Fortnite Mix Up Mondays – How to Play + Scoring + Dates S2

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Fortnite Mix Up Mondays – How to Play + Scoring + Dates S2

The Fortnite Mix Up Mondays tournaments are a great addition to the competitive calendar, how will the returning Fortnite C5 Mix Up Mondays work in Season 2?

Mix Up Mondays are returning for another session in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2. Fortnite Mix-Up Mondays were added at the tail end of Chapter 4 and they’ve stuck around through Chapter 5. What makes the Fortnite Mix-Up Mondays tournaments different? These are unique scoring and formats that open up what Fortnite competitive could be. They’re also running each week so you can stay fresh in a tournament build between other events.

Fortnite is a game with tons of different ways to play. Some players stick to tried and true tested ways to win games of Fortnite, looting and playing it a bit safer. However, others have won by doing literally nothing, just doing memes till the final circle, or pushing non-stop with no regard to safety. There are as many ways to win as there are players. Fortnite tournaments on the other hand have traditionally had a scoring system that only really rewards optimal styles of play. That’s why the Mix Up Mondays Fortnite Tournament are so much fun.

Epic is aiming to change the tournament rigidity with the Fortnite C5 Mix Up Mondays. We’re looking at unique rules each week. Reliance on the same most meta weapons can’t carry you to victory. If you want to jump into this new and exciting form of tournament for Fortnite in C5, this is how they’ll work, how you can take part, and how the rules are going to be different each time.

Fortnite Mix Up Mondays Tournaments

Battle Classics - Today's Item shop in Fortnite

The rule set and scoring for each Mix Up Mondays Fortnite event change from week to week. This means you might have to check the Compete tab for the exact alterations.

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While they’re a mixup and different often, Epic do favor a few different variants of rules. These are the three sets that Epic has used most heavily recently to give you an idea of how things change.

Placement Scoring

This scoring is a Placement-heavy system. Victory Royales get 65 points. Other placement decreases gradually, until the 25th which is 2 points. Elims are only worth 2. Getting a high placement is much more important here.

Elims All or Nothing

In this Mix-Up Monday Fortnite tournament, only Victory Royales and Elims yield points. 25 for a 1st finish, 1 for each elim.

W-Key Only

No points for placement at all. Only Elims! A combat-focused ruleset that more aggressive players might find quite fun.

Item Pool – Fortnite Mix Up Mondays

Fortnite Mix Up Mondays Chapter 5

Mix Up Monday events might have different scoring, but it seems the items are staying relatively stable. In the past, Mix Up Mondays changed things week to week. However, this time it seems we're sticking with the more general loot pool.

In terms of what’s available, it seems we're largely sticking with the tournament build. However, items have been changing regularly in-game. Keep an eye on Fortnite news and patch notes to see what's active.

One thing to keep in mind is that tournaments don’t use the Pubs or Ranked playlist. Cars are gone as are a few other cheese items.

Battle Royale or Zero Build for Fortnite C5 Mix Up Mondays S2?

Fortnite Mix Up Mondays Chapter 5

One factor that’s made competitions more complicated since Chapter 3 is the addition of Zero Builds. According to the live Fortnite player count, Builds is a bit ahead of Zero in C5 but not by too much. While the core FNCS is focused on Battle Royale, these smaller tournaments include Zero Builds mode and Builds. Players can compete in either. You can just select which one you want to play in. Given that these two modes have different loot pools as standard, their items will be mismatched here too. Although, the same “twist” on normal rules will be present for both.

Since the new Fortnite ranked mode is now separated between the two game modes, so is competitive. Players can utilize either of these, depending on which mode they perform better in. There are two sessions, one for Builds and one for Zero.

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Who Can Play in Fortnite Mix Up Monday Tournaments?

Fortnite Ranked Mode

Most Fortnite tournaments are fairly open, this isn’t a game that puts up a lot of barriers. Some tournaments do require you to hit a certain level in the game’s Ranked mode first though. What about the Mix Up Mondays Fortnite Tournaments?

There isn’t actually a Ranked requirement to take part in Fortnite C5 Mix Up Mondays. Since they have a more casual ruleset there isn’t a huge focus on hitting the higher tiers. There are still a few things you’ll need to do first though. The game requires you to have Fortnite 2-factor authentication activated for it to run. There’s no getting around that. This makes your account safer anyway though, so it’s definitely worth setting up.

On top of that, you need to be in Bronze or higher. That’s the lowest rank. So you just need to complete your first placement match to enter.

Are There Fortnite Mix Up Mondays rewards?

Fortnite Mix Up Monday rewards aren't active this season. You won't be getting cash prizes for playing. It's still a fun event to jump into and test your skill though. Great for staying fresh around cash events.

Mix Up Mondays Fortnite Tournament Dates

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1

The tournaments are going to be held all the way through Chapter 5 Season 2, and presumably in whatever new Chapter or season we get next. These are the upcoming dates for this style of event, with separate tournaments each day for Battle Royale and Zero Builds.

  • Monday April 8
  • Monday April 15
  • Monday April 22
  • Monday April 29
  • Monday May 6
  • Monday May 13
  • Monday May 20

Those are the remaining dates for the Fortnite C5 Mix Up Monday Season 2 tournaments. Going through to the end of the season.

Along with Fortnite Mix Up Mondays, there are going to be Cash Cups, Solo Cups, and a handful of other tournaments running regularly. These don’t have the huge prize pools of the FNCS but the Mix Up Mondays Fortnite tournaments are a fun way to compete competitively this season.



Fortnite Mix Up Mondays – How to Play + Scoring + Dates S2
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