of the Island Loading Screen

These skins and their associated cosmetics are available solo. However, you can also go in for the bigger bundles! They’ll add up if you want to get the enitre set. None of these three skins are new inclusions in the Fortnite free skins unfortunately. All of them will likely be paid, better hope you've saved those V-Bucks.

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Are In-Game Items Coming?

When is Omni Man Coming to Fortnite

The new Invincible crossover is likely filling our anime and cartoon slot for the season, at least by the looks of it we won't be getting any other animated crossover. However, there will likely be a difference. We’re not going to see an in-game item added to celebrate the new crossover like we did with past crossovers.

The game is currently in Fortnite OG, a return to Chapter 1 complete with original map. While the Season 7 release for the Chapter hasn’t quite been fully accurate with POIs like the Volcano omitted, it has kept to OG items largely. With the sole exeception of the Grapple Glove (in extremely small quantities) it's been an entirely OG loot pool. That means we likely won't see a new addition of an Invincible item, just the items.

While these items have been fun, it's might not be fair to expect something in-game from Omni Man in Fortnite. Brutality like we’ve seen with the character in Mortal Kombat 1 doesn’t feel at home in this game, especially with Epic only recently introducing age ratings to Fortnite skins. (Them promising to vault them again)

That’s what we know about the Invincible X Fortnite crossover. The whole event is currently planned to go ahead pretty soon. We’ll see these skins added to the item shop over the weekend. Sometimes crossover skins will not come back to the game in the future, so it might be wise to pick them up if you’re a fan of the source material.

When is Omni Man Coming to Fortnite? 3 Cool Invincible Skins
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