Valve Rushes Out Patch To Fix CS2 Hitbox Bug

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Valve Rushes Out Patch To Fix CS2 Hitbox Bug

Valve has quickly moved to fix the CS hitbox issue that players had voiced their concerns about

Valve has released a crucial late-night update for Counter-Strike 2, which aimed to address a significant CS2 hitbox issue that had been looming over the game. The ramifications of this issue extended beyond the much-anticipated professional debut, affecting the overall experience of casual ranked play for players of all backgrounds.


The CS2 development team has demonstrated impressive agility in addressing this issue, considering that it was only identified over the past weekend. 

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The CS2 Hitbox Issue Has Been Resolved

Released on Monday, October 9th, the CS2 patch answered the fervent calls of players and fans for a remedy to a significant problem. This issue first became apparent on Saturday and revolved around a glaring inconsistency between hitbox placements and player models within the game. The severity of this mismatch had reached a critical level, putting the overall gaming experience in jeopardy and causing many players to find the game unplayable, including G2 AWPer Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov. 


The BLAST Premier: World Final 2022 MVP took it upon himself to investigate the CS2 hitbox issues that have been the subject of extensive discussion within the community. Unfortunately, his findings left him dissatisfied, and he openly refused to play the game again under these circumstances.

The urgency surrounding this hitbox fix was palpable, with players and fans expressing their hopes for a swift resolution. Their concerns were rooted in the profound impact that the issue had on the gameplay dynamics. It had not only disrupted the competitive integrity of the game but had also left players frustrated and disheartened.

With the first major CS2 tournament looming just around the corner, the urgency of addressing this issue was undeniable. Players and fans alike were on edge, fearing that the issue might overshadow the tournament and undermine its competitive integrity. The fact that the Valve development team has acted swiftly to rectify the situation has been met with considerable gratitude from the community.

While it has not been officially confirmed whether the fix applies uniformly to all hitboxes, the mere fact that action has been taken is viewed as a significant step in the right direction. This proactive approach stands in stark contrast to the previous state of affairs where issues sometimes lingered unresolved for extended periods. 

Valve Provides An Update On The Future Of CSGO

The CS2 development team has provided additional information regarding the current status of CSGO, offering clarity on the transition period. They have affirmed that the legacy client of CSGO will remain accessible to players through the Steam platform. A significant change is on the horizon, however, as starting from January 1, 2024, Valve will discontinue the online Game Coordinator support for CSGO. 

While players will still be able to access the legacy client, the disconnection from the Game Coordinator may result in a range of compatibility issues. One of the most notable concerns revolves around player inventories. As the Game Coordinator serves as a crucial link in managing player inventories and item interactions, its absence could potentially disrupt the smooth functioning of these aspects.

For players who have a strong attachment to a specific version of Counter-Strike and prefer what can be described as a “forever frozen build,” there is good news. Valve recognizes the sentiment and is accommodating those who wish to continue enjoying a particular iteration of the game.

Players who opt for this forever frozen build will essentially be preserving a snapshot of CSGO's history, capturing the essence of the game at a specific point in time. This can hold special significance for those who have fond memories associated with a particular era of CSGO or who prefer the gameplay mechanics and features of a specific version.

Other Fixes

In addition to addressing the critical CS2 hitbox issue, Valve has tackled several other significant concerns within the community. These include resolving various bugs related to the Looking To Play party system, improving the visual appearance of skins and stickers under specific lighting conditions, and a seemingly subtle yet notably significant adjustment—the speed at which a player's knife spins during inspection.


Valve Rushes Out Patch To Fix CS2 Hitbox Bug
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