Valve Just Can’t Get s1mple Back on Counter-Strike 2

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Valve Just Can’t Get s1mple Back on Counter-Strike 2

Valve can’t figure out how to get one of the most popular pro players, s1mple back on CS2.

Ever since the release of CS2, the community has faced several issues regarding the game. Despite all the hype built up by Valve, the final product, that is CS2, seems very unpolished and not yet ready for global release. Many community members even said that the game still needs time to flush out all the bugs. Things like broken hitboxes, Michael Jackson peeks, and random frame drops have ruined the player’s experience.

This has affected both competitive and casual gameplay. Despite Valve's attempts to contain the bugs with fixes and patches, something new seems to arise daily. This has disappointed players, especially veterans hoping to see their favorite franchise add a new sequel and watch their favorite esports carry over to a new ship.

S1mple’s Verdict

One such veteran is Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyljev, who is the primary AWPer for the professional esports organization Natus Vincere and one of the best CS players in the world. A disappointed s1mple went on to Twitter/X and told the world that professional CS:GO players need to wait at least 3 more months before the game is updated and fixed to be esport ready.

Valve Just Can’t Get s1mple Back on Counter-Strike 2

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Despite the game being far from an ideal state Valve decided to start the much-awaited IEM Sydney 2023 with CS2 in its current state. The first taste of CS2 in a professional tournament was going to happen. Fans and pros began to prepare their line-ups and strategies in CS2 for the tournament. But s1mple was not happy with the decision. He went as far as deciding to not participate in the tournament and taking a break from the pro play despite his team NaVi qualifying for the event.

Valve Shut Down By s1mple

NaVi announced in a Twitter/X post that s1mple would be missing the IEM Sydney CS2 tournament. It was very clear that one of the best players of the game was protesting against Valve for playing a major tournament while CS2 was still in an unfixed state. As one of the most easily recognizable players of the game was not willing to touch it, Valve had to do something to bring him back.

During one of s1mple’s streams on Twitch, he stated that a Valve developer reached out to him on Twitter/X regarding his post and asked him about the issues of the game. The player felt offended by the question and did not answer. 

He stated that the entire community is posting about the problems in CS2. Players have been mocking and pointing out the issues of the game and that a glance at the community will give them the answers they seek. Memes and videos regarding the game’s tick rate and hitboxes are everywhere. Players have been talking about their character models breaking and moving in awkward ways. The frustration of the community with the game is very clear. With this in mind, s1mple decided to let the developers figure out the issues themselves

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Valve Just Can’t Get s1mple Back on Counter-Strike 2
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