Fortnite V26.10 Patch Notes– Huge New Mythics and MHA Wave 2

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Fortnite V26.10 Patch Notes– Huge New Mythics and MHA Wave 2

These are the Fortnite V26.10 patch notes, the latest update that’s introduced new Mythics and Fortnite X My Hero Academia Wave 2.

Fortnite V26.10 has just hit, our first real update of Chapter 4 Season 4. It’s a big one too. Far from just adjusting things from the new season's content, we’ve got another new crossover complete with some new Mythics. The Fortnite X My Hero Academia Wave 2 crossover is here bringing some fan-favorite characters into the game. Alongside them, there’s new Mythics and returning ones that bring some of the most powerful quirk powers into Fortnite as weapons. It’s not just a new crossover though. There’s plenty more to discover with the Fortnite V26.10 patch notes.

Between new Augments, big fixes, and returning items, there’s plenty in the Fortnite V26.10 update. If you want to keep winning games of Battle Royale, you’ll need to know how everything’s changed. This is everything that’s new and different with the recent update, including all of the major changes with the My Hero Academia X Fortnite wave 2 content.

Fortnite V26.10 Patch Notes

Fortnite X My Hero Academia Wave 2

There are some items included in the Fortnite V26.10 patch notes, but also some new My Hero Academia skins. Three new characters are getting added to the item shop. There’s Shoto Todoroki, the half-ice half-fire hero. He comes in two different outfits, including his early half ice body design. There’s also Eijiro Kirishima, with a second outfit that includes his ability to harden himself. The final skin is Mina Ashido, who comes with a different costume for a second outfit.

New Mythics in Fortnite V26.10 Update

Fortnite V26.10 Patch Notes

A feature returning for this season’s crossover is the MHA Mythics. This is a part of the collab we commonly see with anime crossovers these days, players are getting the chance to try out some of the attacks and powers from the game. We’ve got the older Mythics from C4 S1 returning, but also a new addition.

The new Mythic this season is Todoroki’s Ice Wall. It’s a Mythic attack which pops up a huge wall of ice to block you out from incoming attacks. The large ice wall has a large pool of health and can’t be removed at all until it's depleted. Similar to some Overwatch Hero abilities in a lot of ways,

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In Zero Builds this is going to be a fantastic zoning tool. In Builds it’s got a little less utility. However, given how large it is, the ice is still going to be useful for shattering existing structures and as a defence.

Along with its effect of just taking up space, there’s a new feature added in too with the Fortnite V26.10 patch notes. The ice wall will knock everyone in the area back with the icy feet effect. This is going to cause plenty of chaos when you pop one up.

The new Mythics are sticking around all season, so hopefully it fits into the game’s current meta and balance of C4 S4 Mythics nicely.

Fortnite X My Hero Academia Wave 2 – Deku Smash Returns

Fortnite V26.10 Patch Notes

Along with the new Mythic, there’s a returning item in Fortnite V26.10 Patch Notes too. You can also get Deku’s Smash. This is a strong smash ability that propels you up in the air before smashing down. This can one-shot kill so it’s a powerful tool. This Mythic is only going to be here for the current patch though, it isn’t sticking around all season thankfully. While fun the Deku Smash definitely outstayed its welcome last time around, half the games turned into alternating smashes.

All Might Supply Drops

These two new C4 S4 Mythics are going to be obtainable through the All Might Supply Drops. These are special supply drops that you’ll see on the map. They’ll drop meds and one of these new Mythics.

New MHA Fortnite V26.10 Quests

The new update for Fortnite is bringing in some brand-new quests to work through too. Deku’s Quests and Todoroki’s Quests give XP and some instant level-ups once you finish all of the quests. This is a great way to rise up the tiers of C4 S4 Battle Pass.

Fortnite V26.10 Patch Notes

Other New Items and Features in Fortnite V26.10 Update

It’s not just a new crossover for the latest update, Epic has added some other new items to the game too. These are the other changes in the Fortnite V26.10 Patch Notes.

Pizza Party

Fortnite V26.10 Patch Notes

The Pizza Party is back for the newest season of the game! It’s spicing things up even outside of the Fortnite X My Hero Academia Wave 2 content. It’s a box which you can throw down and grab individual slices to heal. While there’s a few extra steps to get the meds, the Pizza Party is a decent heal too, especially in squads. It’s improved from last time, now it can heal shield up to 100.

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New Augment

Some new Fortnite Augments have been added in for the latest season. These are all of the changes with the Fortnite V26.10 update.

  • Game Times – New Augment. grants a Pizza Party instantly plus Chug Splashes.
  • Reckless SMG Reload – New Augment that lets you reload an SMG faster when you have an empty clip.

Those are the two new Augments; they join quite a few changes in C4 S4 for a pretty different balance in this section. The current batch of Augments isn’t the most powerful we’ve ever had. With such a. Crazy level of Mythics in the game though, It’s understandable that this section is a bit more restrained. Especially with the new additions with Fortnite X My Hero Academia Wave 2.

Fortnite V26.10 Patch Notes

New Super Level Styles in Fortnite v26.10 Update

If you’ve been playing Fortnite non-stop since the season hit, you might have already managed to get to Level 100! If that’s the case, then this Fortnite V26.10 patch notes have some new goals to reach for. There are now a few different super-level styles in the game. These are stretch goals that use different color schemes on the Battle Pass skins.

Fortnite V26.10 Patch Notes

Competitive Changes Fortnite V26.10 Patch Notes

Those are big new updates for the Fortnite V26.10 patch notes, but it’s not all affecting competitive. If you’re jumping into tournaments like the new Mix Up Monday events, then you’ll find a slightly different loot pool. The Ice Wall, Deku Smash, and All Might Supply Drops won’t be in tournaments. Welcome news, but there are still a fair few Mythics that are included in the Fortnite V26.10 update.

Because of the recent changes to Fortnite Ranked Mode, these new items will still be accessible there. They won’t be in tournaments but will be in Ranked. Keep this in mind if you’re using Ranked for Tournament accurate practice.

Those are all of the major changes coming with Fortnite V26.10. This update has some new fun new additions like the Ice Wall and changes to core content like Augments. We’re in the midst of one of our best seasons of Fortnite in a while. The Deku Smash is a more controversial return, but it seems like Epic’s got a handle on how long to keep this around.

Fortnite V26.10 Patch Notes– Huge New Mythics and MHA Wave 2
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